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How EARTHDAY.ORG Built 150k Partnerships in 192 Countries: Q/A with Director Aidan Charron

How EARTHDAY.ORG Built 150k Partnerships in 192 Countries: Q/A with Director Aidan Charron

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet interviewed Aidan Charron, Director of End Plastic Initiatives at EARTHDAY.ORG, the driving force behind Earth Day annually.

If you are looking to building partnerships, you will learn some insightful tips from the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, now counting over 150,000 partnerships across more than 192 countries.

What initiatives are you currently working on?

Preparing for the next set of negotiations to take place at INC-4 and Earth Day 2024. Our focus is on plastics, and we hope to really bring light to the issues of plastics through various means, whether its direct actions, cleanups, policy negotiations, or through our Earth Day 2024 theme, Planet vs. Plastics.

Earth Day Network

I am also working on more reports, like our ‘Babies vs. Plastics’ report, to inform the public on the different aspects of plastics and how it affects every facet of our lives- from the pets we live with to the way we vote to the health of our bodies.

Why is it important to build partnerships for these campaigns?

It’s impossible to do it all. Some organizations are more focused on direct law, others are more focused on advocacy and raising awareness of these issues. We need each other, those of us more engaged with the public can help those more directly involved with government push for policies the public is looking for. It goes the other way as well, those doing the deeper dives into policy can educate advocacy organizations on what they need from the public and condense down that information to make it more palatable.

How do you find and select your business partners?

We meet a lot of our business partners in person and build from there. We make sure they have no funding coming in from the fossil fuel industry and if they align with our goals, we move ahead with working with them.

How do you negotiate the right partnership agreement?

It must be mutually beneficial, but totally depends on what program we are most heavily focusing on. For example, our reforestation efforts with The Canopy Project will have different negotiation strategies than our Great Global Cleanup work.

What tools and strategies help you Implement and manage a new partnership?

At EARTHDAY.ORG, our collaborative approach is key to seamlessly implementing and managing new partnerships. Our dedicated team operates cohesively to ensure the fulfillment of our commitments, striving for excellence in communication with our esteemed partners. This involves cross-functional collaboration for comprehensive reports and, when necessary, engaging in face-to-face meetings during events such as cleanups. Our commitment goes beyond the contractual obligations, embodying a spirit of proactive engagement and exceeding expectations in every facet of our partnerships.

How are you doing today and what’s in the roadmap for the future?

As for the future, we remain committed to our roadmap, continuously seeking innovative solutions, expanding our outreach, and working towards a more environmentally conscious and sustainable world. Our dedication extends to addressing urgent challenges such as the plastics crisis, recognizing its profound impact on both human and planetary health. With an unwavering focus on this critical issue, we are determined to implement effective measures, engage in direct actions, and foster policy changes to mitigate the adverse effects of plastics.

Simultaneously, our commitment extends to championing universal climate education in all K-12 curricula worldwide. Recognizing the pivotal role education plays in shaping a sustainable future, we aim to integrate comprehensive climate education into academic programs globally. By empowering the younger generation with the knowledge and awareness needed to address climate challenges, we are laying the foundation for a more informed and environmentally conscious society able to build the green economy our planet needs in order to survive.

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