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Having Issues Organizing And Managing Your Social Media Accounts? Nuelink Might Be Just What You Need

Having Issues Organizing And Managing Your Social Media Accounts? Nuelink Might Be Just What You Need

Bethenny Carl
Have you ever wondered how many opportunities you missed due to not being on top of your social media accounts at all times? I know I have. However, Nuelink has a solution! Bilal Ararou, the company Founder, shares with Website Planet how you can organize, automate, and manage your social media accounts with Nuelink and its tools, as well as details about the company and its backstory.

Please present Nuelink to our audience

Nuelink is a social media automation and scheduling app designed for entrepreneurs, creators, and social media agencies. Our platform provides a suite of tools that make it easy to automate, manage, organize, and schedule social media content across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Pinterest, and others. With Nuelink, users can save time and streamline their social media presence to grow their brand and engage with their audience.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Nuelink started as an attempt to solve our own struggle with social media. I run a web development agency and posting consistently on social media was always our biggest struggle. When we have some free time we share things here and there, and then disappear as soon as we get busy.

Lack of credibility on social media cost us business opportunities, clients’ trust, and potential growth. We felt this most whenever we try to hire for a new position on LinkedIn and get zero leads!

To solve this problem, we started to explore ways to automate our social media presence. We tested different tools and methods until we found a process that worked for us. This process not only allowed us to post consistently but also helped us to target the right audience and improve our engagement levels. This process became the foundation of a tool that we built initially with the intention of using it internally to automate our social media.

As we continued to refine our social media automation process, we realized that other entrepreneurs and agencies could benefit from it as well. That’s when we decided to launch Nuelink – a social media automation and scheduling app designed to help others save time and streamline their social media presence.

What services do you offer?

Nuelink streamlines social media management with a powerful set of tools to manage, organize, automate, and analyze your social media. With Nuelink, you can create, publish, and organize your posts into collections with options to post once, recycle on evergreen, or save as drafts. Link those collections with automations and import your articles, videos, podcasts, products, and more from more than 50 automations including Shopify, WordPress, Anchor, YouTube… Plus you will get access to a library of 1000s of curated posts organized into collections for easy access.

Nuelink insights feature provides detailed insights into social media performance, including post history and engagements, with daily, weekly, and monthly growth data.

What is the mission of Nuelink?

Nuelink’s mission is to simplify social media management for businesses. We empower entrepreneurs and agencies to save time and streamline their social media presence with our scheduling, automation, and management tools.

What separates you from other similar websites/companies?

Nuelink’s main point of differentiation from the competition is our advanced automation capabilities. Our automation service enables users to easily import, share, and recycle content from various sources, streamlining the social media management process and allowing for more consistent and efficient posting. With Nuelink, businesses of all sizes can save valuable time and resources while maintaining a strong and active social media presence.

How do you envision the future of your industry?

We believe that the future of the social media industry will continue to be focused on automation and data-driven insights. As social media platforms continue to evolve and grow, it will become increasingly important for users to have access to powerful tools that can help them effectively manage their social media presence. We envision Nuelink as a leader in this space, providing innovative solutions that make social media management easy and accessible for everyone.

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