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Supercreator.ai Review [2024]: Can It Boost Your Content?

Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros Melidoniotis Expert

With a single idea and the power of AI, Supercreator lets you create a ready-to-post video in just a few minutes. It’s easy to use and most features are free (including a few fun filters). That said, the iOS app isn’t without its bugs, and it would help if it was available for Android, too.


Supercreator.ai at a Glance

Free plan
Mobile app
Free tools and filters
Customer support Email and live chat (usually available Monday to Friday EST), Discord channel
Basic plan features 10 monthly videos, super editing mode, all filters unlocked
Starting price $9.99

Quick Short-Form Videos at an Affordable Rate

Supercreator.ai homepage
Supercreator can help you create good video content faster with the power of AI

Supercreator is an iOS app that can help you create short-form social media videos quickly with the help of AI. You can download the app and begin generating scripts and recording videos with little to no recording or editing knowledge. All you really need is your iPhone and a well-lit environment.

Whether you’ve just begun your social media journey or you’re looking for ways to produce more content for your audience, Supercreator can help. With a single idea and the tool’s powerful AI features, you can have a 30-second short-form video ready to post in record time.

But how good are these videos, and can they actually be uploaded to your social media platforms without further editing? What can you get done as a free user, and are the paid plans fair?

I spent quite a bit of time testing the app myself, and I was pleasantly surprised by Supercreator’s performance and the vast array of features available to non-paying users. It’s a unique app that delivers on most of its promises.

Keep reading to find out if it’s the right choice for your content creation needs.



Everything You Need To Create Interesting Short-Form Videos

Supercreator is a niche tool with a clear purpose. Unlike similar AI video tools, it doesn’t aim to generate AI avatars or scenes from scratch. It’s all about crafting interesting scripts and using clever editing tools and filters to simplify the recording process as much as possible.

 It takes 20 minutes tops:

  • You tell Supercreator what you want your video to be about. You can also feed it whole articles, blog posts, and web pages. The AI then creates a script neatly divided into sections with accompanying images/gifs/videos.
  • You then move on to the recording phase. You select your filter (e.g., you can appear as a cartoon or even use AI to look like a celebrity) and record yourself reading the script section by section.
  • Finally, you can use the advanced AI editing tools to add captions and smooth any rough edges.

And that about sums it up. It might sound like an involved process, but everything is streamlined for convenience and efficiency.

AI Script Generator

Supercreator scripts
Generating scripts is very straightforward

Coming up with a compelling idea and script is often the most challenging part of video creation. Supercreator has several ways to help with the ideation process. You can tell the app what you want your video to be about and the AI will create a script for you. There are also options for using whole articles, X threads, and even YouTube videos as your source material.

Now, these scripts aren’t always perfect and you might have to edit a few awkward scenes out or tweak a word or two here and there (you can also prompt the AI to edit the script for you). But it’s much better than starting from scratch whenever you need a quick video to engage your audience and keep the demanding social media algorithms content.

Advanced Editing Tools and Filters

Supercreator recording features
There are many cool filters to choose from when recording your video

Supercreator also has neat tools to help you record and edit your video. I appreciate how the adjustable teleprompter on top of the screen makes it easy to read the script. You can also pick from various Snapchat-powered filters, including a green screen filter and an AR filter that can make you look like a specific cartoon, celebrity, animal, etc.

Once you record your clips, you can move on to the editing stage. Usually, even editing a short 30-second video requires specialized software and can be time-consuming. With Supercreator.ai, you can crop and trim clips and add personalized AI captions without leaving the app. I liked the seemingly magic “Super Edit” button, which did all the above for me in just a few seconds.

Automatic Formatting

Depending on the platform you intend to publish the video on, Supercreator lets you choose between different aspect ratios during export. You can export the same video multiple times, but each export will add to your total video count.

Along with your video, you’ll also get a “catchy” title, a caption, and appropriate hashtags. My recommendations were actually decent, and I got better results when I stuck to popular and trending topics. These are all great extras that can save you quite a bit of time, but they’re just there to help – you don’t have to use them all.

Advanced AI Scripts

If you want more control over the final script the app will create, there’s an option to create an “advanced” AI script. Besides the main topic, you can specify relevant keywords, tone of voice, and target audience. These advanced scripts are available in 21 different languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, and more.

Privacy & Security

Supercreator claims it implements measures to reduce the risks of damage, loss of information, and unauthorized access or use of data. Although its Privacy Policy doesn’t mention security compliances like SOC 2 and GDPR, the fact that the application is hosted exclusively on Apple’s App Store should put your mind at ease. All apps are regularly reviewed by experts and held to a high standard for privacy, security, and content.

That said, Supercreator’s Privacy Policy mentions that if you’re on a free plan, all the content you create through the app will be available to other users. To keep your content private, upgrade to a paid subscription ASAP.


Ease of use

Intuitive and User-Friendly With a Few Hiccups

Designed with accessibility in mind, Supercreator.ai makes the video-making process extremely easy. Anyone with an iPhone and a fundamental understanding of how a phone camera works can use it to record decent-looking social media shorts.

Although the user experience is near perfect, the app comes with a few bugs and the occasional crash can be super annoying – especially if it results in losing generated scripts and edits. I’m not a huge fan of the fact that the app’s only available for iOS either – Android users do exist!

Getting Started With Supercreator

I created my first Supercreator video in less than 20 minutes. When you first install the app on your phone, you’ll have to answer a few questions about the topics that interest you, your target audience, and how you use social media. This gives Supercreator’s AI a better idea of the content you want to make, resulting in more appropriate scripts for your niche.

Based on that information, Supercreator will suggest a few video topics to get started with, but you can opt for something completely different. The app takes about 30 seconds to generate your script and scenes. You then tweak the text and assets and move to recording and editing. The app holds your hand throughout the process with an intuitive interface and great flow.

AI Prompt Editing

Supercreator prompt editing
You can edit the scenes yourself or have the AI do it for you

Once you’ve generated your script, you can simply tell Supercreator what you want tweaked. For example, you can ask it to change the tone so the script sounds funnier and less formal. You can have it replace specific scenes or even switch images if some AI-generated assets seem out of place. You can also quickly edit each scene’s text individually by choosing from four options: “rephrase,” “shrink,” “expand,” and “change tone.”

That said, the more general the request, the easier it will be for the AI to get it right. There are limits to what this tool can change, but it’s still cool to see it implemented.

Instant Assets

Supercreator scene assets
You can use stock images or AI to create original art

Each scene usually contains an asset (e.g., an image, GIF, or video) that will appear as your background. Supercreator picks these for you when you generate your script, but you can go ahead and select your own by clicking on any of your scenes.

You can upload your own or use a massive library of stock images to source your graphics. Alternatively, you can also use prompts to fill your scenes with original AI-generated imagery. The process is straightforward and you don’t have to leave the app to find high-quality images elsewhere. Stock images and AI-generated images are copyright-free.

Desktop App

It makes sense to record yourself using the app and your iPhone’s camera, but the script generation process might involve research and browsing more easily done on a desktop. Fortunately, Supercreator has a desktop app that can do just that – albeit it’s still in early access.

Unlike the app, the web version I tested was very stable, without any bugs or hiccups. Once you’re ready to record a script, you can scan its QR code to transfer all the data to your phone.

You can also share your scripts with other Supercreator users/team members. You can’t record directly from your desktop yet but there’s a button for it, which means the feature is in the works.



The Final Video Looked Pretty Good

Supercreator editing and "Superpost" interface
I was pretty happy with the result

It helps to think of Supercreator not as an AI video generator but as a script generator with neat AI recording and editing tools. To put it to the test, I had it generate a script for a 30-second video to thank past donors of the Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP).

I then used that script to record my video, testing Supercreator’s recording and editing tools. The result was surprisingly good. I’m not an influencer by any means but if I were, I wouldn’t hesitate to post the final result on my social media.

The Generated Script Was Good To Go With Minimal Editing

Based on my brief prompt, Supercreator generated an 8-scene script complete with appropriate text and relevant images. This initial script generation process only took about 30 seconds. AI-assisted rewrites and tone changes take only a few seconds, too.

Although the text was pretty much spot on, some of the images didn’t quite hit the mark. I changed about half of them, but that didn’t take long either thanks to Supercreator’s massive library of stock images.

I then picked the fun cartoon filter and recorded several clips with the help of Supercreator’s teleprompter. Once that was done, I clicked on the Super Edit button, and the app stitched the clips together and trimmed unnecessary pauses. I also added customized AI captions with a single tap.

The video was ready some 30 minutes after installing the app – quite impressive overall. It was really easy and fun to use as a non-influencer. I’m sure experienced social media content creators will also appreciate the speed with which Supercreator can help produce decent-quality videos.



Generous Free Plan, Affordable Pricing

Supercreator’s pricing model is simple and fair. As a free user, you can use all the app’s features but only create (and export) a maximum of 5 videos per month. All videos created with a free plan also come with a Supercreator watermark in the bottom left corner of the rendered video. It’s nothing too distracting and cropping it out with other editing software shouldn’t be too hard.

All paid plans remove the Supercreator watermark from your videos. The Silver plan is $9.99 and increases the monthly video count to 10. At $24.99, the Gold plan allows you to create unlimited videos. And… that’s about it.

There isn’t too much value in the Silver plan since the free plan already comes with 5 free monthly videos. If you create your first 5 videos on the free plan and like what you see, upgrading to the Gold plan would make sense. The more videos you create, the more value you’ll get from your Gold subscription.

If you pay for an annual plan, you’ll save approximately 60%. Compared to similar AI video tools, Supercreator is very affordable, even for beginner content creators with small budgets.



Decent but Unreliable

Supercreator.ai offers support via email, live chat, and Discord. You can send your queries anytime, but the team usually replies during ET working hours. I tested all three support channels and although I got the answers I wanted, the experience wasn’t as smooth as expected.

I first emailed to ask for more details about the app’s plans. A representative got back to me in about 20 minutes:

Supercreator email support
It turns out the pricing model is as simple as advertised – great news!

A few days later, I used live chat to ask about Supercreator’s security features and AI-asset copyright. I sent my message on Wednesday afternoon but was still waiting for a reply a week later.

I tried again, sending the same query via email and Discord this time. I had no luck on Discord, either. Although a bot would occasionally send out automatic messages about users joining the platform, the discussion channel seemed dead – the last message was posted almost two months before mine.

A representative replied to my email some 30 hours later. The answer was long and confusing, but it revealed that a) Supercreator isn’t fully SOC 2 compliant yet, and b) users can use the AI-generated assets for commercial purposes.

On a positive note, the app and Discord channel feature many guides and video tutorials to help users troubleshoot issues. Unfortunately, the community doesn’t seem to be too active.

Supercreator.ai REVIEW: BOTTOM LINE

Supercreator.ai is a niche tool, but if you want to create short-form videos for social media, this may be the app for you. It’s easy to set up and use, and the premium plans are pretty affordable.

I created several decent-looking videos within a few hours of installing the app. I’m no influencer and have practically zero experience in video production and editing. Besides the occasional bug and unreliable support channels, Supercreator struck me as a solid AI tool overall.

Here’s a quick review of Supercreator’s strong and weak points:
Pros Cons
  • Quick setup
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Plenty of filters and editing tools, even on the free plan
  • Affordable paid plans
  • Mobile app has a few bugs
  • Slow support and non-active community
  • No Android support


What does Supercreator AI do?

Supercreator.ai is an iOS app that helps you quickly create short-form social media videos with the power of artificial intelligence. It can help you produce scripts, and it has tools to help you record and edit your videos for maximum efficiency.

Is Supercreator AI free?

Yes, you can actually use Supercreator without spending a dime. Although the free plan includes most premium features, it has a monthly limit of 5 videos and adds a watermark to all generated content. The good news is that the paid plans are pretty affordable.

Does Supercreator create videos for TikTok?

Yes, you can use Supercreator’s advanced tools to create videos for TikTok and other social media platforms. If you choose TikTok as your publishing platform at the end of the rendering process, Supercreator will automatically adjust the aspect ratio to meet TikTok’s guidelines.

Is there an iOS app for Supercreator?

Yes, Supercreator does have an iOS app. In fact, Supercreator only has an iOS app, which might be frustrating if you’re an Android user. That said, all users can use the web app for free to create scripts that they can later record with an iPhone.
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