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Increase Your KPIs with Relevant Audience

Increase Your KPIs with Relevant Audience

Roberto Popolizio
In this interview, Antonio Fernandez , CEO & Founder of Relevant Audience, sits down with Roberto Popolizio of Website Planet to discuss the growth and changes Relevant Audience has undergone over the years, and give his expert insights on the current situation in the industry.

Please Present Relevant Audience To Our Readers

Relevant Audience is a Digital Performance Marketing Agency in Bangkok, Thailand, with focus on the toughest KPI’s ROI, CPA’s and CPL’s. We partner with all type of verticals from Financial, to Retail ecommerce passing by Startups

What’s Your Story? What Sparked The Idea, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

Relevant Audience was an idea that started to take shape after passing through several independent digital agencies in Thailand. The priority of those were revenue generation, of course as a business is important, but the ethics dealing with the client were not there either.

Always thought that revenue can be put in a second place, as long as your customers are happy with your results revenue will come.

Evolving from a small team to a 28 person agency hasn’t been easy and still it is not, starting with the nature of the sector, the world economics during covid and now the recession. We started as a hospitality focused digital agency but have to blame covid for the success and expansion to other sectors, much easier to deal with.

What Services Do You Offer?

We plan the strategy for clients to increase their KPIs with digital advertising. Each sector may benefit from different channels, ways to market them online etc.

What Makes You Stand Out From The Competition?

We don’t bullshit, we don’t go after their income, we always propose what we think is the best for the client, most of the time it is not the best for the company because we don’t push them to spend more with us if we don’t see that may benefit them.

Competitive rates as we have no funding, no investing, all being bootstrapped, we can put a more clear pricing

Who Are Your Customers’ Pain Points That You Help Solve?

Main pain point always is trust at first, then we advise what to do or not.

In Your Opinion, What Trends Are Going To Shape The Future Of Your Industry?

AI is definitely shaping this soon-to-be cookieless world, performing creative testing, auto bidding, and soon, even designing, all thanks to AI. Marketers will need to continue evolving and specializing more than ever in their strategy.

Also, it is interesting to see how the major online channels are evolving to still be able to track action online.

Lastly, Any Exciting News Or Developments That You Would Like To Share About Relevant Audience?

We are launching a new product focused on startups. We want to take part of the burden of investing on initial stages and offer a free bar of services to Thai startups.

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