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eLogy: Pioneering the Future of E-Commerce Logistics

eLogy: Pioneering the Future of E-Commerce Logistics

Bethenny Carl
Step into the forefront of e-commerce logistics with eLogy, a dynamic startup founded in 2019 by Marco Lanzoni and Giorgio Fioravanti. In this article, we explore eLogy’s inception, services, and mission to revolutionize the industry. Join us as we uncover the story behind its rise, distinctive offerings, and vision for a more sustainable and technologically advanced e-commerce landscape.

Please present eLogy to our audience.

ELogy, a rapidly growing logistics startup for e-commerce, was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Marco Lanzoni and his partner Giorgio Fioravanti. The company stands out with its innovative software and a strong environmental focus, providing physical warehousing and fulfillment services tailored to enhance e-commerce processes.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

The idea originated from Lanzoni’s challenges in the e-commerce sector, where finding technologically advanced logistical partners was a struggle. The need for efficient and transparent handling of a high volume of orders inspired him to envision an all-in-one solution for e-commerce logistics, covering warehousing, fulfillment, shipping, and post-sales operations.

What services do you offer?

eLogy offers a range of tech-driven solutions to enhance e-commerce operations:

Logistics Services and Warehousing: Strategically located warehouses globally, along with partnerships with international carriers, enable rapid delivery to customers worldwide.

WMS Platform: The advanced platform automates logistics processes, providing real-time tracking of inventory and shipments, enhancing transparency across the entire supply chain.

Shipping Services: eLogy ensures fast 24/48-hour delivery by optimizing carrier selection and delivery routes, offering cost-effective, reliable services.

European Cross-Border Masterbox Service: A new addition, designed to reduce international shipping costs by up to 40%, optimizes space usage and minimizes waste.

Reporting and Analytics: Retailers have access to a dashboard with real-time insights to monitor performance and aid decision-making.

Customer Service: eLogy offers customer care services, managing communication via various channels, including WhatsApp, and employing a call center workflow to address abandoned carts and boost conversion rates.

What is eLogy’s mission?

eLogy’s mission is to provide online retailers with a transparent e-commerce management ecosystem, combining technology with optimized physical infrastructures and efficient logistics. Sustainability is a key focus, aiming to streamline e-commerce logistics processes while minimizing environmental impact.

What sets eLogy apart from similar companies?

eLogy distinguishes itself through a robust physical infrastructure, cutting-edge technological solutions, and a commitment to sustainability. The integration of AI-driven optimization places eLogy as a leader in technological innovation within the logistics industry.

How do you foresee the future of your industry?

eLogy envisions a future where technological advancements continue to drive efficiency, personalization, and environmentally conscious e-commerce. Expansion plans include scaling the team, extending reach, and launching operations in South America, building on the company’s current presence across Italy, Spain, and Central Europe.

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