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6 Best Website Builders for Podcasts [Updated for 2024]

Alexander Banerjee Alexander BanerjeeWebsite Development Expert February 19, 2024
February 19, 2024
Podcasts are so popular these days that you really need a website to help it stand out. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong builder, your podcast may not get a chance to shine.

There are podcast hosting services with website builders, but these generally only make basic websites. And among general-purpose website builders, only a few offer the features that podcasters need. You want a website that looks professional, so sponsors take you seriously. You also need donation buttons, so people can support your show, and proper marketing tools to ensure more people can find your content.

Having recently helped a friend set up a website for their own podcast, I tested leading website builders to see which ones have the most useful features. While I found six great options, Wix emerged as the top choice: it’s beginner-friendly, yet has a massive feature set with many tools to help promote your podcast. Nearly all those features are available on Wix’s free plan, so you can test it thoroughly for yourself first.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Website Builders for Podcasts in 2024

  1. Wix – An intuitive, all-in-one solution for promoting your podcast.
  2. SITE123 – The fastest way to build your podcast website.
  3. Squarespace – Best-designed templates, plus built-in podcast settings.

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What We Look For in the Best Website Builders for Podcasts

I evaluated the website builders on this list by a common set of criteria. Aside from the ease of use and price, I took into account the following:
  • Well-designed templates. Attractive templates help you make a good impression on potential listeners and sponsors. They also make the process of building a site much easier. Every builder on my list has visually appealing templates that can benefit podcasts.
  • Media embedding. It’s essential to display audio or video on your site so visitors can at least listen to clips of your podcast. The builders I selected seamlessly integrate audio or video files, and most can do both.
  • Storage and bandwidth. I looked for builders that provide ample storage and bandwidth. This ensures your website can handle a large volume of media files without performance issues.
  • Monetization tools. The ability to monetize your podcast directly from your website is a game-changer. All the builders I listed let you accept donations, sell access to premium content, or both.
  • SEO and marketing tools. Effective SEO and marketing tools are indispensable for growing your podcast’s reach. The builders I chose all come equipped with robust SEO and marketing tools to help increase your visibility and audience engagement.

Wix's template library
Hover over or click the image to see how well Wix’s templates fit different podcast genres
Wix offers 10 templates designed just for podcasts, including genres like food, true crime, sports, and more. Many of the music-focused templates also have features useful for podcasts, like embedded audio clips. Alternatively, you can use Wix ADI, an AI builder, to create a site with the features you need. Enter your podcast details like name or a logo, pick a theme you like and the AI will generate a site within seconds.

Whether you choose a predesigned template or use AI, Wix lets you customize almost everything about your site with an efficient drag-and-drop editor. For more advanced podcast-related features, you can install Wix Podcast Player, available for free on the vast Wix App Market. With this extension, you can stream podcasts, design how episode pages look, and sync episodes from common platforms, like Spotify.

Wix’s free plan is strong because it includes almost all features, but it comes with Wix branding and a subdomain. For a more professional look, Wix’s Light plan is a great choice. Aside from offering a custom domain and removing Wix’s branding, it offers 2GB of storage and lets you upload 30 minutes of video.

wix logo alt 2

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  • Marketing suite. Wix offers many useful marketing features, such as its tool for creating graphics for social media promotion. The landing page builder is also handy if you want to go beyond a regular website homepage to get new subscribers.
  • Monetization tools. From the Core plan onward, you can sell subscriptions to exclusive episodes or even sell tickets to live recordings. Aside from simply generating revenue, this helps create a sense of exclusivity for your dedicated listeners. You can also add donation buttons.
  • Wix Video. If you record video for your podcast, you can use Wix Video to showcase episode clips. Using video clips can be a great way to add eye-catching visuals while also featuring your podcast’s best audio.
  • SEO Toolset. Wix provides site-wide and page-level SEO assistants, which suggest improvements and identify potential issues. Additionally, Wix’s analytics offer valuable insight into your site’s performance.
Read our expert Wix review for more details.

Number of podcast templates 10
Able to play audio, video?
Free plan?
Starting Price $16.00

SITE123's template library
SITE123’s templates for music would be a great option for touring podcasters
Thanks to its simple, three-step process, SITE123 is the most efficient website builder on my list. You start by specifying your website type, then choose a language and a template. Although SITE123 doesn’t have podcast-oriented templates, all templates can be easily adapted to meet your needs. There are also several music-related templates with designs that could benefit podcasts. These templates are responsive, ensuring your website looks great on any device.

SITE123 lets you upload both video and audio, and you can even integrate with major music platforms – most of which also host podcasts. This means it’s pretty easy to incorporate audio snippets or video content into your site. There are some limits on the file sizes you can upload, depending on which plan you are on, but this shouldn’t matter for a typical podcast episode. Plus, you can embed content instead of uploading it.

Finally, SITE123 offers a free plan with access to most features but much like Wix, it includes the company’s branding and a subdomain. If you’re looking for more, SITE123’s Premium plan is solid. It provides 3GB of storage, removes ads, and allows for the use of a custom domain, adding a more professional touch to your podcast website​.

site123 logo alt 2

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  • Donation forms. SITE123 allows you to set up donation pages on your website. You can not only receive donations but also display crowdfunding goals, so listeners are encouraged to support your fundraising efforts.
  • E-commerce tools. You can sell digital products, such as premium episode downloads. Additionally, you can sell tickets to events, like live podcast shows or streams, directly from your site.
  • App Market. While SITE123’s app market isn’t as extensive as Wix’s, it still offers useful tools to enhance your website’s functionality. Notable apps for podcasters include Cincopa and Huzzaz, which let you embed podcasts and YouTube videos.
  • Multilingual sites. With a premium plan, SITE123 can automatically translate your site into different languages. This feature is beneficial for podcasts with multilingual content, or content targeting a diverse audience.
Check out our SITE123 review for more info.

Number of podcast templates None, but 6 music templates
Able to play audio, video?
Free plan?
Starting Price $12.80

Squarespace's template library
Squarespace’s polished templates are good for podcasts with a more professional focus
Squarespace has several sleek templates made for podcasters and livestreamers, but many of its other templates can support podcasts of all niches. Editing templates is intuitive and you can definitely personalize things – even the spacing of your page layout (something simple builders don’t offer). I found that this flexibility is a middle ground between Wix and SITE123. You can’t change everything, but that’s okay since Squarespace’s templates require few changes.

Squarespace is equipped with useful podcast-related features: the built-in RSS feed can sync your podcast to major platforms like Apple Podcasts. Additionally, your site’s feed can display up to 300 recent episodes. One minor downside is that there’s a file limit of 160MB per episode.

Squarespace doesn’t offer a free plan and its paid plans might seem costly at first. But built-in podcast features make any Squarespace plan worth it. Plus, every plan will let you use sleek templates that present a strong image to potential sponsors. However, I’d recommend the Business plan for podcasters trying to monetize their content, as its strong e-commerce features can help jump-start your efforts.

squarespace logo alt 2 1 1

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  • Podcast analytics. Squarespace’s analytics include data on your RSS feed, which is great if you’re using the built-in RSS to manage your podcast. You can see your subscriber count and traffic even from other platforms like Apple Podcasts.
  • Video storage. While Squarespace’s podcast features don’t support video podcasts, you can still upload videos to your site manually. It’s a great way to make your site even more dynamic to potential listeners.
  • Squarespace Unfold. Unfold is a mobile app that helps create engaging social media content. It’s a mobile-centric approach to marketing – useful for grabbing attention on the platforms your listeners use.
  • Sell digital products. You can sell digital products, including subscriptions, on any plan, though the entry-level package would need a paid add-on for this. To offer advanced membership features, like an exclusive subscriber-only page, you can also buy the Memberships add-on.
Learn more by reading our in-depth Squarespace review.

Number of podcast templates 2 for podcasts, 2 for livestreamers
Able to play audio, video?
Free plan?
Starting Price $16.00

Podcastpage's true crime podcast template
Podcastpage’s templates look great, but I really love the unique audio players
Now, I wouldn’t usually recommend a dedicated podcast web builder, but Podcastpage is an exception to the rule as it’s a strong enough builder in its own right. Podcastpage’s 9 templates all have essential podcasting features, like episode displays and ‘subscribe’ buttons, already built in. The templates have a similar structure, but are very stylish and fit different niches. I found Podcastpage’s interface to be a bit easier compared to Wix or Squarespace, but this simplicity does translate to fewer customization options.

Unsurprisingly, Podcastpage offers a range of powerful podcast-centric tools, such as the ability to automatically import your YouTube content, show chapter markers in episode timestamps, or show related episodes. I really liked the ‘sticky’ audio player, which keeps an audio player present even when site visitors scroll through your page – good for getting people to listen and keeping the listening experience uninterrupted.

Podcastpage doesn’t have a free tier, but the entry-level plan is relatively affordable. This makes it a viable option if you’re interested in a dedicated, branded platform that hosts your podcast.


  • Custom audio players. Podcastpage gives you the unique ability to customize your site’s audio player. Having an audio player that matches your brand is a small detail but makes your podcast site more memorable.
  • Individual episode pages. Each of your podcast episodes will get a dedicated page and URL. This lets you edit the metadata for each episode page, something that helps your visibility in search engine results.
  • Podcast reviews. If your podcast is available on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser, you can import the reviews and display them on your site. Plus, visitors can always leave new reviews directly on your site.
  • Monetization. Podcastpage doesn’t offer its own e-commerce or donation features, but it makes it easy for you to embed third-party e-commerce or donation platforms.
See our Podcastpage review to learn more.

Number of podcast templates 9
Able to play audio, video?
Free plan?
Starting Price $18.00

5. Webador: Easiest Website Builder for Podcasts

Webador music site example
This site made with a Webador music template could easily benefit a podcaster
I’ve found that Webador is probably the easiest-to-use website builder thanks to its clutter-free interface. Webador lacks podcast-specific templates, but the templates are versatile and can be tweaked to support all types of podcasts. However, Webador’s simplicity comes with a trade-off in customization options – for instance, I found that it’s hard to customize the website header.

Webador offers decent media-sharing features, including an audio player and HD video player. However, these media players are available only on the higher-tiered paid plans. Webador also provides a few handy SEO tools, including Google Search Console and Google Analytics, which are crucial for improving your podcast’s online visibility.

Webador has a free plan that’s good for testing things out. Plus, Webador’s paid plans are relatively affordable, and are worth considering if your priorities are simplicity and price. For podcasters, I recommend the Pro plan. Even though it’s the second paid tier, it costs less than other builder’s entry-level plans while still having media and business features.


  • Unlimited storage. Unlike other website builders, Webador grants unlimited storage and bandwidth to all of its plans. You can display as many audio or video files as you want.
  • Free stock photos. If you want to display podcast episodes but lack the resources to make each image unique, Webador has over 100,000 royalty-free images you can use.
  • E-commerce. Webador’s store tools, while basic, are easy to use and don’t take a commission from your sales. You’ll need to use the highest-paid tier to sell unlimited products, though.
  • Password protection. With the Business or Pro plans, you can make pages on your site accessible only to those with passwords. It’s a handy tool if you want to make separate pages just for premium podcast subscribers.
Get more insight from our Webador review.

Number of podcast templates None
Able to play audio, video?
Free plan?
Starting Price $4.00

6. IONOS: Solid Features for Podcasters on a Tight Budget

IONOS' AI-generated podcast template
IONOS’ AI generated this template with only a small amount of prompting from me
IONOS might not offer templates specifically for podcasts, but its AI website builder compensates effectively. The podcast template it made for me was a bit bare but had nice features, like a five-star rating symbol, and I was easily able to give it some flair. IONOS favors simplicity with its point-and-click editor, which makes it very beginner-friendly. However, customization is limited; for instance, there are not many font options.

IONOS doesn’t let you upload audio files, but it has several layouts for embedding YouTube videos. There’s a limited number of widgets you can add to your site, but the store builder is surprisingly robust. Features like light inventory management, tax and shipping settings, and integration with platforms like Facebook and Amazon make it a powerful tool for those looking to sell podcast merchandise.

IONOS plans typically go for a higher rate after the initial subscription period, with the overall price still being low. IONOS is unique in that all plans can have e-commerce tools if you add it on, so you can get an affordable price for a strong suite of e-commerce features. Overall, IONOS is a good option if you’re just starting out and want a low-cost solution for getting your podcast’s brand out there.


  • Generous storage. The entry-level Starter plan alone gets 10GB of storage, and the two higher tiers get 50GB and unlimited storage, respectively. It’s enough to display plenty of videos.
  • AI Text Generator. The Plus and Pro plans not only have an AI text generator and editor, but an SEO text generator for page titles and meta descriptions. This makes optimizing your podcast site for search engines a lot easier.
  • AI Image Generator. The AI Image Generator should make it easy for you to add unique images throughout your site that fit your podcast’s brand. It could even be useful for making podcast episode thumbnails.
  • Testimonials. There are several different types of testimonial layouts available. It’s a great feature for highlighting your podcast’s best reviews.
Read our IONOS review to find out more.

Number of podcast templates None, but the AI builder can make one
Able to play audio, video? Video only
Free plan?
Starting Price $6.00

Picking The Best Website Builder For Your Podcast

All of the website builders I have listed here will enable you to create a site with rich functionality. This includes playing episodes, selling premium content, accepting donations, and marketing your podcast. However, your choice should reflect your specific needs.

Overall, Wix is my top recommendation for podcast websites. Not only does it have a strong selection of podcast templates, it offers nearly every feature a podcast needs in one place. This way, you won’t need to use multiple services to promote your podcast.

If you’re in a hurry to get the word out, SITE123 is best for podcasts that need a website quickly. Its simple user-friendly interface keeps things speedy, and it also has enough functionality to work as a long-term option.

Squarespace is great if you to create a professional site that’ll help you grow your following. Thanks to its social media integrations and built-in RSS feed, you can sync your podcast to the major platforms with ease.

Check out the comparison table below if you need more help picking the right builder.

Free Plan Best Feature Best For Starting Price
Wix All-in-one platform All podcasters $16.00
SITE123 Fast website set-up Podcasters who need to start promoting quickly $12.80
Squarespace Professional templates Podcasters seeking sponsors/advertisers $16.00
Podcastpage Audio player Those trying to host an entire podcast on their site $18.00
Webador Ease of use Beginners $4.00
IONOS Affordable business tools Startup podcasts trying to raise funds quickly $6.00


What is the best website builder for podcasts?

While it depends on your unique needs, Wix is the top overall builder for podcasts. It offers podcast-specific templates, tons of customization options, easy audio integration, and various marketing and SEO features – all in one place.

Can I build a website for my podcast for free?

Yes, several website builders offer free plans. It’s good to be mindful of the limitations, though: free plans don’t let you use a custom domain, which looks unprofessional, and often limit storage and customization options. If you’re just starting out, try Wix or SITE123’s free plan – both include most of the paid features.

What does RSS have to do with promoting podcasts?

By subscribing to a podcast’s RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed, listeners receive updates and new episodes automatically. Popular platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts use RSS to get a show’s latest episodes. Some website builders support RSS – for example, Squarespace has RSS functionality built-in. This simplifies the process of distributing your podcast and aids in audience growth.

How can a website help monetize my podcast?

There are actually multiple ways. First, your site opens avenues for securing sponsors or advertisers. Second, you can sell stuff – usually, podcasters sell subscriber-only episodes, but you could also sell physical merchandise. Third, you can accept donations. Check out our guide to building a website in 2024 for some insight on monetization tools.

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