Lucy Damasceno is a digital marketing strategist with a passion for all things tech that help businesses to thrive. She has solid experience in her field, having planned and executed the communications efforts of several public, private, and nonprofit organizations over the past 15 years. Her first writing assignment was reporting the deeds of the neighborhood’s cats when she was five years old. If she isn’t reading a book, she is reading an e-book.
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7 Best MailChimp Alternatives – Which Is Best? 2024

Mailchimp is the best email marketing tool, right? Well, not necessarily. But I’m sure it was the first brand that came to mind when you thought about signing up for an email marketing service. It seemed to be the perfect solution because you get a wide range of powerful tools, from responsive templates to helpful analytics, and it lets you start for free. But you soon...

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Keep Freelancers Motivated & On Your Team (2024 TIPS)

Your freelancers bring fresh eyes and expertise to your business. Finding the best ones, those reliable professionals who are perfect for your needs, took time and resources. You know they have other clients and their own business to mind (literally speaking). Of course, you’re sure your new product is the coolest one in town. But tomorrow, your biggest competitor might...

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Content Writer vs Copywriter – Which Do You Need? (2024 Advice)

So you need to hire someone for writing job done for your business. What kind of professional are you looking for? A content writer or a copywriter? You aren’t alone in your doubt. Just go through some profiles on Fiverr or and you will see that many writers themselves don’t even know where they stand. When I started my journey writing for blogs and...

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The Five Pillars of Writing Great Blog Content

What makes a blog great? It’s the million-dollar question of the world of online content. You’re ready to take your blog to the next level, but the elements of outstanding content might not be easy to recognize. You have probably compared several articles written by bloggers you admire, and yet, you can’t tell why they are succeeding and not you. What you don’t know is...

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