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6 Best Credit Card Processing for Large Transactions in 2024

Ivana Shteriova Ivana ShteriovaFinance Specialist May 31, 2024
May 31, 2024
Transaction fees can significantly drain businesses that process many transactions or high-value transactions. Suppose you’re selling high-ticket items, processing a high volume of transactions, or taking lump-sum payments. In that case, it’s crucial to select a processor that offers robust services and aligns economically with your processing volume.

I considered factors such as low transaction fees and advanced security features to find the best credit card processor for large transactions. I also focused on processors with solid support for in-person and online payments. Among the services analyzed, Paysafe stood out as a superior choice for businesses managing large transactions.

It offers low transaction fees for all card types, international processing support, and tools for subscription-based businesses. You’ll also access 250+ payment methods and an extensive API to customize the payment experience. Check out Paysafe or keep reading to explore other reliable recommendations for high-ticket/high-volume transaction processing.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Credit Card Processors for Large Transactions in 2024

  1. Paysafe1 – Low fees, 250+ payment methods, and support for international sales.
  2. Stax1 – A subscription-based pricing model with low, flat transaction fees.
  3. Leaders Merchant Services1 – Plans customized to your needs, focusing on low interchange-plus fees.

See 3 More Great Options | Comparison Table

What We Look For in the Best Credit Card Processing for Large Transactions

Assessing credit card processors for businesses handling large-volume or high-ticket transactions, I prioritized these features:
  • In-person and online support. Whether your business is physical, online, or a blend, the recommended processors provide robust support for all sales channels. I also considered processors with advanced tools for managing subscriptions.
  • Low transaction fees. With high-volume transactions, even slightly lower fees can significantly reduce costs. All processors listed offer competitive rates.
  • Advanced security. Processing high volumes of transactions and large payments increases vulnerability to cybersecurity attacks and fraud. I selected processors using cutting-edge security measures.
  • Chargeback/fraud management. I identified processors that efficiently handle chargebacks and fraud. Some have entire teams dedicated to reducing the losses and hassle associated with chargebacks.
  • Extensive API. I featured processors that offer an extensive Application Programming Interface (API). This allows for the seamless integration of your processor/payment gateway and online storefronts as well as advanced customization options to enhance functionality and branding.

Paysafe has low transaction fees starting at 0.50% + $0.10 and reasonable monthly fees of $7.95. It supports operations in over 120 markets and over 40 currencies, making it an excellent choice for global businesses managing high-volume or high-ticket transactions.

Adding to its appeal, Paysafe’s partnership with Vindicia provides advanced subscription tools and payment recovery solutions, equipping you to manage recurring billing efficiently. If your business sells subscriptions, this partnership can help you minimize failed transactions and boost subscriber numbers.

Security is paramount at Paysafe, which offers a comprehensive suite with PCI Level 1 compliance and robust fraud detection mechanisms. Its risk management team works around the clock to safeguard your transactions. For an additional fee, you can purchase the Enhanced Security Package, an insurance policy that protects your business if customer information is compromised.

Features and Benefits

  • 250+ payment methods. With over 250 payment options, including digital wallets, local card schemes, and even cryptocurrency, Paysafe ensures you can cater to both domestic and international clients.
  • Low fees for online transactions. Although card-not-present transactions are often associated with higher processing fees, Paysafe charges below-average fees for online payments. Its online transaction fees start at 0.99% + 25¢ (debit cards) and monthly fees at around $16.00.
  • Extensive API. You can customize and personalize your payment gateway using Paysafe’s API, which supports white labeling. Using its API, you can integrate mobile wallets, shopping carts, and hosted payment pages, among other capabilities.
  • Solutions for high-risk industries. Paysafe offers personalized, highly secure solutions for high-risk industries – including igaming, video games, forex, and crypto. These businesses often struggle to access merchant services, but Paysafe offers robust support at fair prices.
Read our expert Paysafe review for more details.

Accepted payment
Credit and debit, ACH,
EFT, digital wallets, bank
transfers, Skrill, and Venmo
among 250+
Security features Level 1 PCI-compliant,
end-to-end encryption,
tokenization, GDPR
compliance, and more
Customer support 24/7 technical support line
for customers – other
phone and email support
available Monday to Friday
Transaction fees on
cheapest plan
0.50% + $0.10
Monthly fee on
cheapest plan

With its subscription pricing model – which eliminates markups on interchange rates – Stax offers some of the industry’s lowest transaction fees at 0% + 10¢ (in-person). Although Stax charges a higher-than-usual monthly fee of $99.00, its payment model ensures substantial cost savings for businesses processing over $8,000 monthly – up to 40% compared to traditional processors.

Stax excels in e-commerce support, offering solutions like hosted payment pages, one-click shopping cart integration, catalog management, and digital invoicing. These pre-built solutions don’t require technical support to integrate and simplify online sales and customer management.

Stax also stands out for its comprehensive API documentation, which allows users to customize the payment experience further. You can enable single and recurring payments, omnichannel transactions, charge and tokenize payments, and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Brand customization tools. Stax provides tools to tailor every aspect of your transactional interfaces – from invoices and receipts to website payments – enhancing brand consistency and customer trust.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Stax’s comprehensive reporting tools can help you gain valuable insights. You can access daily reports, in-depth analysis, and multi-location overviews to optimize your financial strategies and make better business decisions.
  • More ways to sell. You can expand your payment options with Stax using convenient methods like payment links, buy-now buttons, QR codes, and Text2Pay mobile payments.
  • SaaS payment solution. Stax Connect is a payment solution for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). It lets you create a branded payment experience and manage user onboarding, underwriting, and payment transactions without the complexities of becoming a direct payment facilitator yourself.
Read our detailed Stax review for more features and benefits.

Accepted payment
Credit and debit cards,
digital wallets, ACH, bank
Security features Level 1 PCI-compliant,
multi-factor authentication,
tokenization, end-to-end
encryption, payer
verification, advanced
fraud detection and
Customer support Live chat, email, ticket, and
phone support
Transaction fees on
cheapest plan
0% + 10¢ (in-person)
Monthly fee on
cheapest plan
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Leaders Merchant Services (LMS) stands out for businesses that need a flexible payment processor. It distinguishes itself with custom plans that ensure you only pay for what you need, with negotiable rates averaging ~0.15% + $0 per transaction and $9.00 monthly. You might negotiate even lower rates for your high-volume business.

LMS is notable for its high approval rates, which make it ideal for high-risk businesses struggling to obtain merchant services because of their industry or financial history. It’s also one of the few processors willing to work with new businesses without a credit history.

Leaders Merchant Services prioritizes security, as it has one of the industry’s largest anti-fraud departments. It offers robust encryption and verification systems to protect merchant and customer data. Additionally, LMS integrates with the trusted Authorize.net payment gateway, which offers its own security tools to help identify, manage, and prevent suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions.

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-built shopping cart. LMS integrates seamlessly with the CartManager shopping cart. This pre-built solution allows you to customize the order form and checkout pages with your logo, desired colors, background images, buttons, text, and fonts.
  • Payment links and buttons. Customizable payment links and buttons simplify how you accept payments and give customers a direct and secure way to complete purchases.
  • Free equipment. If you commit to a long-term contract, you can benefit from free high-quality POS equipment, which can be a significant cost saver for your business.
  • 24/7 merchant support. LMS provides 24/7 support to keep your payment systems operational, minimize downtime, and boost customer satisfaction.
Read our in-depth Leaders Merchant Services review for more details.

Accepted payment
Credit and debit cards,
digital wallets, ACH, bank
Security features PCI-compliant, end-to-end
encryption, tokenization,
advanced fraud detection
and prevention
Customer support 24/7 phone support
Transaction fees on
cheapest plan
~0.15% + $0
Monthly fee on
cheapest plan

A subsidiary of Stax, Payment Depot lets you access low transaction fees of 0% + 10¢ (in-person) as part of its subscription-based plan with a low monthly fee of $79.00. However, unlike Stax’s plans, this plan entails a yearly processing cap of $120,000. If your annual volume exceeds $150,000, you’ll be directed to Stax.

Payment Depot also offers traditional interchange-plus pricing with rates as low as 0.2%-1.95%. You don’t have to worry about long-term contracts and cancellation fees. This flexibility suits the varying transaction volumes of seasonal businesses, ensuring cost efficiency year-round. Furthermore, merchant reviews indicate high customer satisfaction and often note Payment Depot’s responsive customer support.

While Payment Depot offers a range of features for both in-person and online processing, it’s not as comprehensive as Stax. It offers a smaller POS selection and lacks Stax’s rich reporting capabilities. However, Payment Depot’s versatile pricing and strong customer support make it an excellent choice, especially if your business faces seasonal fluctuations.

Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 risk monitoring team. Payment Depot’s 24/7 risk monitoring team ensures maximum security by monitoring transactions constantly. It also provides data breach protection and strong chargeback management support.
  • Shopping cart integrations. You can choose between popular solutions like 3DCart, ZenCart, and OpenCart or build your own using Payment Depot’s API.
  • E-commerce integrations. Payment Depot offers direct integrations with major e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, and WooCommerce, streamlining online transactions for businesses with high volumes.
  • Accounting tools. Payment Depot also integrates with well-known accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage, simplifying financial management.
See our expert Payment Depot review for more details.

Accepted payment
Credit and debit cards,
digital wallets, ACH, bank
Security features Level 1 PCI-compliant,
payer authentication,
tokenization, end-to-end
encryption, 24/7 fraud risk
Customer support 24/7 technical support line
(phone and ticket), sales
support 8:30 am – 7:30 pm
Transaction fees on
cheapest plan
0% + 10¢ (in-person)
Monthly fee on
cheapest plan

Helcim stands out for businesses handling large volumes of card-not-present payments. It has low transaction fees of 0.50% +25¢ (online) and offers volume discounts for businesses processing over $25,000/month, making it more cost-effective the more you process. You’ll get free access to its virtual terminal to handle Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions and a robust online payment toolkit, including invoicing and customizable payment pages.

With the platform’s Level 2 and Level 3 interchange optimization, you can save up to 25% on processing fees. Level 2 and 3 transactions require more customer information but are also subject to lower rates. Helcim uses AI to automatically retrieve and optimize data that qualifies you for these specialized credit card processing rates without additional effort.

However, Helcim might not suit your needs if you primarily handle in-person transactions. Its third-party POS hardware offerings are limited, and the proprietary hardware options aren’t reprogrammable if you switch to another processor. If you need extensive in-person POS functionality, consider one of my top three recommendations or POS Pros.

Features and Benefits

  • Business tools. Helcim’s Customer Manager makes it easy to track customer information. Additionally, the Product & Inventory Manager automatically syncs inventory data across all sales channels, sends you alerts when stock is low, and prepares insightful reports.
  • Free online store. Every Helcim customer gets a fully hosted online store. You can set it up in minutes – no technical knowledge is needed.
  • Subscription manager. Helcim’s subscription-management tools make recurring billing easy. You can create custom subscription plans and automatically collect payments via credit card and ACH.
  • International payments. With Helcim, you can easily process international payments, expanding your business reach. Your customers will be charged in your local currency based on the exchange rate on the purchase day. You will also receive the money in your currency without conversions.
Learn more from our expert Helcim review.

Accepted payment
Credit and debit cards,
digital wallets, ACH, bank
Security features Level 1 PCI-compliant,
NIST-compliant, advanced
fraud detection and
Customer support Phone, email, and ticket
support available 7 days a
Transaction fees on
cheapest plan
0.30% + 8¢ (in-person)
Monthly fee on
cheapest plan

6. POS Pros: Best for Brick-And-Mortar Stores That Process Large Transactions1

POS Pros offers an impressive selection of over 25 POS brands, ideal for processing in-person transactions in all settings. Its extensive hardware range features industry-specific options tailored to the needs of the retail, hospitality, healthcare, and other sectors.

Additionally, POS Pros has versatile pricing structure options. It offers affordable interchange-plus pricing with fees of around 0.30% + 10¢ (in-person) per transaction and $5.00 per month. It also offers tiered pricing, along with cash discount plans. Its cash discount program encourages more cash transactions, increasing savings by cutting processing costs.

However, it’s important to note that while POS Pros excels in in-person payment processing, its e-commerce features are limited. That said, it offers discounted or even free access to Authorize.net for businesses processing over $250,000 annually.

Features and Benefits

  • Consultation with a specialist. POS Pros offers personalized consultations to help you select the right equipment for handling large transactions in your industry.
  • Free hardware. POS Pros offers free credit card readers and system demos, helping you reduce upfront costs.
  • Industry-specific reporting and analytics. Depending on the POS software chosen, POS Pros provides tailored reporting and analytics with insights from your industry that support your decision-making process and growth.
  • Strong anti-fraud features. POS Pros employs enhanced security measures against fraud, making it a reliable choice for processing large transactions.
See our expert POS Pros review to learn more.

Accepted payment
Credit and debit cards,
digital wallets, ACH, bank
Security features Level 1 PCI compliant,
fraud prevention,
chargeback management,
and tokenization
Customer support 24/7 support and POS
technical help desk for
customers, phone and
email sales support
(Monday to Friday 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM (CT))
Transaction fees on
cheapest plan
0.30% + 10¢ (in-person)
Monthly fee on
cheapest plan

Select the Best Credit Card Processing Payment Processor for Large Transactions

Choosing the right payment processor is critical if your business deals with high volumes or large-ticket transactions. You need a processor that charges low transaction fees and prioritizes security, among other benefits.

Paysafe specializes in high-ticket processing1 with relatively low transaction fees, enhanced security measures, and 250+ payment methods. It offers solutions for different business models, including subscription-based businesses. It also supports international processing, making it easy and cheap to serve global customers.

Stax is ideal for high-volume businesses1 that prioritize transparent pricing. Its subscription-based pricing model removes unpredictability and can yield significant savings. With its wide range of e-commerce tools and rich API, Stax is also ideal for customizing payment processes.

Leaders Merchant Services lets you negotiate your fees1 and customize your plan if you need flexibility. In addition to its excellent customer service and 24/7 risk management team, it provides tailored setups for complex, high-volume processing needs.

Here’s a quick comparison of my top choices for payment processors handling large transactions.
Best Feature Best For Monthly fee
on cheapest
Transaction fees
on cheapest
Paysafe Low fees and international
processing large
globally or on a
recurring basis
$7.95 0.50% + $0.10
Stax Cheap subscription
pricing and a range of
processing over
$99.00 0% + 10¢ (in-person)
Low, negotiable
fees and
custom plans
processing large
$9.00 ~0.15% + $0
Versatile pricing
models, reliable
support, and
Businesses with
high and low
$79.00 0% + 10¢ (in-person)
Helcim Free online
store and volume
Businesses processing a
high-volume of
N/A 0.30% + 8¢ (in-person)
POS Pros Industry-specific
POS selection
featuring 25+
$5.00 0.30% + 10¢ (in-person)


Who has the best credit card processing rates for large transactions?

Stax offers competitive subscription-based pricing with no markups and the industry’s lowest transaction fees, ensuring predictability in processing high-value transactions. Alternatively, Paysafe provides affordable interchange-plus rates for processing large transactions.

What is Level 2 Card Processing?

Level 2 card processing is for transactions that involve additional details beyond standard consumer transactions. This includes merchant ZIP codes, sales tax amounts, and specific customer information. Level 2 processing is particularly beneficial for B2B transactions and can result in lower interchange rates. Stax can help you qualify for Level 2 rates.

What is Level 3 Card Processing?

Level 3 processing involves providing detailed transaction data, including product descriptions, codes, quantities, and tax details. Due to the enhanced data provided, level 3 processing offers the lowest interchange rates. Helcim automatically retrieves the data required to help you qualify for these specialized rates, which can reduce your processing costs by up to 25%.

What to look for in a credit card processor for large transactions?

Consider processors that offer subscription pricing with lower per-transaction fees, like Stax, as these can be more cost-effective for high card volumes. You can also consider processors such as Leaders Merchant Services, which offer low interchange fees. Depending on your business needs, you should look for top processors with low transaction fees, e-commerce features, advanced security features, and support for Level 2 and 3 processing.

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