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Google AdWords Credit Card to Help Small Businesses

Max Anderson

When it comes to Google they have their finger in many pies, and one of those pie’s is now the financial sector in which they are offering businesses the chance to apply for a “free” Google Adwords Credit Card. The card is designed to make it easier for small businesses to pay for campaigns and track their spending.

One thing to take into account is that the AdWords credit card will have a bigger limit on it that your usual credit card. In some cases, businesses owners and PPC managers have reported up to $15K limits.

How can the Google AdWords credit card help you?

If you have a business that operates on a seasonal basis then the credit card can really benefit you. With seasonal business setups cash flow problems can occur every year, and more often than not advertising in these types of businesses need to be started in the off-season when money is an issue.

This can then lead to a seasonal business owners struggling to pay their staff, and pausing all AdWords campaigns, which can have a dramatic effect on the business when the open season comes in to play.

Having an AdWords credit card can then bridge that gap for you, and keep the marketing running effectively through any tough periods. It’s not just seasonal businesses that can benefit though, any business can take advantage of this card.

Separating AdWords expenses from other expenses

Some business may just want to use the credit card to help better their organization in separating their AdWords costs from other business expenses. This will then help them identify what campaigns and keywords could do with optimizing and which ones are potentially losing money.

Are there any other benefits?

The card comes with:

  1. No annual fee,
  2. Low monthly payments
  3. APR varies from 8.99% to 18.99% (depending on your circumstances).

How can I apply?

The card is still in its early days so is only being offered to selected advertisers at the moment, so check your Google AdWords email account to see if you have been invited.

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