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Jordi Corominas: Revolutionizing Education with Additio App

Jordi Corominas: Revolutionizing Education with Additio App

Bethenny Carl
Meet Jordi Corominas, CEO and Founder of Additio App. Join Website Planet as we explore Additio’s evolution from a teacher’s digital notebook to a global education solution. Jordi shares the app’s mission, unique features, and his vision for the future of edtech. Discover how Additio App is simplifying education under Jordi’s leadership.

Please Introduce Additio App to Our Audience

Additio App is an educational technology platform designed to meet the diverse needs of schools and teachers, fostering student growth and enhancing family engagement. It distinguishes itself through features related to assessment and academic planning, school management, reports and learning analytics, as well as attendance and communications. Boasting over 150 features, the app streamlines daily tasks for teachers and schools, with a focus on formative assessment and seamless school communications. Families and students can stay connected with their teachers, receiving notifications and grades directly on their smartphones. Trusted by schools and governments worldwide, Additio App is committed to improving individualized learning while prioritizing data privacy. Additionally, the platform seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Moodle.

Additio App is proudly affiliated with Sdui Group, a leading educational solutions group in Europe, with offices in Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium, comprising over 200 professionals. Sdui Group’s solutions are employed in 13,000 educational institutions across more than 70 countries.

Please Share the Story Behind the Company: What Sparked the Idea, and How Has It Evolved So Far?

The genesis of Additio app lies in the ambition to replace traditional paper notebooks used by teachers for note-taking. Initially offering a digital notebook for teachers to streamline evaluations and class documentation, the platform expanded over time. Additional features were introduced, such as attendance tracking, rubrics, activity and exam planning, and a communication module for families and students. The platform evolved into a comprehensive solution for schools, providing a unified database for a 360º view of the school, including group and student-level reports, institutional communications, and features like payments and authorizations. What started as a tool for teachers has transformed into a holistic platform addressing the academic needs of schools, teachers, students, and families.

What Services Do You Offer?

Additio App offers two types of licenses:

Individual License for Teachers: Available in free and paid versions, the individual license is designed for teachers who prefer individual use. While the free version has some limitations, it provides access to essential features for daily tasks. The paid version includes collaborative functionalities at the school level and communication with families and students.

School License: This comprehensive license covers accounts for teachers, families, and students. It includes collaborative and communication functionalities, along with all school-level features such as customized reports, payments, and authorizations.

What Is the Mission of Additio App?

The mission of Additio App is to achieve student success by facilitating pedagogical and teaching work. The platform focuses on providing tools for better student evaluation, personalized learning, and active student involvement, thereby freeing up time for educators to focus on teaching. Rooted in the commitment to offering the best educational tool globally, Additio App continually evolves based on the needs of teachers and schools, incorporating new features and improvements.

What Sets You Apart from Other Similar Websites/Companies?

Additio App stands out from competitors in several ways:

User Interface: The app features an easy, modern, and intuitive design for user-friendly navigation.

Multi-device Accessibility: Available on web, Apple and Android devices, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones, Additio App ensures flexibility and convenience for users.

Integration with Other Tools: Full integration with major LMS platforms like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Moodle, enabling seamless collaboration with just one click.

Pedagogical Approach: Developed from the needs of teachers, Additio App is conceptualized from a pedagogical standpoint.

Ease of Onboarding: The platform can be up and running within days, with a quick and simple onboarding process.

Unique Features: Additio App offers distinctive functionalities, including a digital notebook, rubrics, teaching unit planner, personalized report creator, and more.

Assistance and Support: The platform boasts a fast and personalized support team and comprehensive public documentation for easy navigation.

How Do You Envision the Future of Your Industry?

Educational technology is progressing towards providing increasingly personalized solutions with enhanced predictive capabilities for student learning processes. The future of the sector involves offering comprehensive tools managing vast academic data, assisting schools and teachers in educational decisions, and providing personalized learning paths for each student. Additio App is actively working on AI and advanced algorithms to recommend optimal content, personalize student learning, and proactively identify potential issues before they arise.

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