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Meet gigmit: EPKs For Musicians that REALLY Rock

Meet gigmit: EPKs For Musicians that REALLY Rock

Roberto Popolizio
Musicians looking for new ways to promote their music should really consider an Eletronic Press Kit (EPK). An EPK is optimal to showcase your audio material, photos and videos all in one place, but you need to know how to make it stand out from the competition.

Website Planet asked Marcus Fitzgerald, CEO of gigmit, to give us some tips on how to create a perfect EPK, and how he was able to grow gigmit to become the chosen booking platform for 230.000+ artists and 11.500+ events organizers.

Let’s Introduce gigmit To Our Audience. What Products And Services Do You Offer?

gigmit is a platform that caters to the needs of both musicians and event organizers. Our primary goal is to connect talented artists with exciting live performance opportunities worldwide.

One of our flagship offerings is the gigmit artist page. It serves as a comprehensive and visually appealing portfolio for musicians, allowing them to showcase their talent, music, videos, and images. This Eletronic Press Kit (EPK) is designed to capture the essence of an artist’s unique style and identity, making it an excellent tool for self-promotion and gaining visibility in the music industry.

At gigmit, we firmly believe in the power of great web design and user experience to transform the way musicians and event organizers interact. Our products and services are tailored to create seamless and efficient connections in the music industry, ultimately empowering artists to thrive in their live performance careers.

What’s Your Mission?

We believe in the magic of live music. We also believe that the live music business as it stands is complex and inherently has too many barriers to entry. That is why we make touring, booking and promoting a frictionless experience. We clean up. Live music business should be fast, easy, data-driven and accessible to everyone.

We allow you to navigate through the world of amazing music events for promoters and artists alike. We empower you to craft the career you have always wanted.

WSP Interview gigmit

What Sparked The Idea, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

The idea behind gigmit was sparked by a clear need within the music industry to streamline the process of connecting musicians with gig opportunities. As a concert promoter myself, I experienced the challenges of finding and booking acts firsthand. This motivated me to create a platform that would simplify and enhance this process for artists and event organizers alike.

Since its inception, gigmit has evolved significantly. We initially focused on developing a user-friendly artist page, providing musicians with a visually appealing platform to showcase their talent. As we observed the industry’s changing landscape and the needs of our users, we improved our artist page with the help of hundreds of bookers from festivals and clubs.

This evolution has transformed gigmit into a comprehensive platform that not only showcases artists, but also facilitates meaningful connections between musicians and event organizers. We continue to listen to the feedback and needs of our users, consistently improving our platform’s functionality and user experience.

Through continuous innovation and adaptation, gigmit has become a go-to resource for musicians and event organizers worldwide. We are proud of the progress we have made thus far and remain dedicated to empowering artists and revolutionizing the way live performances are booked and experienced.

Can You Share Any Recent Success Story From Your Users?

There are so many, but let me share one of them: Mauvey, a rising star in the alt-pop music scene, achieved remarkable success through gigmit’s booking platform. Despite personal tragedy, Mauvey rediscovered his passion for music, crafting a message of love and self-acceptance.

By sending only 7 applications, Mauvey secured bookings at three major festivals: Reeperbahn Festival 2022, The Great Escape Festival 2022, and Future Echoes Festival 2022. His success was a result of hard work and dedication.

WSP Interview gigmit

Mauvey’s artist page on Gigmit showcases his talent and his music career

Mauvey’s press kit played a crucial role in attracting festival organizers. With a vibrant image, comprehensive gig history, and music videos showcasing his talent, Mauvey’s page effectively represented his brand.

His performances at Reeperbahn Festival 2022 and The Great Escape Festival 2022 captivated audiences with his passion and intimate interactions. Mauvey’s success on gigmit demonstrates his talent, dedication, and the platform’s ability to connect artists with opportunities.

What an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is, and why musicians should use it?

An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is a digital package that provides music professionals comprehensive information about a musician or a band, including a bio, photos, music samples, videos, press reviews, tour dates, and contact info.

An Electronic Press Kit centralizes all necessary artist information for easy access by industry professionals. It saves time and effort compared to searching for scattered materials across multiple platforms. Talent bookers, festival organizers, promoters as well as journalists and bloggers rely on EPKs to evaluate artists and make booking decisions. Which means that a well-crafted kit can help to stand out and improve chances of getting booked for shows and festivals.

P.S. By the way, gigmit offers a free Electronic Press Kit service for artists, making it even more accessible and convenient.

What are the essential steps and tools needed to create an EPK that stands out?

While it is important to have an EPK, I would say it is quite easy if you don’t build it yourself from scratch.

To create one that stands out, you can follow these steps (with gigmit for instance):

  1. Select the right platform: Choose a reputable platform like gigmit, which offers a free EPK creation tool specifically designed for musicians.
  2. Gather high-quality content: Prepare professional promotional photos, well-produced music tracks, engaging videos, and compelling bio and press materials. Ensure they are properly formatted and ready to be included in your press kit.
  3. Showcase your music: Include a selection of your best tracks, preferably in a streaming format, to give industry professionals a taste of your music. Organize them in a playlist or highlight key songs.
  4. Create a visually appealing press kit: Make sure the images and videos you add to your kit have high resolution to stand out. It will show the quality and level of professionalism of your project.
  5. Provide performance history: Showcase your past performances, including notable shows, festivals, and tours. Include dates, venues, and any special highlights or achievements.
Keep your Electronic Press Kit current by updating it with new music releases, recent press features, and upcoming shows, and share it through social media, email campaigns, and direct outreach to industry professionals. Leverage gigmit’s network and features to increase visibility and connect with potential collaborators and bookers.

By following these steps, you can create an EPK that stands out, captures attention, and effectively represents your musical brand.

What other marketing tools and channels are most beneficial to musicians in 2023?

I can say there are many! For musicians in 2023 it is hard to follow every trend and be active everywhere , but these channels are crucial I would say:

  1. Instagram and TikTok: Definitely crucial to engage with fans, share updates, and promote music on these platforms.
  2. Streaming platforms and playlists: Optimize presence on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, and pitch music to influential playlists.
  3. Email marketing: Build an email list to communicate directly with fans about releases, shows, and merchandise.
  4. Twitch, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live: Live streaming and virtual concerts remain important to perform and monetize on live shows virtually.
Since you have to be on so many platforms, I can recommend using gigmit’s data analytics and insights to understand your audience demographics and track engagement. You can connect it to your artist page and see your growth on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.

All this information is great to plan future shows and reach out to concert and festival promoters. I believe that a multichannel approach is crucial for success.

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