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Nearly 60% of Organizations Use GenAI for Marketing

Nearly 60% of Organizations Use GenAI for Marketing

Ivana Shteriova February 01, 2024
February 01, 2024
A new report by Capgemini Research Institute shows organizations are optimistic about generative AI and eager to apply it to their marketing activities. The institute surveyed 1,800 executives in charge of marketing strategies with an annual revenue of over $1 billion from various sectors.

Companies in Australia, India, the Netherlands, and the US and sectors such as automotive, insurance, media, and life sciences show higher-than-average interest in adopting GenAI.

Capgemini found that 62% of marketers believe that generative AI will amplify human capabilities like intuition, emotion, and context understanding. The report shows that more than half of marketers are positive that “leveraging generative AI outputs as a starting point in their creative process” will bring new creative possibilities and help their teams think outside the box.

Marketers predict that in the next few years, AI will be able to perform “mundane, repetitive tasks.” According to the survey, data analysis (90%), search engine optimization and customer services (89%), content creation (88%), and image and video generation (86%) are the areas where marketers expect to apply generative AI the most.

71% of marketers surveyed say generative AI will affect roles like copywriters and SEO, customer insights, and PR/communication specialists the most.

Nearly 60% of organizations are actively integrating generative AI into their marketing activities, and over half of these are using AI across various initiatives. Half of the organizations surveyed have already set aside GenAI budgets, dedicating as much as 62% to emerging AI technologies. Organizations have also allocated almost half (47%) of their teams to work on incorporating generative AI into their marketing activities.

The research finds that 63% of marketers are aware there’s a gap between demand and supply of generative AI in marketing. For now, organizations rely primarily on external AI tools and platforms to bridge it, but half are either developing or using some in-house AI products. 53% of respondents plan to implement generative AI training for their teams in the next six months, with Netherlands, India, Australia, and the US leading the pack.

Capgemini’s research shows marketers do not prioritize the ethical use of AI. Only less than half of organizations “consider attributes of trust and responsibility” when choosing AI tools, and only 30% have established clear internal guidelines for AI use.

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