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Increase Programming Productivity with CodeLobster

Increase Programming Productivity with CodeLobster

Chené Murphy
CodeLobster delivers a multiplatform Integrated Development Environment solution to help developers simplify and streamline the development process.  With its competitively low prices, emphasis on customer satisfaction, and regular software updates CodeLobster is a highly effective IDE for web developers.  In this interview the CodeLobster team shares insights with WebsitePlanet about their journey.

Please share the history behind CodeLobster: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Many years ago we developed websites using Drupal and WordPress CMS and there wasn’t any good IDEs with proper support for these frameworks, especially autocomplete.  We had several C++ developers who proposed to develop this functionality quickly. It was our beginning, we then developed our IDE, adding new features etc.

After a couple of years, we took the next huge step. As many developers used and are using Macs or Ubuntu, we re-wrote our IDE on multi-platform engine and added many features by request of our customers: FTP/SFTP, Markdown support, Git integration, PHP debugger, JS debugger, File Explorer, SQL manager and so on.

With a number of IDEs available, what sets CodeLobster aside?

The main advantage of our IDE is a lot of plug-ins for all popular frameworks:

Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS, Magento CMS, Smarty template engine, Twig template engine, JQuery library, AngularJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS, Laravel, MeteorJS, Phalcon, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii and WordPress.

Additionally the other advantages are low weight and low price.

As you can see we regularly release new versions every couple of months.  At the moment we are working on special support for Python language.  New version will be released very soon.  After that we will develop a special plug-in for Django framework, then we will be adding support for Ruby on Rails, including autocomplete, context help, dynamic help, tooltips and so on.

More information about Codelobster IDE with online help can be found on our site: www.codelobster.com.  We will be glad to hear all your comments and suggestions.

CodeLobster IDE

What are a few key components to look for when selecting an IDE?

Now there are a lot of IDEs on the market and each developer can choose any one they like. We recommend light-weight IDE with powerful autocomplete, it is the most used feature.

What does the future look like for programming in general? Can you see any particular trends?

Web development is growing very fast. The usage of various frameworks is rapidly developing.  Now it is not enough to know only some programming language, such as PHP, but knowledge of popular frameworks and CMS is also required.

Lastly, any key advice to give for developers getting into programming?

In our experience, the most important thing for a web developer is perseverance and love for their own work. We wish the best of luck to all starting programmers.

CodeLobster IDE

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