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Revolutionizing Education: An Interview with Sébastien Lebbe, CEO of Wooclap

Revolutionizing Education: An Interview with Sébastien Lebbe, CEO of Wooclap

Bethenny Carl
In this insightful interview, Website Planet sits down with Sébastien Lebbe, the CEO of Wooclap, to delve into the remarkable journey of Wooclap and the innovative solutions they offer to educators and businesses worldwide. Sébastien shares the inspiring story behind the company, their mission to revolutionize learning experiences, and their vision for the future of the education industry. Discover how Wooclap is changing the game in interactive learning and how it has become an invaluable asset to both educators and corporate trainers.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Wooclap began in a lecture hall at the Ecole Polytechnique of Brussels. Jonathan Alzetta and I were both engineering students, and in discussing with teachers, we realized that two major issues came up regularly: the difficulty in capturing the students’ attention, and the difficulty in measuring students’ understanding during the class. This sparked the creation of Wooclap.

From the outset, we surrounded ourselves with neuroscientists, teachers, and learning technologists to develop a tool that would improve students’ retention of information and comprehension. How? By making them active contributors to the learning process.

The result is a simple and interactive platform that can be integrated into the teachers’ Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It allows teachers to create questions, ask them live or asynchronously, and collect feedback during face-to-face or online lessons.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, we came up with a new tool, Wooflash. The latter is an intelligent learning platform to help students with asynchronous studying. Based on neuroscience and artificial intelligence, it allows teachers to track their learners’ progress and offers each student a personalized learning path.

Wooclap and Wooflash have now been used by 50 million users in 150+ countries, in organizations like Duke University, HEC Paris, the University of Edinburgh, Università di Verona, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Vinci, PwC and many more.

What services do you offer?

Our flagship product, Wooclap, is the simplest way to engage learners with over 21 question types and activities. It’s easy to use, inclusive and provides insightful reports after each session.

Wooclap is compatible with all teaching or working models (traditional, synchronous, asynchronous, distance, hybrid…) and integrates with the tools that universities and businesses use on a daily basis (Moodle, Blackboard, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Genially, Canvas, Microsoft Teams, Zoom…).
Our second tool, Wooflash, is an intelligent and collaborative microlearning tool. It enables learners to study efficiently and get more engaged in their learning. It creates personalized study paths based on learner performance, and provides simple statistical reports to track learner progress.
In recent months, we’ve added game-changing AI capabilities to both our tools. It allows users to create interactive questions and flashcards in just seconds. It allows teachers and trainers to save precious time, and provide personalized training content to their learners.

Who are your typical customers, and what do you think is the main challenge that your product solves for them?

Our primary customers encompass two main groups: university teachers on the one hand, and trainers and managers in businesses on the other.

For university educators, the challenge often lies in maintaining student attention and promoting active participation in larger lecture settings, but also online and even in small groups. Even more importantly, we’re solving the age-old problem of having only a handful of students participating. With Wooclap, all students answer at the same time!

For businesses, trainers and managers grapple with ensuring their training sessions are effective, memorable, and encourage active engagement. Wooclap bridges these gaps by transforming traditional learning environments into interactive and dynamic experiences.

By facilitating real-time interaction and feedback, we ensure that people are fully engaged and make the most of their classes, training sessions or regular business meetings!

What is the mission of Wooclap?

Our overarching mission is to help our partners turn every learning opportunity into lasting knowledge and skills. How do we achieve it? Through interactive tools that enable memorable learning experiences.

Generally speaking, we’re just really passionate about making daily interactions more engaging for people in education and corporate settings.

What separates you from other similar websites/companies?

Wooclap stands out from the competition due to:
Its simplicity and speed of use: it only takes a few minutes to create your first questions, integrate them into any presentation and see the impact on your audience;
Its flexibility: various types of questions are available, including Multiple-choice, Word clouds, Brainstorming, Frameworks, and more;
Its integrations: Wooclap seamlessly integrates into presentation tools (like PowerPoint, Genially, etc.) as well as Learning Management Systems and other tools commonly used by universities and businesses (Teams, Zoom etc.);

And last but not least, our comprehensive support and resources available in multiple languages. Always with a human touch.

How do you envision the future of your industry?

We envision the future of education to be increasingly interactive and adaptive. As learning environments evolve, there already is a greater emphasis on real-time feedback and personalized learning experiences in educational institutions and businesses alike.

Artificial Intelligence will naturally pose big challenges, such as rethinking exams for universities. But we believe in putting well-designed AI tools in the hands of our users and trusting them to use them effectively. By giving them control over the output, for example by systematically allowing them to review and modify MCQs generated by our AI, pedagogical standards are maintained while saving precious time for teachers and trainers.

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