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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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RankFirst Hosting is a web hosting company with a proven platform for ultimate SEO hosting providing powerful and reliable services for your growing business. That said, its plans are expensively priced, making them unaffordable for individuals with very tight budgets.



RankFirst Hosting’s corporate headquarters is in the United Kingdom, but the company has a presence in many other countries including the U.S. and U.A.E. The hosting company has a variety of SEO hosting plans ranging from shared SEO hosting, dedicated SEO hosting, and VPS SEO hosting.

Features and Ease of Use

RankFirst Hosting both managed and unmanaged SEO web hosting solutions are powered by servers that are not overpopulated, meaning customers get to experience fast, secure, and reliable hosting services ideal for all types of online projects. The hosting services come with the following standard features:

  • SSL certificate encryption
  • Access your server via FTP or secure FTP
  • Cron jobs for scheduled tasks
  • PhpMyAdmin to manage databases
  • cPanel control panel
  • Softaculous auto-installer
  • PHP, Perl and Python support
  • Jailed shell upon request

With RankFirst Hosting, users get to host their servers in data centers located in the cities of California and Michigan, the United States. These data centers are equipped with high-speed and reliable network equipment to help the vendor smoothly run their customer’s websites so that they don’t have to worry about their sites going down.

Its dedicated servers are designed for high-performance and they use Intel Xeon Dual Hex-Core processors, up to 48 GB of RAM, and 4x1TB western digital enterprise hard drives in RAID 1+0 configurations. In addition, the plans come with multiple SEO IP addresses for clients with several sites on the same servers but require more than 1 IP address.

The hosting company has enhanced security by deploying password protected directories + IP-blocking measures that helps block any undesirable sites and hosts from entering your server causing harm. Moreover, the firm performs daily backups powered by R1Soft Bare Metal backups that come with multiple restore points, thus ensuring the security of data when disaster strikes.

Pricing and Support

Although RankFirst Hosting web hosting solutions are optimized for SEO, the solutions are quite expensive, especially for individuals with very squeezed budgets for their business. However, this vendor offers free migration services but they are only available when migrating from a cPanel environment to a cPanel environment.

The hosting solutions come with several billing cycles: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annual subscriptions. Prices are listed in U.S. dollars.

RankFirst Hosting provides a 99.9% uptime and power service level agreement on all its VPS products. Additionally, the hosting company offers 15 days money-back guarantee for all its hosting services. However, for some reason, this information is not advertised on its website; personally, I had to consult one of their reps to get it.


The support desk is available 24/7 via telephone, email, live chat, support ticket or through a contact form. The technical support staff is quite responsive, especially when you contact them on live chat.

I sent them an email and received a response within 9 hours.


The RankFirst Hosting knowledgebase section has under 20 available articles.



Bottom line on RankFirst

RankFirst Hosting range choice of SEO hosting services are ideal to host startups, fast-growing businesses, and individuals with high-traffic websites. Powered by a powerful list of features, this vendor’s hosting solutions are precisely what companies need to achieve the much-needed growth for their businesses. However, the plans are offered at a cost, making it hard to host with them if you have a very tight budget for your business.


  • High-performance dedicated servers with Intel Xeon Dual Hex-Core processors
  • Has deployed password protected directories + IP-blocking measures
  • Performs daily backups powered by R1Soft Bare Metal backups
  • Highly responsive customer support available round the clock


  • No uptime for shared and dedicated servers
  • Web hosting solutions are quite expensive

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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u is a writer, author, and SEO specialist. When he's not working, you will find him singing his favorite tunes. He is also a confessed avid reader of The New York Times.

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