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Studio Quality Product Images At Scale? Meet DoMyShoot

Studio Quality Product Images At Scale? Meet DoMyShoot

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet had the chance to sit down and chat with the Co-Founder & CEO of Dresma, Siddharth Sinha. We will look at how they got the idea for DoMyShoot, an AI platform that allows online sellers to create professional product images, where they prioritize the human touch, and how this process helps eCommerce sites save up to 80% of the usual expenses for visual content.

Let’s introduce DoMyShoot to our audience. What is it and how does it work?

Online sellers across product categories can use DoMyShoot to create professional quality images for their Amazon and Shopify product listing images as well as creative images for their social media presence.

In fact, the platform allows agencies to create product catalog images for their customers and then re-adapt the same images for any number of creatives. There is no need for new photography significantly reducing logistics costs and turnaround times.

We then have extensive “How-To” videos to get the best results for any type of product or creative image and a 24/7 chat is accessible on the platform if the user needs any further assistance.

The heavy lifting is done by our AI capabilities, and we have an extensive pool of great image artists and graphic designers on call, who provide visual quality checks and design services as per client requirements.

The app and platform have extensive customization options to fine tune the workflow and design assets to suit any imagery workflow and design process and preferences.

The platform interfaces directly with a number of marketplaces and storefronts. Examples being Amazon and Shopify. These allow users to directly retrieve images already on their seller panels to adapt or directly update their product listings from within the DoMyShoot platform.

How did it all start, and what are your achievements to this day?

Dresma was born to ease the onboarding journey for online sellers. Abhishek and Nishka, my co-founders, used to run a photography studio for eCommerce retailers and smaller sellers.

The idea for DoMyShoot was born out of the frustration online sellers felt with the manual and logistically intensive nature of the photography process.

The app now allows online sellers to create professional-quality visual content without shipping products across the country and takes away the dependence on photographers and studios. We have processed over 7 million images that have gone online and have thousands of sellers using the app as a core part of their selling journey.

How does your mission differ from the other companies in your niche?

Our mission is to provide sellers with all the images they need to succeed online. We understand the constraints on the seller’s time and want them to focus on growing their business.

Our platform is the best combination of a standout self-use product but with service assistance built-in to ensure sellers get the best images to showcase their products. Our competitors, like Pixelcut and Photoroom, cannot match studio-quality imagery as they are entirely reliant on automated image processing, which cannot cope with the varying demands of different product categories and photoshoot environments. Our AI-plus services approach provides TRUE studio-quality images.

Who are your typical clients and what problems do they have when they come to you?

Any online seller that has upwards of 20 SKUs to list will see significant value with our solution. We dramatically reduce the cost and time it takes for them to get online and then promote themselves on social media or through display ads

The dependence on photographers and studios adds significantly to their turnaround times and logistics costs when they have new products to list or need images for their social media presence. Products have to be taken out of warehouses and shipped to studios for photography, or photographers have to be arranged to visit wherever the products are stored, resulting in security issues, logistical costs, and wasted time.

Sellers end up investing 2-3 weeks and upwards of $30 an angle on the images that they need to list with or use for online promotions. They can reduce sales risk by using a self-service solution if the quality is lower, as images are the most important component of any online listing or promotional effort.

Sure, they can try a do-it-yourself approach with native camera apps, editing tools, etc. The results would be sub-par, which puts their business at risk and takes away time and focus from growing their business.

There are a few product photography apps available that help solve some of the issues in the seller’s workflow, but all of them require them to spend significant amounts of time on fine-tuning images before they can be uploaded. No photography app can guarantee marketplace-ready images, nor can produce results that can be called studio quality.

Hence it’s no surprise that the biggest question mark sellers have is whether the images will match the quality that they get through a studio workflow. We have been able to put together an AI enabled platform that builds on the scale automation offers and couple that with a human touch that provides professional quality every time.

And what makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

Our guided photoshoot is a great value-add for sellers, helping them take the ideal angles and perspectives for online selling. This, coupled with 100% quality checked and ready-to-upload images, presents the ideal end-to-end solution that sellers are looking for.

Typical cost savings are >80%, and turn-around times reduce from weeks to a few hours to get professional-quality images.

The ability to generate creative imagery on demand without further photography means they can have fresh content every day for the promotional channels and can adapt to any market trends in a matter of hours. The ease of use and control the app and platform give them over their content form the basis of most of the recommendations we get.

Can you share one success story from your customers? What was their pain point, and what results did they get thanks to DoMyShoot?

World Rugby Shop, a leading online retailer of rugby gear, faced challenges such as high photography costs, long workflows, and the need for advanced skills. They adopted DoMyShoot and saw significant improvements. Product photography costs dropped to $1.9 per image, the process was simplified, and there was no need for advanced skills or extensive post-production work. The app could handle their high product volume, scaling up the workflow easily.

Brad Kilpatrick, President & COO, praised DoMyShoot for simplifying their process, reducing time taken, and eliminating most post-processing work. He highlighted Dresma’s excellent responsiveness as a standout feature.

“DoMyShoot has been a game changer for our business!

Previously, we would have a product shoot using specialized equipment like a DSLR. The images were then edited using Photoshop to match our desired specs. Only then we could get our images. It was a labor- and time-intensive process because we deal with a relatively high product volume.

DoMyShoot has massively simplified the process for us. Anyone from our team can now take photos on the app with essentially zero training and then get high-quality images by the next day. It has also eliminated almost all post-processing work. We just take the photos and within a matter of hours, we have the photos ready to be used. The time it takes is now drastically lower.

I would also like to highlight that team Dresma’s responsiveness is unbelievably good; truly among the best that I’ve experienced after 20 years in the eCommerce industry.”

Brad Kilpatrick, President & COO of World Rugby Shop

If you had unlimited funds, what improvements would you make?

Two areas in which we would accelerate development would be:

1. In the product photography journey, we would make it more interactive with live prompts and feedback. Essentially, a co-pilot when the product is being clicked.

2. Further customize the creative imagery and listing content based on brand personas. The platform would become an extension of internal marketing teams.

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