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Hostinger Study Unveils the Most Creative Countries Online

Hostinger Study Unveils the Most Creative Countries Online

Ivana Shteriova
Hostinger, one of the global leaders in web hosting, conducted a study on online creativity and recently revealed its results. The study unveiled Europe as the creative epicenter of digital creativity.

Measured criteria included generic top-level and country-code domain registrations (which indicate the number of new websites launched) and the number of GitHub commit requests and mobile app downloads.

Some highlights from Hostinger’s study reveal that:
  • Iceland is an overall global leader in online creativity
  • Cyprus ranks first in mobile app creation
  • Singapore and Hong Kong hold the first position for the number of GitHub commits
  • The US has the most websites created
The overall “online creativity” leaders include:

1. Iceland
2. Switzerland
3. Netherlands

The mobile app development frontrunners are:

1. Cyprus
2. Israel
3. Singapore

When it comes to generic top-level domains, these countries led the way in website development:

1. US
2. Malta
3. Iceland

These are the top country-code top-level domains:

1. Netherlands
2. Switzerland
3. Denmark

GitHub activity is the strongest in:

1. Singapore
2. Hong Kong
3. Switzerland

The “old world” is no stranger to new technologies. From websites launched to mobile apps downloaded and GitHub commits, Europe is dominating the online creative world. Of the top 30 countries on Hostinger’s list, an impressive 23 are in Europe.

On top of being the overall winner, Iceland is also among the top five leaders in website creation and GitHub commits, but only comes in 63rd place for mobile app development. Small but mighty Cyprus leads the way in mobile app downloads in Europe – and globally. Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Denmark have the highest number of sites launched in Europe.

North America failed to place in the top ten for overall online innovation and creativity. Nonetheless, the US (along with Canada), holds the first position for most websites created globally. This suggests that companies in America and Canada understand the importance of being present online.

Across Asia and Oceania, Hong Kong ranks fifth for overall online creativity and mobile app downloads and first for GitHub commits, sharing the throne with Singapore. Australia and New Zealand rank in the top ten for website creation.

“It’s been fascinating to see just how different economies are shaped by different types of web development endeavors,” a spokesperson for Hostinger said. “This study also opened our eyes to some emerging economies where the online revolution has just started, and it’s exciting to be in the forefront of all these new technologies.”

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