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How DOT Indonesia Increased Productivity for 100+ Businesses: Q/A with CEO Billtraviano Harda

How DOT Indonesia Increased Productivity for 100+ Businesses: Q/A with CEO Billtraviano Harda

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet interviewed Billtraviano Harda, the Chief Executive Officer of DOT Indonesia, a software house and idea-proven studio in Indonesia’s IT industry with over a decade in the game and over a hundred projects successfully completed for a wide range of organizations and startups.

We learned how DOT assists startup founders in putting their ideas into action and in digitally transforming their companies to a high standard.

What problems are you solving for your customers?

Inefficiency, a dearth of high-quality data and information, and the pressing need for competent programmers to hasten IT development are just a few of the major issues that we have resolved for our clients.

As an example, we have assisted clients in reducing their workforce by nearly half by creating solutions to their inefficiencies and challenges with business processes. Finding the appropriate remedy, though, required getting to the bottom of the issue. As a result of not fully comprehending their issues, some individuals ended up with inadequate or incorrect solutions.

Another instance included a private corporation that was one of our most important clients and required the core, primary data for decision-making purposes. Decisions were being made based on outdated data, which had an impact on their business. We aided them by reducing redundancies in their operations, developing a comprehensive solution to meet their needs, and generating data points to supply them with high-quality information for improved decision-making.

The most difficult task for new businesses was assembling a cohesive team that could move quickly to complete projects. In order to construct a team capable of productive communication and collaboration, we have our framework, discipline, and tools. Even more so, we’ve been in the startup world and can assist with setting up a development environment and meeting future demands.

Which types of companies benefit the most from your services?

We are a software business that focuses on custom code, therefore we can work with any kind of customer who has clear goals and is aware of the challenges they face. Instead of seeing IT as an expense, we love clients who see it as an investment that can help them grow their company. A more disciplined work ethic and the adoption of technologies that facilitate productive team communication and collaboration are the results of adopting this mentality.

Any business, in any sector, can take use of our services if they know what they want. Our substantial background in software development allows us to assist startups in establishing a development environment and meeting their feature requirements.

Outdated software, inadequate infrastructure, and poor team communication are some of the challenges that our clients may encounter. We provide individualized software solutions to tackle these issues. Our clients want a more productive and efficient workplace, and that is exactly what we strive to provide.

What makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

Our clients pick us because we give them something they haven’t had before and solve their problems to their satisfaction.

IT projects are about more than just writing code. It’s about developing the correct mindset, communicating well to understand the client’s problems, building a genuine professional relationship, and using the right tools to keep everyone informed through the process.

Since you started, what helped you grow and retain your audience?

Offering first-rate, honest, and open service has been the key to our success in attracting and keeping customers. We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations and providing them with more value than what they pay for. We also use automated sales funnels, the right customer relationship management systems, and a streamlined process from marketing to sales to production to after-sales. Google and meta ads, search engine optimization, etc. are also part of our digital marketing strategy.

How are you doing today, and what’s in the roadmap for the future?

We at DOT Indonesia are thankful that we made it through the COVID era alive and well today. Many startups and established businesses have benefited from our assistance; in fact, three of them were able to secure funding from venture capitalists, which greatly facilitated the rapid development and successful product launches of those businesses. We are pleased to have contracts with numerous Indonesian SOEs, as well as other government agencies and respectable private businesses. The trust of major companies in the industry is a testament to our ability to deliver top-notch solutions.

We intend to broaden our service offerings to include additional nations, with a focus on Australia and Singapore. We are confident that we can meet the digital needs of these countries with our low pricing, skills, and experience. Since we have established a solid foundation in blockchain and AI, we intend to investigate these technologies further. These innovations represent what we see as the IT industry’s bright future.

What tools are you using to run your business and daily activities?

Our in-house timesheet and HR app, as well as specialized issue and project management software, are just a few of the tools we use on a daily basis to keep everything running smoothly.

We also make use of premium tools like Slack, SonarQube, Sentry, Github/Gitlab, and Git for production, quality assurance, and collaboration. Our team even uses AI to help them code. Adding our own apps and services to these tools allows us to maximize their potential. Tools that give us data and insights into our company are also at our disposal.

We anticipate that we can outperform our rivals in terms of speed, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making if we equip ourselves with the proper tools and establish transparent standard operating procedures.

What perspective do you have about where your industry is headed?

We think Indonesia is still in the early stages of its digital transformation. There is a massive and ever-expanding market in Indonesia since businesses there are still embracing digital transformation. Information technology (IT) and digital solutions are vital for businesses and sectors in Indonesia to better serve their customers and make the most of the country’s enormous island topography, which stretches from Sabang to Merauke.

The market, however, views IT and digital investments more as a drain on resources than an opportunity for growth, so shifting this perception will be difficult. Companies are hesitant to invest in IT projects because of this thinking. In addition, the IT industry is still waiting for Indonesia to establish a benchmark for the best, worst, or average solution. As a result, consumers must be informed about the correct approach to IT development.

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