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G-Core Labs offers Powerful Edge and Cloud Solutions for Media

G-Core Labs offers Powerful Edge and Cloud Solutions for Media

Gail Lobel Rand
Dmitry Samoshkin, VP of Products of G-Core Labs, tells us about their unique infrastructure based on 100 nodes and located on five continents and how their network’s excellent connectivity enables them to deliver your web content, live broadcasting, and video on demand with excellent performance around the world.

This interview was originally published on March 13, 2020.

What hosting plans do you offer?

We offer a wide choice of plans, which range in price, power, and capacity. For Virtual Servers, we have servers from 1vCPU, 512 MB RAM, and 20 GB SSD to 8vCPU, 32 Gb RAM, 600 GB SSD. For Dedicated servers, we have more than 100 configurations with CPUs from 4 cores to 20+, RAM from 16 Gb and higher, disks SSD or HDD with different volumes. Moreover, we offer Cloud solutions, where you can choose any configuration that you need and pay for it as much as you use (pay as you go model).

What is the difference between a Dedicated and a Virtual server?

We use KVM technology for building Virtual Server infrastructure. Virtual servers are smaller and less expensive than Dedicated but have the same high availability. The only difference is bandwidth; Virtual Servers have 200 Mbps and Dedicated Servers from 1 Gbps. On Cloud bandwidth is from 1 gbps.

Is SSL available?

Yes, SSL certificates are available for purchase.

What is a CDN and how is it beneficial?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN takes popular content to cache servers where it is accumulated, temporarily stored (cached), and given at future requests. G‑Core Labs’ technologies has a gaming core. To arrange global delivery of heavy content (games, video, soft) at peak loads, we have built our own high-speed content delivery network.  Our CDN 55 PoPs are located on all continents to deliver heavy content with minimum delay.  The convenient control panel is filled with all necessary settings to pull, cache, and deliver content and online statistics and monitor performance in real-time.

What solutions do you offer for entertainment and media businesses?

For entertainment and media businesses, we offer content and video-on-demand broadcasting services.

These services are also beneficial for other types of businesses. We focus on customer requests to make sure that they receive all the necessary services in one personal office.

What other services do you provide?

We provide Cloud, Storage, streaming services as well.

Are custom design or development services available?

We offer custom software development and IT infrastructure management.

Are backup and recovery services available?

Yes, backup service is included with hosting.

How are your servers secured against hackers and other cyber threats?

Our Infrastructure DDoS Protection defends customers against volumetric, protocol-based, and application-layer DDoS attacks to keep their sites operational and reduce the influence from the Denial of Service attacks.

The Basic DDoS Protection service is available by default for all hosting customers, while Advanced solutions are suitable for customers who need enhanced protection and faster response time. Each of the DDoS Protection services provides automatic attack detection and mitigation through traffic analyzation and scrubbing.

What support is available to your customers?

We have a premium support service with fast response time and understandable and detailed instructions.

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