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eCommerce Migrations Made Easy with Next-Cart

Roberto Popolizio

William Dinh, co-founder and CTO of Next-Cart, spoke with Roberto Popolizio this week. He shared some insights on how the company evolved, how it drives success for eCommerce stores, and what technologies and trends he finds interesting.

Please Present Next-Cart To Our Audience. What Services And Products Do You Offer?

Next-Cart offers an optimized migration service that lets eCommerce users transfer their stores from one eCommerce platform to another. We provide an application to conduct the migration while supporting customers technically with our expert team.

Up to now, Next-Cart has released SaaS on multiple eCommerce platforms, allowing migrating from/to almost all popular platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, AmeriCommerce, OpenCart,….

The application is tailored to make the migration less technical and more non-coder friendly. We aim to make re-platforming an easy deed that anyone can perform. Otherwise, we provide 24/7 support with an almost instant response via Next-Cart’s dashboard.

What’s Your Story? What Sparked The Idea, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

Starting with a team of skilled people in eCommerce, we envisioned the high demand for online selling platform migration. In 2014, Next-Cart was established to perform eCommerce data migration while solving common problems involving data security, poor quality service, and inefficient support…occur due to business scaling.

​​What Is The Mission Of Next-Cart?

Along with developing better migration tools every day, we also focus on delivering the best customer service that comes down to the personalized level. That said, we prefer communicating with customers in person to comprehend their problems to using auto-reply. While collecting the insights, we’ll construct a system to provide instant support. When the issues come down to technical requirements, we’ll have experts down the line for the quickest support. 

Who Are Your Typical Customers’ And What Are The Pain Points That You Help Them Solve?

Our customers range from SMEs and store owners to web development agencies.
  • We know that SMEs and store owners have to invest time in their businesses, and the most considerable challenge is technical skills. Store owners usually are uncertain about how data is stored on a website and how to configure or add necessary features from the old store to the new one. Besides helping migrate data for customers, we also research and install essential extensions for their new stores. Finally, we install the themes and point the domain to get the site into work.
  • For web development agencies, our service saves them tons of time taking care of the migration because we’ve got our hands on it. The mere thing they need to focus on is installing themes and extensions. What challenges them the most is the time taken to build a website. It could take from weeks to months, even years. Therefore, we are always ready to support migration data to match their web development milestones. There will always be the last migration that occurs a few hours before a new website goes live. We will have to schedule and supervise this final migration with great attention to ensure it goes smoothly till the end.

What Makes Your Shopping Cart Migration Service Stand Out From The Competition?

We believe it’s our customer service that stands out. A migration process involves various issues, including the data organizing differences between 2 eCommerce platforms, the distinction of product structure on each store, customed requests from clients, in-demand configuration, and supervision at a certain period,…

We do not have an absolute migration tool that can automatically fulfill the aforementioned requests. Therefore, we eagerly offer in-person support for every aspect of migration. This flexibility in providing the highest level of assistance has earned us a great deal of affection and positive feedback from our customers.

What Trends Are Going To Shape The Future Of eCommerce?

In my opinion, The coming trends would be logistics and selling channels. When merchants want to expand their business, they want to bring products to multiple channels like Amazon, eBay, Facebook Shop, or Google Shop other than the web stores. This connection helps enlarge their brand awareness while saving a great deal of time and marketing costs. Logistics should be the first thing in mind if a merchant wants to sell cross-border. The math to solve is how to ship packages from one country to another faster and at the lowest cost.

Lastly, Any Exciting News Or Developments That You Would Like To Share About Next-Cart?

Thank you for this excellent question. Our shopping cart migration service is the star that we are paying our maximum effort. We are also having an idea for developing a selling system that is suitable for SMEs with the following features:
  • Merchants can open an online store with just a few clicks
  • A data import tool that allows merchants to upload products from spreadsheets or sync products from their CRM or POS. Uploaded products will then be synchronized to Facebook Catalog, Google Shopping, Tiktok, and local eCom platforms.
This is a mere draft idea because it demands building time and resources. We are pretty passionate about this project. Hopefully, it will create a great impact on the development of eCommerce in our home country.

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