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9 Best Children’s Book Illustrators for Hire in 2023 – From $5

Anna Sonnenberg Anna SonnenbergFreelance Jobs Expert
Colorful, creative artwork can truly capture a reader’s imagination and make your children’s book stand out. But it’s easy to forget about illustrations when you’re engrossed in crafting your story, only to realize that you have no idea how to find an illustrator when you’ve finished writing.

And how can you afford an experienced children’s book artist that does your writing justice, especially if you have a limited budget?

Luckily, hiring an illustrator doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. In fact, I found several freelance children’s book illustrators with prices as low as $5 per project. Check out my top nine picks and find the right artist to bring your words to life.

9 Best Children’s Book Illustrators for Hire

From budget-friendly children’s book artists to verified professional illustrators, these freelancers can make your children’s book concept a reality.

Note that many of the least expensive gigs include single illustrations only – so you may need to make multiple purchases to get enough art for your book – but some of the pricier gigs come with an entire children’s book worth of illustrations.

1. WahdiTahirr – An Inexpensive Level One Seller 

contact a Fiverr seller
Just click the Contact Seller button to start a conversation
With a 4.8-star rating and some of the most affordable children’s book illustration prices on Fiverr, WahdiTahirr is a great choice for authors on a budget. This freelancer also has Fiverr’s Level One Seller status, which indicates they’ve maintained at least a 4.7-star rating while delivering a minimum of 10 orders.

In addition to a basic $5 package – which includes an illustration of a single figure – WahdiTahirr offers a premium $20 package that features up to four figures.

2. SameerKassar95 – A Popular Illustrator With Quick Turnaround Times

children's book illustrator on Fiverr – SameerKassar95
Hire SameerKassar95 for quick, inexpensive artwork
SameerKassar95 has nearly 500 excellent reviews and a 4.9-star rating, so it’s no wonder this freelancer has a lot of repeat buyers. While their basic $5 package is a bit simpler than some other illustrators and doesn’t include color or background details, SameerKassar95 can deliver it in just two days.

This seller also offers a premium $15 illustration package with up to five full-color figures and a background scene.

3. RajGraphicMagic – A Five-Star Level Two Seller

children's book illustrator on Fiverr – RajGraphicMagic
Book RajGraphicMagic to work with a five-star seller
RajGraphicMagic is a Level Two Seller, which means they have delivered at least 50 orders and earned at least $2,000 through the marketplace. This freelancer has a five-star rating and excellent customer reviews that highlight their artistic talent and good communication.

RajGraphicMagic’s basic $5 package includes black and white line art only, while their $30 premium package comes with a full-page children’s book illustration featuring two characters.

4. WonderDesign11 – A Level Two Seller With a Five-Star Rating

children's book illustrator on Fiverr – WonderDesign11
Hire WonderDesign11 and you might become one of their many repeat buyers
Earning a five-star rating is an accomplishment for any Fiverr freelancer, and it’s doubly impressive when they have more than 400 reviews, like WonderDesign11 does. As a Level Two Seller, this illustrator has clearly delivered consistently great work over time.

Although they offer only a single $10 package, it has just about everything you could ask for, including a complete background, multiple revisions, and a three-day turnaround time.

5. Misnaini – An Experienced Five-Star Freelancer

children's book illustrator on Fiverr – Misnaini
Misnaini has created art for more than 3,000 books, with a high number of repeat buyers
If you’re looking for a highly experienced illustrator, Misnaini is a good pick. This creator has made art for more than 3,000 books, and they have an exceptional number of repeat buyers. Misnaini is also a Level Two Seller with almost 100 outstanding customer reviews.

You can book their basic $20 package to get artwork showing a single character, or upgrade to their premium $70 package for an illustration with a detailed background scene.

6. Moran2599 – A Top Rated Seller With Repeat Buyers

children's book illustrator on Fiverr – Moran2599
Place an order with Moran2599 to work with a Top Rated Seller with a fantasy-inspired style
Moran2599 is a Top Rated Seller, which is Fiverr’s highest ranking, and which indicates that they’ve delivered at least 100 orders and earned $20,000 or more through the platform. This freelancer also has almost 500 rave reviews, a five-star rating, and a lot of return customers who appreciate their fantasy-inspired style.

For $60, you can book their basic package with a single figure, or for $180 you can upgrade to their premium package with three figures and a detailed background scene.

7. CreativeValley9 – An Affordable Design and Illustration Studio

children's book illustrator on Fiverr – CreativeValley9
Book CreativeValley9 to hire an illustration studio
Working with one illustrator is great, but what if you could hire an entire studio for an affordable price? When you book CreativeValley9, you work with a team of children’s book illustrators, giving you access to a wider range of expertise.

All of this studio’s packages include multiple illustrations and print-ready files, making their gigs a good choice for writers who plan to print their children’s books.

8. LuvBeautiful – A Top Rated Seller With a Unique Style

children's book illustrator on Fiverr – LuvBeautiful
Hire LuvBeautiful to illustrate part or all of your children’s book
Another Top Rated Seller, LuvBeautiful has a five-star rating and almost 100 excellent reviews. While many other sellers make vector or freehand digital art, this illustrator uses watercolor and ink to create original artwork.

Although their packages take significantly longer than many others, it’s worth the wait if you want something completely unique. Packages start at $250 for five illustrations, or you can pay $995 for 20 illustrations, which may be enough for your entire kids’ book.

9. PaulVirlan – A Fiverr Verified Pro Illustrator

children's book illustrator on Fiverr – PaulVirlan
Order PaulVirlan’s gig to work with a verified Pro illustrator
As a verified Pro Seller, PaulVirlan has completed Fiverr’s manual vetting process and is considered one of the top creators on the platform. Although their pricing is significantly more expensive than other options on this list, this seller’s skill, experience, and professionalism explains the added cost.

Unlike most freelance creators on Fiverr, PaulVirlan offers a single package including 15 illustrations, unlimited revisions, and image files formatted for printing.

How to Hire a Children’s Book Illustrator on Fiverr

Hiring a children’s book illustrator on Fiverr is incredibly easy. Follow these six steps to get started.

1. Head to and type what you’re looking for into the search bar. As you type, the platform automatically recommends relevant categories.

search for children's book illustrators on Fiverr
To find a children’s book illustrator, start with the search bar
2. Browse the search results and look for an illustration style that catches your eye. As you scroll through the options, you can easily see work samples, gig prices, freelancer ratings, and the number of customer reviews.

children book illustrator on Fiverr
At the top of the list are Fiverr’s Choice sellers, who deliver consistently great work
3. Filter the search results to find exactly what you want. For example, you can set a minimum or maximum gig price to fit any budget limitations. You can also filter by style, such as realistic or cartoon, or choose a technique like vector art or watercolor.

Fiverr search filters
You can use the dropdown menus to filter search results
4. Click on any gig to see more details. On the gig page, you can scroll through the seller’s portfolio, read reviews, and learn exactly what’s included in the gig.

children's book illustration gig on Fiverr
You can scroll right to see the freelancer’s portfolio or down to see the gig
At the bottom of any gig page, you can see how the seller’s packages compare. Go over the checklist and pricing to make sure you choose the package that has what you need and the price you want to pay.

compare Fiverr gigs
You can scroll to the bottom to see how packages compare
5. Click the Contact Seller button to communicate directly with the freelancer. Most children’s book artists on Fiverr ask that you contact them prior to purchasing the gig to discuss your concept and make sure they’re a good fit.

contact a Fiverr seller
Just click the Contact Seller button to start a conversation
6. Click the green Continue button to purchase the gig. Review the list of optional extras, such as a faster turnaround time, another revision, or additional figures. When you’re happy with the order, click the green Continue to Checkout button to submit payment and start the gig.

purchase a Fiverr gig
You can customize your order by checking any of the extras

What to Look For in a Children’s Book Illustrator

As you can see, finding a children’s book illustrator for hire is a breeze – Fiverr is super easy to use, as my colleague found out in their review of Fiverr. But it’s not always easy to decide on the right one, especially with so many options to consider. Here’s what to look for:

  • Appealing style: Children’s book artists have a wide range of illustration styles, and it’s essential to choose one that speaks to you and fits with your concept. Take the time to look through artists’ portfolios and review their work samples to get a better sense of their style.
  • Appropriate format: Many illustrators produce digital images formatted for e-books. While this format is great for many children’s book projects, it may not work if you’re planning to print the book yourself, or to send it to an agent or publisher. Double check the gig details or contact the seller to confirm.
  • Ideal packages: Some gigs include single black-and-white illustrations, while others come with an entire book’s worth of full-color art. Before placing an order, make sure the gig you choose comes with the deliverables you want. Otherwise, ask the seller to create a custom offer that meets your needs.
  • Great reviews: Before spending money to hire a children’s books illustrator, it’s helpful to know what other customers liked or disliked about the freelancer. Read through their reviews so you know what to expect when working together.
  • Fiverr credentials: Customer reviews can tell you a lot about a freelancer, and Fiverr credentials can reinforce your expectations. For a better chance at a good experience, look for creators with Top Seller or Level Two Seller credentials. Alternatively, look for freelancers with Fiverr’s verified Pro status if you prefer to work with a professional artist.

Are You a Children’s Book Illustrator Looking to Sell Your Services on Fiverr?

If you want to offer your illustration services, Fiverr makes it easy to join the freelance marketplace. Get started by going to and clicking the Join button in the upper right corner.

join Fiverr
Joining the Fiverr marketplace is the first step to selling your services
Enter a username and your contact information, then set up your profile. Upload a profile picture, write a short introduction, and detail your experience. You can add skills, education, and certifications to your profile, too.

create a Fiverr profile
You can update your profile at any time from the upper-right menu
Next, create the gig you want to sell. Give it a title, select a category, and add relevant search tags. Add a few work samples so buyers know what to expect, and write a description of what the gig includes. Then set a price or create up to three price points with different deliverables.

create a new Fiverr gig
As a new seller, you can create up to seven Fiverr gigs
To help you get started, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful gig on Fiverr so check that out first. When your gig is live, buyers can purchase it or message you about it. Since Fiverr processes payments and gathers the information you need to complete a project, you can concentrate on creating great children’s book art.

To design the best possible gig on Fiverr, consider purchasing one first. That way you’ll see what it’s like to be a buyer and get practice dealing with some of the issues that could come up – such as communication problems and project delays.

Since you can purchase a gig for as little as $5, it’s a small investment for invaluable knowledge before building your Fiverr profile.

Get Children’s Book Illustrations That Fit Your Style and Budget

Whether you need a few images to make your children’s book fun and engaging or you want illustrations for every page, you can find the ideal creator for the job on Fiverr. The marketplace is home to almost 20,000 children’s book illustration gigs, so there’s certainly no shortage of options.

Using the platform’s powerful search engine, you can find artists with almost any style and for just about any price point. Since book illustration gigs start at just $5 on Fiverr, it’s easy to get custom art for your book, even if you’re on a tight budget, and as you’ve seen, there’s plenty of variation out there.

Once you’ve got the book illustration complete, you might want to start thinking about your book’s cover design or how you want to market it and get it published. And this is what I love most about Fiverr: there are no limits to the variety of gigs you can find and for a very affordable price too. For example, I did some digging and found that:


Do I need an illustrator for my children’s book?

Children’s books don’t require illustrations, but those with pictures tend to be more enjoyable for children. If you don’t have experience with children’s book illustration yourself, then it’s best to hire an artist who does. That way you can outsource high-quality art while focusing on aspects like writing and marketing instead.

How much do you pay an illustrator for a children’s book?

When you hire artists via Fiverr, you can pay as little as $5 for a children’s book illustration. Depending on the length of the book and the number of images you want, you could easily get an entire book illustrated for less than $100.

How can I find an illustrator for my children’s book?

To find an illustrator who can accommodate your style and budget, search the Fiverr marketplace. Type “children’s book illustrator” into the search bar and filter by budget, style, format, and other factors. Then contact any illustrators you like to discuss your project and place an order with your top choice. It’s a very straightforward, simple process which is why I love using Fiverr – it actually scored 4.9 out of 5 for ease of use in our Fiverr review, and it’s one of top recommendations when it comes to hiring freelancers.

What software do children’s book illustrators use?

When it comes to digital illustrations for children, book artists typically use programs from the Adobe Creative Suite like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Many also use the CorelDRAW graphics suite and QuarkXPress publishing software so make sure to check a seller’s profile on Fiverr for skills in these types of software.

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I LOVE Luvbeautiful's artwork! What a unique style!! That "old-style" reminds me of children's books from a bygone year. Highly skilled and imaginative.
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