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NexiSites Review: Can AI Help It Compete With the Pros? [2024]

Andrés Gánem Andrés Gánem Website Development Expert

Thanks to its robust AI tools1 and focus on community feedback, NexiSites has great potential. In a year or two, I might be giving it a sterling review.

Though it’s a little rough around the edges, its unique approach to designing and implementing user-requested features makes me very excited to see where NexiSites will go next.


NexiSites at a Glance

💯Free PlanNo
💲Starting Price$4.99
🛒E-commerce ToolsNo
Shared Reseller Dedicated Cloud WordPress

Should You Use NexiSites?

Travel Website Homepage Created with NexiSites
NexiSites uses AI to help you create high-converting affiliate marketing websites

NexiSites acknowledges that it can’t quite compete with the website-building giants like Wix (yet). But it’s still getting ready to enter the website building space in full force. Its claim to fame? A strong focus on community feedback and full integration of powerful AI tools that make it easy to create a stunning, high-converting website.

I do love an underdog story, and the people at NexiSites seem to genuinely care about creating a great product. That’s how I decided to carefully test and research NexiSites myself. Ultimately, the results were quite interesting. While I can’t say that it offers everything our top-rated website builders do, it introduces some unique ideas.

NexiSites’ approach to AI-powered building and its implementation of custom user-requested features make it a one-of-a-kind builder, at least in theory. Does that mean that you should start using it right away? Not necessarily. But while it has a lot of room for improvement, I’m very excited for the future of this builder.

Should you give it a try? That’s a slightly more complex question. Before you decide, keep reading my review for a complete overview of what NexiSites has to offer – and everything it has yet to improve.



A Single Template With Very Few Customization Options

You don’t really see structure editors like the one NexiSites offers anymore. Instead of customizing your website using drag-and-drop or point-and-click functionalities, NexiSites offers you a list of pre-made sections you can add to your website in (almost) any order.

This website builder doesn’t offer templates in the traditional fashion. You can start with a “blank” website or a “template-based” one upon signing up. Unlike other builders, however, selecting the template option doesn’t lead you to a list of available templates. In this case, “template” just means you start with a pre-ordered number of sections and pages.

NexiSites Template Website
This is the extent to which NexiSites provides a “template” for your website

Though a little disappointing if you’re used to website builders offering 800+ templates like Wix, this wouldn’t be terrible. After all, it saves you the extra work of adding each section by yourself. The problem is that your work doubles if you don’t like that specific section order.

NexiSites Section rearranging
NexiSites doesn’t let you rearrange sections at will

You can only add new sections at the bottom of the page and can’t rearrange sections freely. So, let’s say you wanted to switch the order in which a gallery and an “about us” section are presented. You’d have to delete all sections from the point of change and manually re-add them in your desired order. So, if you start with a “template,” ensure the site’s structure meets your preferences before editing – you cannot save section content either.

The customization options are also limited. You can change your site’s logo, favicon, and color theme whenever you like. If you want to edit a section, all you can do is change the section text and image since rearranging elements within a section isn’t possible.

The sections are very well designed and look professional, so you can create an attractive-looking site with NexiSites. But if template variety and customization options are important to you, I recommend opting for a different website builder. Wix offers over 800 unique templates and total design flexibility.



Interesting AI Tools and Custom Features

Though NexiSites presents itself as a website builder focused on affiliate marketing websites, it has no standout affiliate marketing features. In fact, NexiSites’ current toolset is far from the most extensive that I’ve seen. It has only basic features for design, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing.

That said, NexiSites does have some unique features that help it stand out. It offers a robust AI for website building and frequently implements features requested by users.

Though these features are still in their early stages, they could turn NexiSites into a one-of-a-kind builder with some refinement.

Custom, User-Requested Features

NexiSites prides itself on its focus on community feedback. Though it’s far from the only builder to claim to put its users first, NexiSites is the only builder I’ve seen to offer custom, user-requested features1 on all plans.

That means if you decide to build your site with NexiSites, your website could have virtually unlimited integrations specifically catered to your needs.

AI Content Creation Tools for Every Section of Your Site

One of NexiSites’ biggest selling points is its integration of AI content creation to maximize your site’s conversions. You can use AI to fill any section with content1 in seconds. To do this, all you need to do is go over to any section, click on edit, and then on the robot symbol that says “AI: Let me do that for you!”

NexiSites AI Content generation
NexiSites lets you generate custom content for each section using AI

Usually, the first result won’t be anything spectacular. However, once generated, you can fill out the “Is there anything specific you would like me to write about?” box and provide NexiSites AI with further instructions. After that, it’s just a matter of refining your prompts and selecting “Run Again” until you’re satisfied with the result.

NexiSites (currently) advertises itself as an ideal builder for affiliate marketing websites. Honestly, I didn’t find the AI results to differ in quality or specialization for affiliate marketing sections. That said, they were still handy for quickly populating my site with quality content.

Expert Advice and Recommendations

NexiSites provides expert advice and recommendations for all its users, regardless of plan. Again, NexiSites’ strong point is affiliate marketing, so this advice will prove helpful if you’re trying to maximize conversions from your site.

Whether you’re creating an affiliate marketing website or not, there aren’t many builders that offer hands-on assistance from professional designers for all users.


Ease of use

User-Friendly Onboarding Process, but Editing Is Not Always Intuitive

After you select your plan, you’ll need to answer 7 short questions to feed NexiSites’ AI with crucial information. These questions cover topics such as your website’s description, goals, desired tone, theme color, and name. I’d be exaggerating if I said the process took more than ten minutes.

However, after you start editing, you might notice that not every part of the process is immediately intuitive. Take adding images, for example. While most website builders allow you to add images directly to different sections with a single click, the NexiSites process is more cumbersome.

Before adding any images, you must first navigate to the “Manage Images” section on your dashboard and upload each image to your gallery one by one. You can only add images to different sections from the image gallery. For instance, if you find the ideal hero image, you have to leave the editing menu, upload the image in the image manager, and then return to the section editor to choose it from your gallery.

Also, there’s no image categorization or viewing order, so to add a particular image, you’ll have to scroll through every other image you’ve added up to that point.

Little things like this, or only being able to give the AI instructions after generating its first output, can sometimes make NexiSites frustrating. It’s a shame, too, since the editor itself is otherwise pretty user-friendly. If NexiSites were to polish some kinks, it could become an extremely easy-to-use builder.

Simple Section Editing

Though it comes at the cost of some creative control, NexiSites makes it exceedingly easy to customize any section of your website. From the main dashboard, you just need to click the “edit” button in the upper left corner of the section. That will take you to the section editor, where you only need to select which image you want to use, how to animate the section, its heading, and its content.

NexiSites section Editor
NexiSites makes section editing easy but at the cost of creative control

You can’t change much, but changing what you can is a breeze. You don’t even need to worry about the section content too much, as you can always use NexiSites’ AI generator1 to write the appropriate content for you. The menu’s simplicity makes it so you can’t alter the arrangement of individual elements within the section or change things like fonts, sizes, and colors.

Intuitive Blog Post Manager

If you want to add a blog to your website, scroll down to “add section” and select one of the blog section options. Once you’ve added a blog section to any page, all you need to do to keep it updated is go to the “manage posts” menu.

NexiSites Blog Editor
NexiSites even lets you write your blog posts using AI

There, you can edit any entry by clicking on its different sections (heading, subheading, body, featured image, etc.). You can even have NexiSites’ AI write the blog posts for you1. The blog section on your site will update automatically to show the newest posts.

An Extensive Catalog of Royalty-Free Images

Finding the right images for your site can be a hassle, especially if you plan to create an affiliate marketing website. You need stunning photos to convert visitors and, at the same time, ensure you won’t get into copyright trouble.

NexiSites helps you overcome these issues by providing an extensive gallery with thousands of royalty-free images. That means you can use any of the images NexiSites offers anytime and for any purpose.



Support Wasn’t Perfect, but It Exceeded My Expectations

NexiSites offers three different channels for customer support: phone, email, and ticketing. To test the quality of NexiSites’ support, I contacted all three channels with different queries.

Or at least I tried. When I called the phone number listed on NexiSites’ website, however, I couldn’t get any response. Though that was a bit disappointing, my experiences with email and the ticket system were a lot more pleasant.

I started my research by signing up for the Starter plan. However, since the feature set seemed a bit limited, I decided to check out the “most popular” plan instead. To do this, I sent NexiSites’ support an email asking for my Starter plan to be canceled. In my experience, companies usually try their hardest to prevent you from canceling, so I was curious about how NexiSites would handle the situation. I got an email confirming my cancellation less than an hour later.

After I signed up for NexiSites again with the “most popular” plan (there’s no built-in way to upgrade your plan), I sent a ticket asking about possible optimizations for my site, as well as requesting some of the promised “expert advice and recommendations.”

NexiSites Support Email
NexiSites ticket support was fast, friendly, and useful

Once again, I got a complete response mere hours later. The response was thorough and satisfying, and after some back and forth, the NexiSites representative agreed to help me build a custom template and optimize my site.

NexiSites’ support isn’t available 24/7, and it can be challenging to reach their team via phone. But when it comes to customer experience, NexiSites does everything it can to deliver.



Affordable, but Not Enough To Justify Its Current Offering

If you were going by pricing alone, NexiSites would stand out from most website builders. Not only are NexiSites’ three available plans well-priced, but there’s no huge difference in features between plans. That means you won’t have to skip dinner to enjoy the full extent of NexiSites’ features.

You might wonder what the difference is then. It’s simple: depending on your plan, you can create more websites and receive higher support priority.

NexiSites’ starter plan1, “Starter,” lets you create one website for only $4.99 per month. It gives you access to custom features, hands-on support, and expert recommendations. The most popular plan, “Most Popular” (you really can’t fault NexiSites’ pricing department for being too creative), comes at $8.99 each month and allows you to create 3 websites as well as giving you access to “premium” custom features, hands-on support, and recommendations.

Finally, the “Pro” plan comes in at $11.99 per month, allowing you to create up to 100 websites. Besides, you get “dedicated” custom features, hands-on support, and more extras.

You might notice the first flaw in NexiSites’ pricing here. What exactly is the difference between regular custom features, premium custom features, and dedicated custom features? I have no idea, and no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t find any detailed information. I’m assuming that the NexiSites support team puts more weight on “dedicated” requests than on normal ones, but that’s about as far as I can guess.

Though the Starter plan is quite affordable, builders like the Hostinger Website Builder and Webador offer similar starting prices for much more functionality. Also, NexiSites doesn’t offer a free plan, free trial, or money-back guarantee. If you’re curious about it, you’ll need to pay at least an entire month just to try it out.

Seeing how affordable the Starter plan is, a one-month test shouldn’t represent too big of an expense. Still, there really should be an opportunity for potential customers to try it out before committing to any plan.


How does NexiSites match up to the competition?

1WixCompareOur Score4.9Compare
1SquarespaceCompareOur Score4.8Compare
1NexiSitesCompareOur Score3.8Compare
1SimpleSiteCompareOur Score2.5Compare


NexiSites is an AI-focused builder with much potential. Its issues keep it from competing with some of the top website builders. However, its focus on community feedback and AI implementations could turn it into a unique offering in the website-building space. If that sounds appealing, stay tuned as NexiSites progresses. It’s still cooking, but it seems it has a bright future ahead.

But what should you use right now? Are you looking for an affordable and easy-to-use website builder that integrates powerful AI tools? I recommend you check out the Hostinger Website Builder1 instead.


Does Nexisites have a free plan?

No, NexiSites offers no free plan, trial, or money-back guarantees. However, its starter plan is more than affordable enough to take it for a spin and decide if NexiSites is the right website builder for you. To learn more about NexiSites pricing, check out our in-depth pricing breakdown.

Is Nexisites good for e-commerce?

NexiSites does not currently support e-commerce functionalities. However, it does place a particular focus on providing the right tools for affiliate marketing websites. On any NexiSites plan, you can even get expert advice on increasing your conversion rate.

Is Nexisites worth the money?

WebiSites offers exceedingly affordable plans, so it’s not a huge risk to try it out for yourself. Nevertheless, it has some way to go before I can recommend it as a professional builder worth your investment.

What is an AI website builder?

An AI website builder is a builder that utilizes artificial intelligence (or machine learning, rather) to help you throughout the website-building process.

Some builders use AI to help you identify which areas will get more attention, generate content and images, or even build custom templates for your site. The truth is that in 2024, most top-quality website builders implement AI in one form or another. To find which website builder is best for you, check our expert list of the best website builders in 2024.
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