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Sarah Cy

Sarah Cy is a certified content writer/marketer specializing in technology. She’s also a fanatical learner and a mentor-coach to budding writers. Her mission: Transform diamond-in-the-rough ideas into content that sparkles…and teach others to do the same!

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7 Best Web Hosting Providers for Affiliate Marketing in 2023

Not all web hosts can give you everything you need for a successful affiliate marketing site. You need specific features to drive visitors to your site - and in this business, every visitor matters. You need a website host that offers not only sufficient storage space, but also excellent performance. It’s all about SEO, and slow loading speeds mean poor rankings on Google...

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GoDaddy vs IONOS by 1&1: One Is Much Better in 2023

Just because you don’t have that much money to throw at a hosting platform doesn’t mean you don’t want the highest quality you can get. If price were the only factor, IONOS by 1&1 vs GoDaddy would be a hard contest to judge. But when you include other important hosting considerations (security, customer support, plans, features, etc.), the benefits offered by GoDaddy...

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iPage vs Bluehost: Popular Doesn’t Mean Better [2023]

Both iPage and Bluehost entice prospective website hosting customers by offering low prices and tempting features. But how do you know which “features” are worth it, and which ones are just listed on the homepage to make the host appear better than it is? Well, I’ve tested both hosts to help you make the best decision on which one is better for your website. Bluehost...

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