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Meet Creative 7 Designs: People-Centric Marketing and WordPress Design

Meet Creative 7 Designs: People-Centric Marketing and WordPress Design

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet had the opportunity to speak with Joseph Kibler, President and CEO of Creative 7 Designs.

A must read for anyone looking to learn how a successful web and marketing agency solves the common pain points faced by its clients, what skills and tools have been essential to their success, and how they plan to make their growth sustainable.

Let’s introduce Creative 7 Designs to our audience. What services do you offer?

Creative 7 Designs, Inc is a 20 years young marketing and website design agency specializing in WordPress. We also offer a range of graphic design services for business, from banners to business cards.

What separates Creative 7 Designs, Inc from our competition is excellent and responsive customer service. We take pride in giving our customers the very best possible solutions for custom website design packages and marketing plans, each made to fit our customer’s unique needs.

We aim to provide the best 24/7 customer service and tailored marketing and web design solutions. We talk to our customers, understand their needs, and work around the clock to solve their problems ASAP.

How does your mission differ from other companies in your niche?

We believe community involvement is an important part of our mission by helping those around us with our gifts and skills. We foster a strong, collaborative and fun team environment. We provide our customers with a high quality product which is fairly priced, executed in a timely manner and all done with excellent communication.

Our industry is notorious for unreliable customer services. We do our best to break that cycle.

What industries do you typically work with, and what are the common pain points your clients have when they come to you?

We typically serve professional and service based B2C companies. Some of our key niches are legal firms, service based businesses like plumbers, and nonprofits.

The common pain points we solve are the common disconnect between business owners and their customer base online. Because our industry is changing so fast, we help keep them up to speed online so they don’t have to think about it. They trust us to keep them current so they can continue to grow and navigate a difficult economy.

And what makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

Our key to success is working with our clients to meet their website, marketing, and design needs. We aim to work quickly and efficiently, responding to inquiries within 24 hours and providing a fast turnaround from beginning to end. Our quick turnaround time and an honest, no-nonsense approach to all of our projects make working with us a pleasant experience. We don’t want you to take our word for it.

What inspired you to start your own agency, and what challenges did you face in the early days?

In 2002 I was unemployed and of course computer and technology was really just emerging to the public. So I thought it would be a great space to get into. Started out in graphic design, then website design then in 2010 eventually evolved into a full service marketing agency. It has been a journey and like so many other companies after Covid we are stuck trying to re-imagine ourselves this year after a very hard few years.

What tools are most helpful in managing your business, and how do you benefit from them?

The tools we use end to end for management and communication is Zoho One. With this we can manage our projects, all internal and external communications, marketing, bookkeeping, and so much more.

Where do you go to hire new people, and what are the most important skills you look for?

We typically hire through Upwork and Indeed. All are contracted to hire. So we typically have a 90 day probation period as contractors then hire directly as full time staff. At the moment we have staff in 5 US States, Scotland and Pakistan.

What challenges and opportunities do you see in the future of your industry, and how do you plan to cope?

How much space do you actually have for me to answer this question? This is complex and there are so many changes both in our industry and challenges we face right now.

As a website design and marketing agency, we recognize the challenges and opportunities in our industry’s future. To cope, we stay updated with the latest technologies, provide exceptional results, optimize user experiences, prioritize data privacy and security, personalize and automate marketing efforts, embrace emerging technologies, and foster collaborations. We aim to deliver tailored solutions and help navigate the evolving landscape effectively.

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