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Qualaroo Review 2024: Is It a Wise Investment?

Ari Denial Ari Denial Form Builder Expert

Qualaroo is designed to help you gather feedback from your customers. It offers some advanced features to target the right people and analyze the feedback you get – but it’s a very expensive form builder that could be out of your budget. There’s no free plan, but you can try it out for 14 days risk-free. Read on to discover some more affordable alternatives.


Qualaroo screenshot - Homepage

Advanced Forms to Collect Targeted Insights

Qualaroo is a very specific type of form builder, perfect if you want to conduct market research, explore users’ views on your products, or get feedback on prototypes of products before you fully launch them. Big brands such as eBay, Shopify, and Udemy all use Qualaroo to gain insights into their customer bases.

If you have a global audience, you’ll be glad to know Qualaroo supports 21 languages, and you can also translate your forms into 80+ languages. There is no free plan, but Qualaroo does offer a 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

Qualaroo is an excellent, professional tool for large enterprises, and it’s priced accordingly. Wondering if it’s worth the investment for your business? Would you be better off with a more affordable tool, like Ninja Forms? Let’s find out!



Qualaroo screenshot - Templates

Templates? What Templates?

Okay, Qualaroo does have templates. Sort of. They only have five, and they’re not the greatest templates, either. Nor are they particularly easy to customize.

The templates you can choose are:

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) Survey – to find out whether your customers are likely to recommend you
  • Lead Generation Form – to offer discounts or freebies in exchange for visitor data such as name and email address
  • Announcement – to gather information about potential attendance for special events or gauge interest in a new product/service
  • Email Collector – to build a mailing list of potential customers interested in what you have to offer
  • Call to Action – to encourage visitors to sign up or register their interest

It’s important to note that forms created for desktop won’t display on mobile devices, as Qualaroo doesn’t support mobile-responsive forms. Instead, it offers a mobile browser form feature as an expensive add-on.

You can also create surveys – but this option is listed as New Survey from Scratch. Even though Qualaroo doesn’t describe it as a template, it looks like a template to me because it’s not a completely blank canvas. The screenshot below shows what happens when you choose New Survey from Scratch.

Qualaroo screenshot - Creating a survey

The templates that Qualaroo does have are more rigid than most form builders – for example, the Call to Action template requires you to design a background image with very strict image size restrictions, and upload it. You have to use third-party software or online tools to do so, and Qualaroo offers no guidance on the process.

Qualaroo screenshot - Adding a CTA

Customization options for other templates and survey types are also quite limited. You can’t rearrange question fields, for example, and there’s a limited number of field types you can add to your forms. Overall, Qualaroo’s templates are really quite underwhelming!

Alternatives to Qualaroo, such as SurveyMonkey, offer a far greater selection of templates for gathering user insights.



Qualaroo screenshot - Features

Advanced Features for Gathering Insights

Qualaroo lets you create forms targeted to specific audiences, to gather data that can easily be analyzed. It supports ten key question types, including checkboxes, text-based answers, and lead generation (e.g., name and contact details).

On the highest-priced plan, you can use sentiment analysis to have Qualaroo analyze customer feedback automatically. For example, you can use sentiment analysis to ensure that negative feedback from a customer is flagged for immediate follow-up.

Targeted Questioning

Qualaroo screenshot - Targeted Questioning

Qualaroo has a large number of targeting options to ensure that the right people are seeing your forms. Not only does this reduce the number of form submissions you receive, it also means visitors aren’t presented with forms that aren’t relevant to them. You can target by behavior, location, demographics, and more.


Qualaroo screenshot - Nudges

The Qualaroo Nudge is at the heart of Qualaroo’s system. The nudge system works with Qualaroo’s targeting options to control who sees the form pop up, where and when the form pops up, and how long it’s displayed for. You can create nudges that work on mobile browsers – but this feature is only available on the most expensive Turbo Growth plan or as an add-on.

Lots of Integrations

Qualaroo screenshot - Integrations

If you need to integrate your forms with third-party software such as Google Analytics, HubSpot or Salesforce, Qualaroo supports this – but the process isn’t as simple as its sales pages suggest. I wanted to try out the integrations, so I headed to my dashboard and looked for a settings or integrations option – but there wasn’t one.

Searching in the help section revealed lots of articles about using integrations – and it turns out that you can’t enable (most) integrations yourself; you have to contact support to have them enable your chosen integration for you.

Qualaroo screenshot - Support email


Ease of use

Qualaroo screenshot - Form editor

Beginners Beware!

Compared to other form builders, Qualaroo is more complex in almost every area. If you’ve never used a form builder before, you’re better off choosing an alternative such as SurveyMonkey, which is much more beginner-friendly. Just enabling your forms to display on your website requires you to add JavaScript code to your site – although Qualaroo does give you (much-needed) step-by-step instructions.

Simple Dashboard

The most easy-to-use aspect of Qualaroo is its dashboard. The minimalistic design, simple layout, and uncluttered appearance of the dashboard make it easy to navigate. There’s a blue Create New button in the top right corner, and your forms all display in the middle of the dashboard. There are no complicated settings menus to navigate, either.

Qualaroo screenshot - Dashboard

Detailed Getting Started Guides

Just in the Getting Started section of the knowledge center alone, there are more than 100 articles – which says a lot about the complexity of Qualaroo. These cover everything from adding the JavaScript code (that enables your forms to display on your website) to creating forms for mobile devices. Most articles are step-by-step guides with screenshots and/or videos to guide you.

Click-to-Edit Interface

Unlike most form builders, Qualaroo doesn’t use a drag-and-drop interface. Instead, it uses a click-to-edit system, which is actually quite easy to use.

However, click-to-edit does have some disadvantages – you can’t rearrange the questions, for example, so if you want to change the order, you have to delete and re-create questions, which can be both time-consuming and frustrating!

Building a Form with Qualaroo

Qualaroo screenshot - Install tracking code

Before you can use Qualaroo on your website, you first have to install the tracking code on your website. I’m by no means a beginner, but even I found this process frustrating. The rest of the form-building processes are far from user-friendly, too.

Other annoying aspects of Qualaroo include its lack of simple integrations, rigid design limits for Call to Action forms, and an overall lack of intuitiveness in its editor.

If you have a lot of experience with gathering user feedback, then you will probably – with some trial and error – figure out how best to use Qualaroo for your needs. If you’re not experienced, I’d advise you to steer clear.



The only way to access support with Qualaroo is via the Help Center, where you’ll find a Submit a Request link in the top right of the screen. It’s an email support system, with no published support hours or estimated response times.

I tested out the email support and received a response in less than an hour (though this was during “business hours” for the company.

Qualaroo screenshot - Support email

The response I got invited me to schedule a call with someone from Qualaroo – so phone support is available, you just have to send an email first!



As I’ve already mentioned, Qualaroo doesn’t have a free plan, but it does have a free trial. There are three (expensive) subscription plans – Startup, Growth, and Turbo Growth (although the Turbo Growth plan is insanely expensive and likely out of the average business’s budget).

Unfortunately, Qualaroo’s best features – such as sentiment analysis and Mobile Web Nudge – are only included if you choose the Turbo Growth plan. These features are available as add-ons on other plans, but they’re pricey. For example, to add the Mobile Web Nudge feature, you increase your monthly fee by 50% on the Startup plan.

There is a Permanent plan that you can purchase for a one-time fee that gives you five years’ access to Qualaroo. This is technically more affordable, but there’s a catch. You only get 10,000 nudge views over the lifetime of this plan – and a view is logged each time your nudge displays. The Permanent plan would only work for you if you have a very small audience, unfortunately.

Qualaroo offers subscription plans on an annual or quarterly basis. While monthly payment options are available for annual plans, the company does not provide a money-back guarantee or refunds for unused time in case of early cancellation. The company accepts all major credit cards for payment.


How does Qualaroo match up to the competition?

1JotformCompareOur Score4.9Compare
1Cognito FormsCompareOur Score4.8Compare
1QualarooCompareOur Score3.5Compare
1EmailMeFormCompareOur Score2.5Compare


Despite offering some advanced features for gathering user feedback, Qualaroo is an expensive tool that is not very user-friendly or intuitive. If you’re at the helm of a large business with the budget to spend on user and market research, then Qualaroo could be a viable option – but if you’re an average business user, I’d advise you to check out SurveyMonkey1 instead!
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