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Meet Maidily: The Scheduling Software For Cleaning Businesses

Meet Maidily: The Scheduling Software For Cleaning Businesses

Roberto Popolizio
Website Planet interviewed Mony Gueorguiev, Founder & CEO of Maidily, a cloud-based scheduling software for cleaning businesses, who increased their revenue by 150% last year.

Mony will share how he got to where he is now, and expert insights on the most recent trends in the industry.

Please Introduce Maidily To Our Audience. What Products And Services Do You Offer?

Maidily is a simple and effective scheduling software specifically created for small to large cleaning businesses throughout the world.

We offer complete job automation (online bookings, quotes, reminders, invoicing, customer portal + MORE) functionality that works seamlessly with our dynamic calendar system to completely automate your business while increasing conversion rates. Our online integrations give your customers the ability to purchase services through your website in seconds.

What’s Your Mission?

Our mission is to help cleaning businesses throughout the world organize and scale their business!

Our aim is to connect with as many business and franchise owners throughout not only the United States but the world in order to help them and their customers get their schedules and jobs organized so they can focus on scaling and hitting those monthly revenue goals.

What Sparked The Idea, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

I initially created Maidily for my own cleaning business, Maid to Glow, based out of Atlanta. I needed some type of system/CRM to organize my growing business and I wanted to offer an online booking option. I felt that the solutions available back then were overpriced and did not capture everything that needed to be captured for a cleaning business to operate normally.

So I had the opportunity to create something custom for my business. After a few years of growing Maid to Glow the functions for my custom setup also grew – based on business needs.

I felt like my success in growing Maid to Glow was due to this system we built and wanted to offer it to everyone else so everyone can benefit! We spent some time separating it from my cleaning business, packaging it, and rebranding it into what now is Maidily – simple and effective scheduling software for cleaning businesses.

We’ve been evolving EVERY month and don’t plan to stop! We’ve been doubling in size every 6 or so months! We have a robust product roadmap for 2023 that will include payroll processing, route optimization and planning, 2-way texting, internal team chat, plus so much more!

What Problems Are Affecting Your Customers When They Come To You, And What Makes Them Choose You Over Your Competitors?

Good question! Our customers face tons of issues – pen and paper only go so far when you are trying to scale a business! You can’t organize a successful business using manual tools, or ways, like sending reminders to customers, which is a necessity, using your phone or email – like I did when I first started – manually.

You cannot create jobs as events in your Google calendar and assign technicians that work for you to jobs.

Most customers also do not have the ability to take online bookings because they either do not have a website and/or they don’t have a checkout page attached to their website that links to a scheduling platform like Maidily. We offer both of these to customers – our web themes are sold separately but are available.

We have a lot of functionality that our competitors just do not offer, like 2-way calling. The ability to place and receive calls from Maidily for free! Our customer service is 2nd to none, our pricing is affordable and fair, and my own business (Maid to Glow) still operates and runs on Maidily – I’m a customer!

Can You Share Any Recent Success Story From Your Users?

I love the success stories! The most recent one is from our customer, Tori with AZ Clean Co – she started last year in February! First time owning/starting a cleaning business, no experience. She has 3 small kids, a husband, and a dog! Oh they also live between the US and Canada so they travel.

Tons of adversity but her perseverance got her to where she is now. She has made over $220,000 in her first year, as we end January 2023 and we move into February it will be 1 full year since she opened!

How incredible is that!? Almost a quarter of a million dollars in less than 1 full year with 0 experience! She just listened to us in terms of the advice we gave her and the steps to follow in scaling her business.

You can check out more details about her success story in our Cleaning HQ page!

What Tools Are In Your Current Techstack, And How Do You Benefit From Them?

Our stack:
1. Laravel
2. Angular
3. PolarDB

PolarDB lets us have speeds 7x faster than MySQL with Global Clustering capabilities and multi-node capabilities with simple scaling.

We like Angular because it lets us run a large codebase in a standardized way, plus, Angular is mature so it has a lot of packages available to us that speeds up our development time.

How Do You See The Future Of Your Industry?

I see nothing but growth! With the tools that we offer people and the proven results we have like our success story with Tori it’s now easier than ever to leave your 9-5 office job and start your own remote business. In our case, it has to be related to the cleaning industry, but overall this applies to everyone! I see nothing but growth in regards to people putting their future in their own hands instead of an employer.

We’ve seen an influx of sign ups from new businesses just at the start of this year and I expect that number to grow! Our customers end up growing their businesses with us! They end up being successful.

The established businesses grow in their own relative ways as well, the growth isn’t exponential like a new businesses because they are already established but with the help of our tools they are able to supplement their revenue with things like installing our online booking form, automating reminders, providing a customer portal to their customers and so on.

I see more and more of this success being shared online which causes more and more attraction to starting your own cleaning business! I’m more than excited for what’s to come.

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