Ivan Boychuk

Ivan Boychuk

Ivan Boychuk is a writer who specializes in creating marketing blog posts and web content for a variety of industries. When he isn’t writing captivating copy, he spends his spare time building new websites, working on his blog, or playing sports.

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Wix vs. Google Sites: The Winner Might Surprise You [2022]

You might think that any product with the Google stamp of approval comes with a level of quality that far exceeds any other brand. However, with website builders, that’s not always the case. I recently tested Wix and Google Sites to see which one is better. While they both have great features like simple drag-and-drop editors, overall I’ve found that Wix’s additional...

November 19, 2021
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Blogger vs. Wix: A Close Match, but Only One Winner [2022]

Countless hours of tinkering and testing have led me to believe that not all builders are created equal. Of course, each one has its own set of features for a certain price. With some you’ll get a great deal. With others? Not so much. Three years ago I built my first website as a way to promote my freelance writing business. While working on the site, I fell in love with...

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