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Look For 100% Transparent Jobs Offers with DevITjobs

Look For 100% Transparent Jobs Offers with DevITjobs

Roberto Popolizio
Website Planet interviewed Gregory Tomasik, CEO of devitjobs.us, an online platform with transparent IT job offers for the U.S. market.

After learning from his story and recent successes, we will look at what’s going on in their industry, and how he is going to change his online business accordingly.

Please, Introduce DevITjobs To Our Audience. What Products And Services Do You Offer?

DevITjobs is a job board for tech / IT roles. What makes it different, is the radical transparency: each job ad must contain salary information and a full tech stack. This data is provided by the hiring companies and must be real and detailed, so for example: 50k – 150k USD is not allowed.

What’s Your Mission?

Our mission is to improve the inclusivity and transparency of the tech job market. We want to give the candidates an advantage in the job search process, which usually is skewed towards companies, because they have more information.

What Sparked The Idea, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

I am a Software Engineer myself and decided to built a job board after getting increasingly frustrated with the job search experience. It all started in 2018 in Switzerland with SwissDevJobs.ch since then we expanded to other countries, with: GermanTechJobs.de, DevITjobs.uk, DevJob.ro and, and of course DevITjobs.us.

What’s The Main Pain Point Affecting Job Seekers Visiting Devitjobs, And What Makes Them Stick To You?

Job seekers come to DevITjobs because they are tired of other job boards and spammy recruiters. They prefer a smooth experience where they can easily filter for a new role and have all information at hand.

We also attract Engineers which are not actively searching for a new job, because they just want to check how their salary compares to the market (we show salary statistics as well)

Can You Share Any Recent Success Story From Your Users?

For us, the success stories come both from candidates who found their dream role and companies who hired talented developers. You can find multiple of our success stories on: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/swissdevjobs.ch

Recently, a talented DevOps Engineer managed to find a great role and move to Germany (which isn’t simple because it requires the company to offer visa sponsorship)

What Tools Are In Your Current Techstack, And How Do You Benefit From Them?

We are using multiple tools but try to keep it simple, for example: we use JavaScript on both frontend (React) and backend (NodeJS) which helps us to have higher velocity and improve the platform faster.

Our focus is also to use open source solutions, like for example the privacy-friendly Plausible Analytics which doesn’t track users.

How Do You See The Future Of Employment In The It Sector After All The Recent Layoffs By Tech Giants, Like Google And Shopify?

Clearly, the sector is currently in a difficult phase, because the tech giants laid off altogether over 150’000 employees in 2022 and beginning of 2023. We remain positive, though, and see it only as a temporary obstacle. If you look closely, most tech companies recently reported record revenues and earnings, which means that the layoffs are more shareholder-caused than economically justified.

Q2 and Q3 2023 might still be a bit uncertain, but we hope that the tech job market picks up again in Q4.

Lastly, Any Exciting News About Devitjobs?

This year, we plan to introduce Talent Profiles, which should help engineers quickly get matched to the best fitting jobs. We estimate that this might cut the job search process even by 40%. Stay tuned!

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