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Innovating Software Localization: A Conversation with Adriano of Locize

Innovating Software Localization: A Conversation with Adriano of Locize

Bethenny Carl
As the demands for internationalization continue to grow, businesses find themselves navigating a complex web of linguistic and cultural nuances. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Adriano, a forward-thinker at the forefront of these innovations, and Locize, the company he represents.

Join Website Planet as we uncover the driving force behind Locize, their commitment to empowering businesses with user-friendly localization tools, and their vision for the future of the industry. To integrate Locize’s solutions into your business, visit their website at Locize.com.

Please introduce Locize to our audience.

Locize is a unique player in software localization, revolutionizing the field. Our mission is to facilitate global expansion for businesses by bridging language and cultural gaps effortlessly. We’re deeply rooted in the open-source i18next framework and are committed to delivering a distinct translation management solution that emphasizes continuous localization.

Please describe the company’s story: What inspired the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Our journey commenced in 2011 when we set out in search of an internationalization library that could serve both server-side Node.js and client-side single-page applications. This quest led to the creation of i18next, a groundbreaking framework for translating web applications, which garnered an enthusiastic community response. In 2015, we introduced i18next V2, offering maximum extensibility. Soon after, the community introduced react-i18next. However, it became apparent that internationalization was just part of the puzzle. Businesses needed more: a way to integrate translation services, manage content changes, and streamline localization. Thus, Locize was born as a solution. Since then, we’ve been continuously evolving, guided by user feedback, to meet the growing demands of a global marketplace.

What services do you provide?

At Locize, we offer a wide range of services to simplify and optimize localization:

Streamlined Integration: We provide developers with a seamless integration process, making localization a natural part of your software.

Continuous Localization: Our Content Delivery Network enables real-time content localization. As you make updates, your software reflects these changes across languages and regions.
Effortless Translation Management: Managing translation files is often complex, but not with Locize. Our user-friendly tools make overseeing and organizing translation files a breeze.

Access to Expert Translators: Say goodbye to language barriers. We connect you with a network of professional translation services that deliver not only accuracy but cultural relevance.

Data-Driven Insights: Our platform offers robust analytics and statistics to support data-driven decisions.

Effective Versioning and History: Our versioning tools help you monitor changes, ensuring your translations remain consistent.

Machine Translation Options: For convenience, Locize provides automatic and on-demand machine translation services.
Secure and Transparent Data Handling: We prioritize data security and transparent content handling.

Straightforward Pricing Models: Our transparent and fair pricing models ensure you receive cost-effective solutions without hidden fees.

Locize combines these services into a user-friendly platform, making global expansion a seamless experience. We’re dedicated to helping you overcome language and cultural barriers, ensuring your software resonates with audiences worldwide.

What is Locize’s mission?

Our mission revolves around empowering businesses to seamlessly connect with global audiences. We aim to simplify localization, making it an efficient process that aligns with the ever-evolving demands of the modern business landscape. We strive to save businesses time, ensure high-quality translations, and enable global expansion. As the originator of i18next, we’re committed to ensuring its future by offering Locize as the perfect companion. By integrating i18next with Locize, developers enhance their translation and localization capabilities, enriching the i18next ecosystem and streamlining the process for businesses.

What sets Locize apart from similar companies?

Locize distinguishes itself through unique principles and offerings:

Variable Pricing Model: Our pricing grows with your success, ensuring fairness and value.
Instrumentation: We offer the full power of a mature i18n framework, making our solution flexible and adaptable to diverse demands.

Versioning: Our experience in cloud projects led us to provide robust support for versioning, crucial for software development.
Service Freedom: We trust in the value of our service, so you’re free to export translations for use with i18next or other preferred solutions.

Expert Support: We, the founders of Locize, are also the creators of i18next, offering unparalleled support.

Integration of 3rd Party Translation Services: We actively integrate third-party translation services, providing comprehensive options and the ability to choose your preferred translators.

Multiple Namespace Management: Unlike many others, we allow the management of multiple files per project, enhancing organization.

Precise Pluralization: Locize excels in handling precise pluralization for different languages, accommodating distinct pluralization rules.

More Than Translation Management: Beyond translation management, we offer tools to streamline software updates, comparisons, and more.
In addition to these core differentiators, Locize offers unique selling points that cater to diverse needs:

Efficiency and Time Savings: We prioritize saving time and streamlining processes, a fundamental concern for businesses.

User-Friendly Interface: Our user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for users with various technical backgrounds.

Cost-Effective Translation Management: Our pricing model ensures value for your investment.
Integration and Compatibility: We seamlessly integrate with popular frameworks and libraries, particularly enhancing our relationship with i18next.

Localization Across Platforms: We extend our versatility across various platforms, making Locize valuable for different projects and industries.

High-Quality Translations: We offer trust in high-quality translations, catering to customers prioritizing human translations.

Real-time Updates: Our platform provides real-time updates, a valuable feature for content that must remain current.

Responsive Support: We take customer support a step further, offering exceptional responsiveness.

Scalability: We ensure both technical and pricing scalability to adapt to your business’s growth.
In summary, Locize is not just another localization platform; we’re a versatile and dynamic solution that combines powerful capabilities with customer-focused flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

How do you envision the future of your industry?

The localization industry is on an exciting trajectory, and Locize is uniquely positioned to embrace and drive these changes. We anticipate a future characterized by:
Constant Adoption of New i18n Frameworks and Approaches: As technology evolves, so do the methods and frameworks for internationalization. We aim to remain at the forefront, seamlessly integrating with the latest i18n solutions, ensuring our users have access to advanced globalizing tools.

Integration of AI and Machine Translation Services: AI and machine translation services are a game-changer in localization. We’ve already embraced them and are committed to harnessing AI for smarter, more accurate translations.

Adapting to Diverse User Interfaces: Whether a classic website or futuristic AR or VR interfaces, there will always be a need for localization. We’re poised to address these changes, ensuring software creators can reach users in their preferred languages, regardless of the interface.

At Locize, we’re not just adapting to the future; we’re actively shaping it. We envision a world where localization is a strategic advantage, not just a requirement, and where language and culture are bridges to global success. Our focus on adaptability, technology integration, and user-driven innovation will make us the go-to platform for those looking to effortlessly expand their software across borders, now and in the exciting future.

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