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10 Best Namecheap Alternatives for Better Hosting in 2024

Lillian Fitzmaurice MacLean Lillian Fitzmaurice MacLeanWeb Hosting Expert April 08, 2024
April 08, 2024
Namecheap is an attractive hosting option because of its affordability but after a while, you’ll find its limited features and average performance can be underwhelming. Not to mention that Namecheap isn’t as affordable as you’d think since many non-negotiable security features aren’t included or they’re offered for a limited time.

As an experienced business owner, I understand how crucial it is to have flexible yet powerful hosting solutions. Whether you need better resources, consistent uptime, or strong security features to keep your visitors coming back for more, it’s important to choose the right host. Therefore, I tested the best Namecheap alternatives with competitive rates and ranked them based on their offerings.

You’ll notice each host on my list fulfills specific needs, but Hostinger is a well-rounded option thanks to its affordability, generous resources, and premium server software. You can test Hostinger with its 30-day money-back guarantee, but if you’re still unsure, feel free to check out the other options on my list.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Alternatives to Namecheap in 2024

  1. Expert’s Choice
    hostinger-logo Hostinger
    Hostinger is a popular choice with our readers
    Best Namecheap alternative with affordable premium hosting and outstanding loading speeds.
  2. ionos_logo_2023 IONOS Budget-friendly plans with first-rate security and geo-redundant infrastructure.
  3. InterServer-logo InterServer Unlimited hosting resources for worry-free scaling under one inexpensive plan.

What We Look For in the Best Namecheap Alternatives

Where Namecheap falls short, the alternatives on my list pick up the slack – and some even exceed Namecheap’s best-selling points. I considered the following when choosing the best competitors.
  • Guaranteed website security. Unlike Namecheap, where you’ll get a free SSL certificate for your first year only, you’ll get a free SSL certificate for the lifetime of your hosting with most of the services on my list. You also won’t pay extra for important security features like malware scans or DDoS protection. Some of my top picks will also restore your website for free.
  • Value for your money. Namecheap’s prices look great at a glance, but its renewal rates are often twice as much as your introductory fee. Don’t even get me started on “optional” add-ons, which is why the platforms I’ve chosen offer much better value for your money.
  • Multiple support channels. One of Namecheap’s biggest strengths is its ease of use but how good can it be if it lacks accessible customer support? The hosts on my list don’t require extensive tech knowledge and have premium customer support.
  • Worldwide coverage. If you want the fastest loading speeds for your visitors, you should choose a server location that’s as close to your audience as possible. Most of the web hosts on my list have more data centers with strategic global locations, so you can take your site’s performance to the next level.
  • Useful performance tools. Namecheap is lackluster when it comes to providing any unique tools that improve your site’s performance. I carefully selected options with optimized WordPress plugins or proprietary caching solutions to make your hosting experience worthwhile.

Graphic of Hostinger's security features
Hostinger’s shared hosting plans include premium security features at no additional cost
Hostinger is one of the best hosting services for most small to medium websites and here’s why: even on the entry-level plan, you get unlimited free SSL certificates, managed WordPress, and a choice of 9 data center locations around the world. And let’s not forget about those incredibly low prices that make Hostinger a great deal.

When it comes to performance, Hostinger’s LiteSpeed web servers, global data center infrastructure, and NVMe SSD storage make it the best choice. Not to mention its in-house content delivery network (CDN), available on the Business and Cloud Startup plans, can boost your site’s loading speeds by up to 40%.

Let’s talk about plans. Hostinger’s cheapest plan starts at $2.99 per month and offers much more in terms of resources and freebies than Namecheap’s starter plan. With Hostinger, you’ll get 100 GB SSD storage, up to 100 email addresses, a free domain name for a year, unlimited databases, and weekly backups. You can also host up to 100 websites and take advantage of WordPress Multisite to manage multiple WordPress sites under one installation.


  • Premium caching. Unlike Namecheap’s basic Apache setup, Hostinger’s LiteSpeed server comes with pre-configured caching, even on the basic plan. By comparison, Namecheap’s xCache is only available on its most expensive shared plan.
  • Managed WordPress. Hostinger offers managed WordPress features for all its plans. You’ll have access to automatic core and plugin updates, LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress for site acceleration, and WordPress-specific security tools.
  • Proprietary control panel. With its streamlined look and overall functionality, Hostinger’s proprietary control panel (hPanel) makes it easier to manage your hosting account and website.
  • Secure domains. If you want to avoid the hassle of registering a domain with one company and hosting your website with another, you can do both with Hostinger. Moreover, Cloudflare technology protects all nameservers hosted by the platform.
For more features, read our expert Hostinger review.

Free site migration
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Starting price $2.99

Graphic of IONOS' shared web hosting homepage
IONOS offers affordability without skipping on powerful security and performance features
One of the greatest drawbacks to Namecheap is that you have to pay extra to keep your site secure. Alternatively, IONOS has accessible plans that include must-have security features like daily backups, a free Wildcard SSL, and Cloudflare CDN. In addition, IONOS uses proprietary server-shield technology as part of its defense against DDoS attacks.

IONOS is incredibly generous with its resources yet its Plus plan starts at only $1.00, which is still cheaper than Namecheap’s most basic option. Despite its competitive rate, you get access to unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unlimited databases, enhanced CPU/MEM resources, a free domain for 1 year, and a professional email.

With IONOS, you also benefit from speedy loading times with its innovative dual-platform technology. Your web servers and storage are on the same platform for peak efficiency. This architecture allows you to swiftly adapt resources such as RAM as your site’s needs increase.


  • Geo-redundant infrastructure. IONOS’ geo-redundant infrastructure allows critical components of your website to be mirrored between two data centers. This ensures that if one location experiences a failure or outage, the system can automatically switch to the other without causing downtime or data loss.
  • SiteScan software. Included in every plan, this software analyzes and monitors your site for security vulnerabilities and performance issues. It scans your website’s code, files, and configuration settings to identify weaknesses hackers could exploit, as well as issues that may impact performance.
  • Personal support consultant. Every IONOS plan includes your own personal consultant accessible during standard business hours via phone, email, or chat. Your consultant can help you resolve any performance issues and is available for continuous support.
  • Mobile admin app. The IONOS mobile app is a convenient way to manage your site from anywhere. You have the flexibility to manage your account details, register domains, keep track of your site’s performance, and connect with your personal consultant. You’ll even have access to its in-house web builder to make any on-the-go website updates.
Explore our expert take on IONOS for more details.

Free site migration
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Starting price $1.00

Graphic of InterServer's homepage
InterServer’s resources are truly unlimited and guaranteed thanks to its stand-by server capacity
InterServer is the no-brainer choice if you’d like to host a sizable e-commerce store or a network of small sites. InterServer guarantees room for your site’s scalability with its unlimited SSD storage, unlimited data transfer, and 50% server capacity limit. While Namecheap offers unmetered resources with its more expensive plans, you won’t ever face the risk of account constraints with InterServer.

What’s nice about InterServer’s hosting is that you don’t have to compromise on features for the sake of cost. There’s only one very affordable shared hosting plan available that grants you unlimited resources, a robust security suite developed in-house, and a free Cloudflare CDN.

The downside with InterServer is that you’ll have to pay a small, one-time fee for a domain name. Although Namecheap includes a free domain name, popular top-level domains (TLDs) like .com, .net, or .biz aren’t eligible, which is an issue if you want to establish your site’s credibility.


  • Redundant SSD storage. InterServer uses a RAID-10 SSD array. This means that multiple drives will house your files so your data is safe even if one of the SSD drives fails.
  • Comprehensive security. The host has a security suite in place that includes a malware database, machine learning firewall, traffic analyzer, and virus scanner. What more could you ask for?
  • Progressive infrastructure. Like Hostinger, InterServer relies on the LiteSpeed web server, as well as a multi-layered caching system to ensure your website loads really fast.
  • Free website cleanup. Whether you’re a new customer or an existing one, InterServer’s team will clean up a malware-ridden website completely free of charge.
See our in-depth InterServer review for more information.

Free site migration
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Starting price $2.50

Graphic of Kinsta's homepage
Kinsta’s top-tier infrastructure and Cloudflare-powered CDN service make for unbeatable WordPress speeds
Namecheap’s managed WordPress plans pale in comparison to Kinsta’s services. For starters, Kinsta has the clear advantage as its servers reside on the Google Cloud Platform, which offers some of the fastest CPU servers. Kinsta also gets an extra performance boost from Google’s Premium Tier network. And let’s not forget its Cloudflare-powered CDN, with 260+ worldwide points of presence (POPs) that guarantee unparalleled loading speeds.

You also get access to invaluable tools like its proprietary Edge Caching and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) to assess your site’s PHP performance. You can also choose to host your site on Google’s C2 machines in over 36 data centers (or C3D machines across 6 data centers), whereas Namecheap only has three options.

As you might have expected, Kinsta’s main drawback is pricing. Even its cheapest plan is quite expensive and you don’t get access to a free domain. Still, if you don’t want the hassle of managing your WordPress backend or want a secure host that knows what it’s doing, Kinsta is a good option.


  • Impressive security. Kinsta’s enterprise-level firewall and DDoS protection leverages IP-based protection to safeguard your online presence, ensuring that your website remains accessible and secure for users. This not only protects your site from potential downtime and data breaches but also contributes to maintaining user trust.
  • Stellar support. Unlike most regular hosts, Kinsta’s reps are fully trained in all things WordPress and will help you solve most problems, including troubleshooting server and plugin issues. The team boasts a near-perfect solve rate.
  • Free Wildcard SSL support. This feature allows you to effortlessly safeguard your main domain and an unlimited number of subdomains under it. With Wildcard SSL, you achieve comprehensive encryption across your entire digital footprint with a single certificate, eliminating the need for separate SSL certificates for each subdomain.
  • Great add-ons. Kinsta has a handful of powerful add-ons, including automatic hourly backups. You can also get the option of performance-enhancing features like Redis and NGINX Reverse Proxy.
Read our full Kinsta review for performance results.

Free site migration
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Starting price $30.00

5. FastComet: Best Namecheap Alternative for Vast Global Reach

Graphic of FastComet's connectivity network
FastComet’s distribution of global data centers make it possible to expand your scope without hefty rates
Unlike Namecheap, which only has data centers in the US, the UK, and the Netherlands, FastComet has 12 strategically located data centers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Its Asia-based centers in Singapore, Tokyo, and Mumbai are especially unique since they enable you to connect to hard-to-reach audiences while maintaining impressive speeds.

Additionally, its Extra plan starts at $1.79 and includes unlimited sites, free SSL, unlimited databases, unlimited emails, and free Cloudflare CDN integration support. But regardless of the plan you choose, your site stays protected with FastComet’s Imunify360 solution.

Keep in mind that FastComet’s plans offer a max of 40 GB NVMe storage, which seems limited compared to Hostinger’s allowance of 200 GB. However, for most business websites, 40 GB of storage is more than enough. All in all, FastComet is a good hosting solution if you want to keep costs low without compromising on quality.


  • Premium infrastructure. FastComet’s LiteSpeed web servers provide speeds that are consistently faster than NGINX and Apache. And for impeccable WordPress performance, you can leverage its LiteSpeed cache plugin for an all-in-one solution.
  • Free backups. FastComet’s plans include up to 30 daily offsite backups, ensuring that your website data is comprehensively protected. You even get both full and incremental restore options, giving you the flexibility to revert to a specific point in time or recover only the changes made since the last full backup.
  • Solid support. FastComet has a comprehensive 24/7 support team available over live chat, phone, or ticket. In addition to free technical services from its experts, you’ll also get access to complimentary WordPress and open-source assistance with every plan.
  • Premium SSL. Regardless of the plan you choose, you get a free standard or wildcard Let’s Encrypt certificate that automatically renews without additional costs. To make it even more convenient, you can install FastComet’s certificates with one click and they come with full ACME v2 support for automatic renewals.
To learn more about its plans, read our FastComet review.

Free site migration
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Money-back guarantee 45 days
Starting price $1.79

6. InMotion Hosting: Best Namecheap Alternative for Fast Speeds and Free Perks

Graphic of InMotion Hosting shared hosting features
InMotion Hosting’s plans offer the perfect blend of advanced features and user-friendly tools
InMotion Hosting is a reliable hosting solution with an array of attractive free premiums. Its Power plan starts at $2.99 and offers a free domain, unlimited sites, unlimited NVMe storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited emails. But even if you opt for a cheaper plan, you get a full security suite with free SSL, hack, malware, and DDoS protection, automatic backups, and Monarx security.

When it comes to speed, InMotion Hosting has a better caching system than Namecheap. While the latter relies on a fairly straightforward Apache setup, InMotion Hosting has a proprietary solution called UltraStack. Between NGINX caching, PHP handling, and advanced website compression, InMotion Hosting’s setup will definitely offer better website performance.

Be aware that InMotion Hosting doesn’t include a free CDN service, which may feel like a bit of a deal-breaker. That said, it’s still possible to set up a third-party Cloudflare CDN in just a few steps. Its data centers in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Amsterdam will be more than sufficient if you’re targeting visitors in these zones.


  • Drag-and-drop builder. InMotion Hosting’s intuitive site builder can get your site set up in no time, all without any coding or design experience. If you’re a first-time site owner, you can skip the additional fees and still build a professional site.
  • E-commerce ready. With its Power and Pro plans, you get access to a fully optimized environment for platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce.
  • Free ad credits. All InMotion Hosting shared hosting plans include $150 in advertising credits to get your website’s name out there.
  • No downtime transfers. InMotion Hosting’s tech squad will transfer your website for you with zero downtime.
For more features, take a look at our InMotion Hosting review.

Free site migration
Uptime guarantee 99.99%
Money-back guarantee 90 days
Starting price $2.99

Other Notable Namecheap Alternatives

7. SiteGround

Graphic of SiteGround's site tools
SiteGround makes site management hassle-free with its intuitive client interface
If you’re a small business owner with a limited budget but still want a premium hands-off approach, SiteGround is worth a try. Even its most basic plan, which starts at $2.99, comes equipped with unmetered traffic, unlimited databases, a free domain, free SSL, daily backups, and free CDN.

Unfortunately, if you want premium features like advanced priority support and private domain nameserver (DNS), you’ll have to pay a little extra for SiteGround’s GoGeek plan. But if you’re not keen on spending more, rest assured that each SiteGround plan comes fully equipped with web hosting essentials like managed WordPress, a domain management service, and a beginner-friendly client area.

8. HostArmada

Graphic of HostArmada's data center locations
HostArmada has an impressive selection of data centers, all in key global locations
For fast, secure, and stable cloud hosting, you really can’t go wrong with HostArmada as your provider. Each plan includes free SSL, free site transfers, unlimited databases, and daily backups. However, for a negligible price difference, you may as well opt for its Speed Reaper plan since you also get a LiteSpeed server, 3 times more RAM, fewer clients per server, HTTP/3, and dynamic caching features.

The security features are also worthwhile, with must-haves like malware protection and account isolation. What’s not so great is that there’s a bandwidth allowance, with 90 GB being the acceptable usage amount for the Speed Reaper plan. The redeeming factor is that there’s no automatic billing or imposed limitations in case you happen to go over.

9. GreenGeeks

Graphic of GreenGeek's Hosting features
GreenGeeks places an emphasis on speed, scalability, and security for all its plans
Although Namecheap’s support wasn’t bad (trust me, I’ve seen worse), there’s no comparison to GreenGeeks’ support. Agents respond to live chats immediately and they offer comprehensive answers to each and every question you might have. You also can’t go wrong with its 300% energy match if you’re after an environmentally conscious option.

Like Hostinger, GreenGeeks offers managed WordPress plans with daily backups, free SSL, domain name for one year, and CDN integration. But while its plans aren’t outrageously priced, you don’t get anything exciting like premium security and performance add-ons. Unlimited web space and unmetered transfers aren’t anything to complain about, but they should be the bare minimum of what you’d expect from a good host.

10. A2 Hosting

Graphic of A2 hosting features
A2 Hosting’s Turbo servers are optimized and have NVMe SSD storage
Namecheap’s upgrades are expensive and offer little value, whereas A2 Hosting’s Turbo plans are great for growing websites that need more room without committing to a major upgrade. They also come with a lot of valuable features. Most shared plans include unlimited storage, unlimited transfers, website staging, free automatic backups, and advanced security.

A2 Hosting’s support can be hit-or-miss. During our tests, the live chat support was a far cry from the “guru” help it advertises. Overall, the representatives were more confusing than supportive. Thankfully, A2 Hosting’s ticketing system proved to be far more helpful than its live chat.

Namecheap Needs to Step Up Its Game to Compete With These Alternatives

Namecheap may be a popular web host, but it falls short of its competitors for overall value. Its data center infrastructure is underwhelming, and its cost-effectiveness seems like a facade with unreasonable add-ons and high renewal fees. But don’t despair – many affordable choices surpass Namecheap’s offerings anyway.

When it comes to impressive speeds for a reasonable cost, Hostinger is the best overall Namecheap alternative. With its LiteSpeed servers, NVMe storage, and unlimited free SSLs, you get everything you need and more.

For top-of-the-line security features that won’t break the bank, consider IONOS. IONOS keeps your site secure with its proprietary technology and despite its affordability, its plans don’t skimp out on powerful resources.

But in case you’d like the safety net of unlimited resources with no looming overage fees, InterServer is a great choice for scalable hosting.

Take a look at my summary table for a quick recap of my top Namecheap alternatives.
Standout Features Storage

Free Domain Starting

Hostinger The best value for shared hosting with high-performance servers and low-cost plans 100 GB – 200 GB $2.99
IONOS Proprietary security suite at an affordable price 10 GB – unlimited $1.00
InterServer Budget hosting with unlimited resources and plenty of room to grow Unlimited $2.50
Kinsta Premium managed hosting with outstanding support and features for WordPress 10GB – 100+ GB $30.00
FastComet Impressive data center distribution in Asia 10GB – 40GB $1.79
InMotion Hosting Plans loaded with free features like ad credits 100 GB – unlimited (Launch plan and above) $2.99


​Which is the best Namecheap alternative?

It depends on what you’re after. Hostinger offers the best overall value with its affordable plans, LiteSpeed servers, and managed WordPress service. Alternatively, IONOS’ in-house security solutions are best if you want to project your site without the high fees. These two options include free SSL certificates, high storage amounts, and premium support in all their plans.

Are there free alternatives to Namecheap?

Yes, but they come with significant limitations. You’ll have to deal with limited storage, restrictive bandwidth caps, slow speeds, and annoying ads on your site. If you want a productive site but have a tight budget, InterServer has affordable plans with unlimited resources. You can grow your site without being limited by your host’s capabilities and avoid paying outrageous fees.

Why is Namecheap so cheap?

Namecheap can maintain its low rates because of its basic feature set. There are no advanced free security features like DDoS protection and its data center infrastructure is very limited. For almost the same price, you’re better off with Hostinger’s worldwide data centers, premium server technology, and proprietary control panel that Namecheap simply can’t compete with.

What are the disadvantages of Namecheap?

Namecheap’s disadvantages include its limited global reach, costly security add-ons, and a lack of essential features. When you consider these drawbacks, its affordable plans aren’t so attractive. There are better hosting options like Hostinger, IONOS, and InterServer with generous resources, useful features, and affordable plans.

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