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How DataForSEO APIs Enhance 3500 SEO & Marketing Tools: Q/A with CEO Nick Chernets

How DataForSEO APIs Enhance 3500 SEO & Marketing Tools: Q/A with CEO Nick Chernets

Roberto Popolizio
DataForSEO is a leading provider of data solutions trusted by over 3,500 customers, including all the most popular SEO tools, marketing departments of international corporations, as well as agencies, individual developers and digital marketing professionals.

In this interview for Website Planet, we talked to Nick Chernets, Founder and CEO of DataForSEO, to learn how exactly DataForSEO’s APIs and databases help businesses and SEOs enhance their search engine optimization, marketing automation, web analytics, and online advertising efforts faster and more affordably than any other provider on the market.

TL:DR – Most Beloved Features of DataForSEO:
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model – DataForSEO customers pay only for data they actually obtain. No hidden fees.
  • Diverse APIs The company offers data for pretty much any SEO-related use case you can think of. Rank-tracking, keyword research, backlink analytics, on-page reporting – you name it.
  • Knowledge base and documentation – All DataForSEO APIs and databases are well-documented with every field and parameter meticulously described. In addition to that, there’s an extensive Knowledge Base with in-depth blog posts, help center articles, and insightful white papers
  • Support – The DataForSEO’s support team is available 24/7 and swiftly responds to any request – be it service troubleshooting, API integration, or pricing-related questions.

What problems are you solving for your customers and audience?

DataForSEO addresses many pain points that are often encountered by its customers by providing accurate and up-to-date information. We’d like to single out a few of the most common ones and describe how DataForSEO assists in tackling them.

Search Engine Results Monitoring

Obtaining accurate and reliable SERP data in the required volumes is a significant pain point in SEO (especially in building rank-tracking automation solutions).

With insights not only from traditional search results but also specialized search features, SEOs can get a truly holistic view of their online visibility.

But it’s easier said than done…

In fact, while it is possible to build the necessary infrastructure in-house, there are multiple bottlenecks you must assess before that data starts flowing. Building a reliable server infrastructure, figuring out the markup of search engine results pages, and ensuring that every SERP feature is accounted for and parsed properly… These are just a few of the many issues that can potentially stall the development for months.

This is why SEO software companies turn to ready-made data solutions and eventually become DataForSEO customers.

✅ DataForSEO provides precise and up-to-date SERP data:
  • From all major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and more)
  • For any location or language
  • For all search features, such as Google Maps, Google Shopping, Google Jobs, Bing Local Pack, etc.

Backlink Data

SEOs need accurate and up-to-date backlink data at scale to get insights into a website’s authority and credibility

✅ DataForSEO’s Backlink Data API delivers accurate real-time and historical data on a website’s link profile, so you can track changes in a backlink profile over time and promptly respond to any shifts.

All this without building up and maintaining the costly and complex infrastructure needed for collecting, storing, and processing backlinks data.

With such a comprehensive overview of a website’s backlink profile, you can make more informed decisions on how to strengthen your link-building efforts.


Data Integration Challenges

You may not think of data integration as a main pain point of SEO analytics, but it has nevertheless proven to be a cumbersome challenge for businesses and professionals seeking to streamline their workflows with data-driven solutions.

That’s because of the diverse data sources involved in SEO, each with its own format and structure. Aggregating and integrating vast volumes of data from multiple platforms is time-consuming, error-prone, and often leads to system inefficiencies and suboptimal performance.

Before discovering DataForSEO, our customers usually attempt to build custom integrations for disparate data sources by using manual processes. These data sources may or may not have proper documentation and support service, so it’s easy to miss out on critical details, make decisions based on incomplete information, and ultimately fail to implement the desired features.

DataForSEO solves the data integration pain point through its unified and developer-friendly APIs that cover a variety of use cases – from SERPs and keywords to backlinks and on-page SEO data.

✅ No need to reconcile disparate data structures from multiple providers to get the data you need – Just access our wide range of SEO data through a single integration point right away.

Need help integrating DataForSEO APIs?

All main use cases for our APIs are described and illustrated in the Blog, so that all potential questions are answered in the Help Center, and you also don’t have to figure out complex integration workflows since we offer ready-to-use libraries and classes for multiple programming languages. All that further streamlines the integration process.

When that’s not enough, our proactive 24/7 support team provides guidance tailored to each customer’s specific needs. In the event of any challenges or questions during the integration process, customers can rely on prompt and knowledgeable assistance from our experts.

What’s more, DataForSEO’s regular updates ensure that customers receive the latest data without the need for manual interventions.

“We found DataForSEO online while we were planning for the beta version of our software. We were impressed by how responsive the team DataForSEO was and by the comprehensive nature of the APIs available.”

Lindsay Halsey, Co-Founder of Pathfinder SEO

Operational resilience

Operational resilience is the ability to continue delivering the company’s critical services during disruptions or unforeseen events like natural disasters, cyberattacks, supply chain failures, pandemics, etc.

Maintaining operational resilience in such a difficult landscape like SEO is one of the most significant challenges for businesses working in this field. Factors such as changing search engine algorithms and unforeseen disruptions pose a threat to the stability of operations.

Ensuring a consistent and resilient approach to search engine analytics is crucial to mitigate associated risks and adapt to changes that are beyond the organization’s control.

Our comprehensive suite of APIs offers both real-time and historical SEO data that allow businesses to proactively monitor and respond to changes in search engine algorithms, industry trends, and competitor strategies.

For example, our customers benefit from a proactive approach to monitoring search engine results pages. This ensures that DataForSEO customers get correctly parsed results in real-time. We are continuously tracking changes in SERPs and adding support for new features. In fact, we support more SERP features than any of our direct competitors.

“I always recommend DataForSEO. No worries about server capacity, no need for maintenance, and splendid possibilities for rapid development when we want to try something new. Why reinvent the wheel?”

Kono Kim – Founder @ Twinword

Which types of companies benefit the most from what you offer?

At this point, it should be clear that DataForSEO caters to a wide range of companies across different verticals but primarily attracts users in the SEO, digital marketing, and marketing technology industries.

In particular, SEO agencies and professionals form a large portion of our user base, relying on DataForSEO to gain a competitive edge by implementing data-driven approaches. They often struggle with obtaining accurate and up-to-date data at scale. At the same time, marketing technology companies and developers of SEO tools leverage DataForSEO APIs and databases to provide their users with timely, accurate, and up-to-date insights.

Tracking and monitoring keyword rankings, keywords, and backlinks takes a lot of time and is virtually impossible to execute manually. SEO software and marketing technology developers in particular suffer from this issue on a much larger scale – things like data integration, storage capacity, server infrastructure, cost, and service uptime play a critical role.

✅ How DataForSEO allows you to track keywords and backlinks:
  • User-friendly APIs that simplify and streamline the integration as much as possible.
  • A standardized data format to ensure consistency and accuracy, providing reliable insights.
  • A comprehensive documentation and exceptional support team that further alleviate concerns about the learning curve and data accuracy.
By addressing these challenges, we empower our customers to make informed decisions, optimize their strategies effectively, and stay competitive in their respective industries.

Meanwhile, it should be understood that the SEO data industry is highly competitive. There are dozens of providers and each of them will assure you their service is the best. Yet, we have a competitive edge and most of our customers stick with to us after testing multiple other solutions.

DataForSEO customers always single out the following advantages:
  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Comprehensive data coverage
  • Ease of integration and developer-friendly approach
  • Timely updates and real-time data
  • Continuous innovation and adaptability
  • Competitive pricing and value for money
  • Exceptional support and customer service
“We found DataForSEO in the early days of the development of our platform. We needed a solid partner in terms of data acquisition, and we started contacting and testing the best players on the market.

It turned out that DFS was the best data vendor we could work with, as the data provided was way much more stable and accurate than that of any other company. Over time, we have formed a broad technology partnership with DFS, which is now a very important part of our company.”

Matteo Barletta, founder of GMB Crush

How do you handle customer support?

Exceptional support and customer service is often singled out in the customer feedback we receive.

In fact, DataForSEO provides around-the-clock online support with no days off. This service is not limited to current customers – anyone interested in our services can ask a relevant question and get a competent response swiftly.

“DataForSEO support team is one of the best I’ve ever interacted with. They are friendly and helpful, and every request has been resolved within 24 hours. They’ve even implemented multiple features based on our discussions. When we have queries from our customers, I know we can resolve them quickly, because we can rely on DataForSEO for fast responses and solutions.”

Heather Mullen, CEO of Long Tail Pro


How are you doing today and what’s on the roadmap for your future?

Today, DataForSEO is more than an API provider for the SEO industry. We provide solutions for e-commerce, business analytics, media, app store optimization, and many other business niches. For instance, our Merchant API provides Google Shopping and Amazon data while Content Analysis and Content Generation APIs are designed to make sophisticated NLP models more accessible.

We are keeping abreast of the latest technologies in our industry and beyond. Things like Machine Learning are going to decide the future and we are working on applying these novel technologies in our services. Last year we integrated Machine Learning algorithms into our SERP API and we continue expanding opportunities for further integrations. We are confident that this year, DataForSEO customers will get more advanced capabilities and innovative solutions.

P.S. DataForSEO offers an affiliate program for bloggers, media, and influencers
After registering an account you can get a referral link for both platform and website. By sharing these links with your readers you will earn 25% of the first payment made by each user you referred to us.

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