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Contabo Review 2024 – Decent Features, Bad Refund Policy

Gwen Rodgers Gwen Rodgers Web Hosting Expert

Contabo is a good website hosting pick if you’re looking for a cheap hosting provider without any of the special features. It’s also a pretty good choice if you’re looking for a European host. Unfortunately, it lacks many of the features that similar web hosts offer.

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An Award-Winning Host, but Still Reasonably Priced

Based in Germany, Contabo was formed in 2003 as Giga-International, specializing in hosting packages and dedicated servers. The company now has 5,000 servers in two data centers, in Munich and Nuremberg.

One of the first things I noticed about Contabo is that its website looks straight out of the 1990s. Don’t let that bother you, though, because it’s a reasonably priced European hosting provider and it’s pretty good at what it does.


Contabo’s self-service tools allow you to open up an account and get started immediately, with your pick of shared, dedicated, or VPS hosting. It also offers colocation services and reasonably priced domain names.

Contabo isn’t shy about sharing news of some its awards, including “very good” ratings from the CHIP Hotline Test and wins at the German Data Center Awards 2017 and 2018.

So far, so good, right? Well, that depends. As always, it comes down to figuring out whether Contabo is the best website host for you, and that’s where this article comes in. Let’s dig in and see exactly what Contabo has to offer.



An Old Fashioned Website, but Are the Features Any Better?

If you’re looking for a host which comes with all the bells and whistles, you’d probably better look elsewhere. As well as an outdated website, Contabo’s is lacking a few important features, such as a one-click installer and content delivery networks (CDNs).

Having said that, there’s a website builder (with more than 200 mobile-responsive templates), SSL support, manual backups, and DDoS protection – so while it’s not the most extensive list, it’s not all bad.


Build Your Own Servers

One of the big advantages of Contabo is the fact that it allows you to build your own dedicated servers. This includes physical hardware like processing power, hard drive space, and RAM, as well as features like additional backup space and ongoing monitoring and management.

This only applies to its dedicated servers and not to its shared or VPS hosting, but there’s still some flexibility with its other products.

Energy-Efficient Data Centers

Unlike some other hosting providers that put all of their resources into speed and security, Contabo invests heavily in energy efficiency, making it a good choice if you’re trying to cut your carbon footprint. Its two data centers are also fed by different electricity suppliers to ensure uptime in the event of a disaster.


Speedy Ports

All of Contabo’s servers are connected to at least one 100-megabit port, with the option of 1-gigabit ports. The goal of these ports is to help your website keep up with traffic spikes and other unexpected periods of high resource usage.

The company also notes that the majority of its customers live in the UTC+/-1 timezone (which includes the United Kingdom and France). So when people visit your site from the United States, they’re typically outside of peak times and thus receive faster page load times.

Owned Data Center

Contabo is notable for owning its own data centers instead of leasing servers from other companies. It has enough room for nearly 15,000 servers, which will allow the company to continue growing as it increases its customer base. It also has qualified engineers on site 24/7, 365 days a year.

Oddly, considering it’s one of the few hosts that owns its own data center, its uptime is below par at “an annual mean 95% availability” and there isn’t any compensation in the event of excessive downtime either.


Ease of use

Contabo’s user interface is not intuitive, on either its website or on its hosting tools, so it can be difficult to get used to. The good news is that it still uses cPanel, an industry standard, and it even provides a demo account that you can log into to test out the service before you get started.

It also has a variety of tutorials to help you get started, but if you’ve used cPanel before, you’re already set. Other than that, there aren’t many features at Contabo that make it stand out from other providers.

Old-Fashioned Look and Feel

The most obvious thing about Contabo is that it has an outdated look and feel, both on its homepage and once you log into its user admin panel. Sometimes this can be a good thing, as the simple interface makes it easy to understand. At other times, it’s a bad thing because the functionality you want to use is either missing or difficult to find.


Automated DDoS Protection

One of the good things about Contabo is that it offers distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, which is designed to prevent your website from being taken offline by a cyber attack. These attacks are surprisingly common.

The good news is that Contabo offers DDoS protection as standard across all of its hosting packages, and you don’t even have to do anything to set it up. It’ll just be running in the background automatically.

Creating an Account

Signing up for Contabo is reasonably simple, but it tends to use overly technical language that can be difficult for the casual webmaster. The good news is that you can still set up an account in five minutes or so even if you’re a beginner. While it might not be the best, I’ve also seen worse. Click here to learn more about creating an account with Contabo.

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is pretty easy too, because it uses Softaculous and cPanel, two industry standards that allow you to easily manage your server and install applications.

Connecting a domain is pretty straightforward as well, and it’s automatic if you choose the free domain name option. It’s the first website host I’ve come across where installing WordPress and configuring a domain name was easier than actually signing up. Click here to find out more about the signup process.



Mid-Tier Performance at Budget Prices

Most of Contabo’s reviews are positive, with users praising the quality and the relatively low prices. The negative reviews tend to focus on a combination of performance problems and poor customer service interactions.

For each of my reviews, I run a Sucuri page load test to see what the speeds are like, and it’s bad news for Contabo, mostly because of a big delay between connecting to the server and the first byte being delivered.


It managed a faster loading time across the world in Australia than it did in its native Germany, and its global average is as much as five times slower than many of its competitors.



Inflexible Customer Service

Contabo’s support center might look outdated, but it has some decent information about how to use its service if you get stuck. The company says it has high standards when it comes to support, but it doesn’t always live up to them. In fact, I had a pretty poor experience when I was trying to install WordPress.


When I signed up with Contabo, I didn’t realize that the base plan didn’t include a one-click installer for WordPress. I contacted customer support about it, and instead of offering any support, they seemed more concerned with trying to upsell products to me. This is one of a handful of companies I’ve dealt with that doesn’t offer a basic feature like a one-click installer in the cheapest plan.

The company didn’t handle my cancellation and refund request well. They refused to reach a compromise and ended up keeping the full annual fee even though I had only used the service for two days. Keep reading to learn more about this experience.



As a German company, all of Contabo’s prices are in euro. It’s pretty reasonable for what it includes, and the company also throws in free domain names—three of them for its top-tier shared hosting packages. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest I’ve seen for domain names, so it might be worth considering as a domain name provider even if you don’t go with it for website hosting.

Cancellations & Refunds

Canceling my account with Contabo was pretty simple, but that was all I could do. Its website said that it offered a “14-day revocation period” so I contacted the team to ask when I could expect to receive my money back.

The agent replied to tell me that I wasn’t able to get any money back, as Contabo has a no-refund policy. Though I’d been with them for only two days, they kept my full year’s fees.


I contacted them again and again about the issue but it never was resolved, and the whole experience left me dissatisfied. You can read more about my cancellation experience here.

A free domain name is included with some hosting plans from Contabo


How does Contabo match up to the competition?

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Liquid WebCompareOur Score4.8Compare
ContaboCompareOur Score4.3Compare
Tailor Made ServersCompareOur Score2.9Compare


Contabo is a good website host if you’re looking for a cheap hosting provider without any of the special features you might expect from other providers. Because of its German data centers, it’s also a pretty good pick if you’re looking for a European host. Unfortunately, it lacks many of the features that similar website hosts offer, and it’s not the easiest to use. If you do decide to proceed, proceed with caution.

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What’s the difference between VPS and shared hosting? 

With shared hosting, you share not only a server but also all its resources with other customers. This helps keep your out-of-pocket costs low.

With a virtual private server (VPS), you still share a physical server, but you get a dedicated slice of its resources just for your website(s). A VPS is a great option if you need guaranteed performance but don’t want to pay a higher price for a dedicated server.

Contabo specializes in VPS and dedicated servers, but it also offers shared hosting plans.

Is Contabo easy to use?

Creating a Contabo account is pretty easy once you get past some of its unnecessarily technical language. And since it uses cPanel and Softaculous, configuring your domain name and installing WordPress is simple too.

Beyond cPanel, Contabo’s own account dashboard is clunky, dated, and not that user-friendly. And when it comes to VPS and dedicated hosting, you’ll need to be an advanced user as you’ll have to deploy and configure your server.

Is Contabo good value for money?

In our tests, we found Contabo’s performance to be average. The same goes for its ease of use – and its prices when compared to other hosts. You can find better value for money with any of the providers in our list of the top web hosts for 2024.  

Does Contabo have managed VPS hosting?

Contabo doesn’t offer straightforward managed VPS hosting – by default, you have to manage all aspects of your server yourself. It does have a managed service add-on, but it is expensive, and while it does cover general security, upgrades, and server stability, it only gives you two hours of technical support each month for specific issues. And, you can’t share the add-on between multiple servers.

You may find a better managed VPS hosting deal for 2024 on our coupons page.
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Bad quality of service, unusable

Contabo is the worst possible paid service ever. You pay for your resources and then they are not available. Support does not care, they answer whenever they feel like it. I tried calling their support number which is only available during work hours and the support guy just hanged up on me because "I was not keeping calm". They're a bunch of scammers, I would not recommend this service to my worst enemy

Dan, Romania
January 01, 2024
Haven’t had any problems with out website hosting

My experience with Contabo has been nothing but positive. I got reliable website hosting for the best price I've found. Support was helpful and quick to response. All in all nothing to complain about. Can definitely recommend their VPS plans.

Benjamin Miller, USA
December 06, 2023
No hosting, No answers, No money

I contract the services of the Philippines because I am for business reasons, fill in the form with the house with which I am living temporarily. When I pay, they respond to me with a message telling me that they do not provide me with the services I contracted for, as long as I don't send my passport and a proof that I live here. So as not to have any information within the country where I live, carry all the data with my passport and with my information about Spain which is where I live. They reply to me that they do not provide me with the services, because the data are not identical to the data on the purchase form and therefore they will return the money to me. . I have been waiting for two days hoping that they will return the money to me and the technical service will not respond.

Ricardo Galan, Philippines
November 10, 2023
Worst experience

We are customers of VDS for years. In the last period uptime is very low and recently it caused a total business outage for us because their duseldorf server is down. It is unacceptable! Really cant tell any good words for contabo anymore unfortunately. Dont recommend!

Nikola, Serbia
November 06, 2023
Extremely Disappointing Experience with Contabo

I recently had the unfortunate experience of being a customer of Contabo, and I feel compelled to share my perspective. What initially seemed like a promising cloud hosting provider quickly turned into a nightmare. From the outset, things appeared positive as I opted to upgrade my VPS to improve performance for my websites. However, from that point onwards, it was a series of disappointments and frustrations. The first and foremost issue was the extended downtime my websites endured. After requesting the upgrade, my websites were inaccessible for over 48 hours. During this time, I sent numerous emails to their support team, but to my dismay, not a single response was received. The lack of communication during such a critical period was shocking, and my business operations suffered immensely. Furthermore, the database server, which is the lifeblood of my websites, did not function after the upgrade. Despite multiple attempts, this issue was not resolved, causing further damage to my online presence and operations. The most disheartening part of this experience was the apparent neglect of existing customers in favor of acquiring new ones. While existing issues remained unresolved, I couldn't help but notice the seemingly constant influx of new customers. This lack of attention to the needs of loyal customers is inexcusable. In a desperate attempt to regain control and functionality, I repeatedly requested the retrieval of my backup data for migration to a different provider. Unfortunately, even this simple request seemed like an uphill battle. The prolonged downtime, severe disruptions to my operations, and financial losses I incurred during this ordeal were utterly unacceptable. This experience with Contabo left me deeply frustrated and disappointed. I would advise anyone considering Contabo as their hosting provider to think twice and consider alternatives. In my view, the service and support I received fell far short of industry standards, and I would strongly caution against entrusting your online presence and operations to Contabo. In summary, my experience with Contabo was marred by extended downtime, a lack of response to critical issues, and the neglect of existing customers. It's a situation I would not wish upon anyone, and I am eager to put this chapter behind me by moving to a more reliable hosting provider.

Mo Favaz, USA
October 31, 2023
take from my balance again windows license without I use, it’s completely abuse attitude.

I asked contabo 11 days ago to change from windows server to Ubunto that is free, but they are delaying the support 11 days, just to take from my balance again windows license without I use, it's completely abuse attitude. Why contabo is taking from my balance windows licenses again, if I request 11 days ago to change to Ubunto? The delay of the support it's only to take again money from my balance? I'm very upset with contabo behavior, the correct is fix what I request 11 days ago and refund the balance that you take without authorization even after I request to remove the windows license. why you are taking this amount ? Sorry come to public reviews, but support is playing with already 11 days, so probably the solution is state my disappointment in multiple reviews websites to see if someone take responsibility, solution and refund the amounts of the renew windows license also compensation of 11 days without work in the servers (Almost half month)

Charles, Germany
October 17, 2023
Would never use again

They have an auto-renewal clause so if you don't give them 4 weeks cancellation notice then they will charge you for the same initial term again. I wasn't aware of this and I am now locked into paying for an additional three months VPS I don't need. I will never use them again. I don't like giving money to companies that treat their customers like this.

Neil, USA
August 14, 2022
Do not order Webspace package from Contabo

While not yet having experienced the recent horrors others reported regarding VPS hosting with my VPS account, I have experienced extremely poor support and service related to my Webspace Package XL + at €9.59 / month. Upgrade of Owncloud using Softaculous with their CPanel failed at the last stage. I communicated that it needed a terminal command and in the absence (compared to other webhosts) of a terminal option and SSH option in CPanel I depended on them running the command. After more than a week of silence on my request I got an apology email and my problem would be fixed. Yet another day passed and then I was told they would run a terminal command for once. Then nothing happened and result remained the same. Then when reporting it I was told "..First of all, unfortunately, it was a mistake from our side with the command, since we assumed you were refering to your VPS. With a Webspace Package this is not possible under any circumstances.." Then when I responded angry on this the issue was resolved today "..I just had a quick look at the situation and was able to resolve the issue within two minutes from our side using the occ tool via shell. First, I performed the upgrade command to ensure that the upgrade finishes successfully, afterwards, I manually disabled the maintenance mode.." So agonizing wait and communication for something that I explained they should do in my first communication and took them 2 minutes. I can not recommend anyone using their inferior and expensive Webspace package. The CPanel is incomplete and it is clear they do not like to support you when an upgrade via CPanel gets stuck.

eko, Nigeria
August 03, 2022
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