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How to Cancel GoDaddy Website Builder & Get Refund [2024]

Anna Barr Anna BarrWebsite Development Expert
Whether you’ve found another website builder you prefer, or GoDaddy Website Builder just isn’t the site for you, you will need to cancel, and figuring that out can be daunting. With GoDaddy Website Builder canceling your subscription or free account is actually pretty simple, and you’ll probably get your money back, too!

I forked over a year’s worth of cash for GoDaddy’s cheapest plan1 to give you the most accurate step by step guide on how to fully delete your sites and their content, not just deactivate or cancel the subscription.

Follow these steps and you will avoid the most common pitfalls of cancellations. One of the biggest – and the easiest to do – is to void your refund!

Getting rid of GoDaddy and looking for a new website builder? We’ve put together a list of the very best website builders in 2024.

How to Avoid Losing Your Refund

First thing’s first: you’ll want to do is make sure you are able to get a refund. This might change your decision to delete, or there might be an important step or timeframe that changes the refund. Follow these steps carefully, in order, to ensure you get the refund you are eligible for.

GoDaddy Refund Policy
You must request a refund before you cancel the account!
You must request a refund before canceling your account. If you request a refund after you have canceled your account you will not be granted one. If you just cancel and do not request a refund you will not be given one. So make sure you do these steps first!

GoDaddy customer service
A simple explanation.
I checked with support through their handy live chat popup. They gave me the basics here, but you might need more detailed information, so be sure to read over their entire refund policy. This general rule applies, but there are some exceptions.

GoDaddy refund policy
Make sure you are within the window.
There are even more exceptions depending on the type of domain you’ve chosen, so if you don’t see your type listed here, check out their entire refund policy.

How to Cancel Your Website

Before you can delete your account you must first cancel all of your products, such as your websites. Follow these steps in order to delete your websites and any other products, before moving on to the Cancel Your Account section. Maybe you don’t want to cancel the whole account, maybe you just need to cancel a website, in which case these steps still apply up until the Cancel Your Account section.

Login and navigate to your account by first clicking on the dropdown arrow next to your name, then click on the Visit My Account button.

GoDaddy account page
That’s Account, and then… Visit My Account. Redundant, I know.
Next, click the arrow next to Account Settings to open the dropdown box. From the dropdown box, click Renewals & Billing.

GoDaddy "Visit My Account" page
Less and less creative with my test site names.
This will take you to the Manage your Billing section, where you can manage and delete your products, like your websites.

Now select the sites you want to cancel. Hint: if you are deleting your account, you want to select everything here.

GoDaddy "Mange Your Billing" page
Select them all to cancel your account.
Select all your products by either selecting them each individually as shown in the image or by clicking the box next to “Description” which will automatically select them all. Remember, you must delete all products in order to cancel your account.

A popup will ask you if you are sure you want to delete your products.

GoDaddy Cancel Renewal page
“Delete My Product” is pretty clear, huh?
If you’re sure, click “Delete My Product” to approve.

Another popup box will inform you that you will be sent an email. You will check a box to indicate that you understand. Then you will click Send Email.

GoDaddy Product Deletion confirmation email
This email makes it very clear.
Go to your email and open the message from GoDaddy. Simply click on the “Yes, I Want to Delete!” to complete the deletion process.

You’ll then be redirected back to the subscriptions section of your account. If you didn’t get them all, you can repeat these steps for as many subscriptions as you want to delete – which must be all of them to cancel your GoDaddy account.

GoDaddy Manage Your Billing page
If this is empty you did it right!

How to Cancel an Account

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to cancel your account – which is different from canceling your individual sites – you’ll need to follow a few steps. Make sure you are certain that you won’t want to reactivate because that’s not an option; once you delete your account it’s gone forever. First, you must delete all your products and subscriptions as shown in the steps above. Then follow the steps below.

As much as I hate to admit it, you’ll need to interact with a real person to delete your account. The simplest ways are to either call or to use the live chat feature. I used the live chat feature so that I can show you all the steps – this was an easy choice for me as I avoid phone calls like the plague!

GoDaddy Live Chat Support
Once it’s gone… it’s gone!
Now, start your chat to get connected with a representative. It only took a few minutes for me to be connected with a real person. GoDaddy’s support is second to none. Make sure you are certain you won’t want to return to GoDaddy Website Builder before you delete it because it is truly gone once you cancel it. Type into the chat that you would like to cancel your account.

GoDaddy Live Chat Support Links
Customer service experiences can be painful – but this one wasn’t bad.
Your customer support representative will ask you some questions to make sure you want to cancel your account, not just your website. They will ask for your PIN and customer number. You can find these in your account section.

The rep will send you a secure form link. Click on the Secure Form: PIN and Customer Number. This link will take you to the form where you will enter the information into secure fields, similar to entering a password.

GoDaddy Account Deletion Email
Looks familiar, but it’s a little different than the one before.
The customer support rep will send you an email that looks like this. This part is essentially the same as the process for deleting your subscriptions and websites. Click the “Yes, I Want to Delete!” button and you’ll be redirected back to the site.

Back at the site, you will get this popup of the final confirmation that you want to delete your account.

GoDaddy account deletion page
This is your last chance to change your mind!
If you are sure that you are sure, click the big red Delete product button.

Your customer support rep will ask you questions along the way, making sure you’ve completed each step, and that you understand. They’re really quite helpful.

GoDaddy contact preferences
You thought you were done, but there’s more!
The customer service representative will send you a link that just takes you back to your account. Under account settings, select Contact Preferences.

In Contact Preferences scroll down to the Account section.

GoDaddy edit account settings
This part is a bit repetitive.
“Account” is where you want to make changes, so click “Edit”.

Now it’ll explain what will happen and ask you to confirm that you understand you cannot undo the changes you’re making.

GoDaddy confirm close accoun
Are you sure you’re sure?
Yes, they really do ask you this many times if you actually want to delete your account. Click the box under “Confirm”, then click the “Close Account” button.

If you did not delete all of your products before this step you’ll get this popup.

GoDaddy delete products reminder
Oops! Did you delete all your products?
If you encounter this popup, it indicates that you have not successfully deleted all of your products. To proceed with canceling your account, please revisit the steps outlined above to ensure the deletion of all your products. After completing this process, return to this page. Once you have done so, your customer service representative will confirm that your account has been scheduled for deletion. Please note that it will not disappear instantly.

There you have it! Now you have successfully canceled your GoDaddy account!

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Every Step Matters, Even This Last One

Now that you’ve followed every one of the steps and gotten every refund you are eligible for, what’s next? Well, you’ll want to build a new website with a website builder that’s a better fit for you. Since you know that GoDaddy’s website builder wasn’t right for your needs, how will you find what is right? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, Jack! Check out our list of the best website builders in 2024 to learn what will be the best fit for the specific needs of your website.


How do I get a refund from GoDaddy Web Builder?

To get a refund for a new account you must cancel the account the same day you opened it. If it is a renewal for multiple years, you can get a refund within five days. If it is a renewal and you set your account to pay annually, you have 30 days to cancel and receive a refund. Be sure to read the Refund section and follow the steps to see if you are eligible for a refund. If you are not able to get a refund, check out our coupon page to help offset the cost.

Is GoDaddy Website Builder the best option for me?

GoDaddy is a great option for folks who want an easy-to-build, and easy-to-use website builder. With their professional design and unique style, there’s something for everyone. Be sure to upgrade to the e-commerce plan if you will be selling anything on your site. Want more info about GoDaddy Website Builder? Read our expert review. You can also check out our list of the top website builders in 2024 to find the best option for you.

Is it Different to cancel a paid vs a free account?

Yes! If you are canceling a paid subscription you must follow the steps I laid out in their exact order and be within a certain timeframe to get a refund. If you are canceling a free subscription, you can skip the entire “Refund” section of steps. The process is otherwise identical.

Can I get my GoDaddy Web Builder account back again?

You cannot get your content or account back once you’ve deleted it. Be certain that you will not want to access it again before you delete it. You can, however, always set up a new account1 if you decide to go back to GoDaddy.

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