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Wix Editor X Pricing – Is It Worth the Cost? [2021 UPDATE]

Trevor Pomeroy Trevor Pomeroy

Editor X is getting a lot of attention for its advanced design features, but it’s pricier than its older brother Wix, which has left many wondering if the new platform is worth it. To make things even more complicated, Editor X offers 7 premium plans to choose from.

Personally, I’d say Editor X is worth the extra cash – but only if you’re an experienced site designer who is going to use what Editor X has under the hood. Otherwise, you’re better off sticking with classic Wix – especially because, as you’ll see, there are some hidden costs.

That said, Editor X does provide good value for money for web developers. And to show you how, I’ve broken down each price plan, so you can make the best choice for your business or agency.

Editor X Pricing Plans & Options for Regular Sites

Editor X has 7 plans in total (8 if you include the free plan). Four of them are for business and e-commerce, and the others are general plans, which it refers to as Website Plans. Let’s talk about these Website Plans first.

Free – Good for Learning to Use Editor X

Cost: Free

To be honest, it’s kind of crazy that you can build a bespoke website with the advanced design features of Editor X for free. But you can. Just like the paid plans, the free plan allows you to take full advantage of Editor X’s design capabilities, meaning you can add animations to virtually any element, set as many breakpoints as you like, control how elements are docked, manage overflow content, and much more.

But… as cool as all of this is, your website will be published under a free Editor X domain, which just doesn’t look very professional, even though it does come with a free SSL certificate. Your site will also have Editor X advertising displayed throughout.

Editor X - Advertising
Free Editor X sites have a banner ad in the header and a tab ad on the left.

If you use Editor X to its full potential, you’ll definitely run through the free plan’s 500MB of bandwidth and 500MB of storage pretty quickly. That being said, this plan is a good way to test Editor X and master some of its features.

If that’s your intention, then you may be fine with the free plan. But if you’re looking to build a professional-looking site for yourself or a client, this isn’t the plan for you.

Essential – Enough for Blogs and Most Small Business Sites

Cost: $17.00 per month

This plan allows you to attach a custom domain to your clients’ sites and remove the Editor X advertising. Plus, if you buy a custom domain through Editor X, the first year is free (when you pay annually).

Your bandwidth is unlimited on this plan, so your sites can accommodate higher traffic. And your storage jumps to a healthy 10GB.

That said, if you’re going to upload a lot of images and other files to your sites, you’re going to go through that 10GB pretty quickly, even if you opt to compress the files first. So, I don’t recommend this plan if you regularly build online portfolios for photographers or visual artists, for instance.

Also, this plan only includes one hour of video time, although to be fair, you can embed as many videos as you like, even on the free plan. Still, if you need to actually host several videos on your Editor X account, this plan is pretty limiting.

On the other hand, if you’re designing a site for a blogger, freelancer, writer, or small business, this plan will be more than sufficient. And if you pay annually, you can take advantage of the $300 advertising voucher included with this plan to promote your clients’ sites on Google, Bing, and in local listings. Not bad.

Extra – Good for Online Portfolio Sites

Cost: $27.00 per month

This is, arguably, the Editor X plan that comes with the most bang for your buck. If your client’s brand is starting to grow and they’re getting a fair bit of traffic, you’ll probably want to analyze where those visitors are coming from and how they’re spending their time on your client’s site. On the Extra plan, you get access to a free year of Visitor Analytics, an app that helps you do just that.

Editor X - Visitor Analytics
And… no one is visiting my site.

This plan also includes the Wix Logo Maker, which, if your client doesn’t already have one, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate a logo for their business. That said, these features alone don’t make the Extra plan worth the additional cost.

The real “extra” in the Extra plan is that it comes with double the storage of the Essential plan, giving you a full 20GB. So, you can upload a fair amount of images and other media files without any problems. This means the Extra plan could be a good fit for you if you need to upload a lot of large files, like images and video, to your clients’ websites.

So, while this plan offers more than most bloggers will need, for example, it could be a good fit if you design sites for artists, videographers, or photographers who need an online portfolio.

Ultra – Only Worth It If You Need the Extra Storage

Cost: $39.00 per month 

In all honesty, you probably won’t need the Ultra plan unless you use a lot of storage space. This plan gives you a robust 35GB, and five full hours of video time. On the other hand, if your client is uploading a lot of high-resolution images or videos and you do need a lot of storage, this could be the right plan for you.

All of Editor X’s plans include 24/7 customer support, but the Ultra plan comes with Priority Customer Care. This means that you’ll be served before folks on the Essential, Extra, and Launch plans – for both phone and online support.

But, to be fair, I don’t think the priority customer care is worth the extra cost. And, since it’s more than double the cost of the Essential plan, Ultra just doesn’t seem worth it unless you absolutely need all that extra storage.

Editor X Business and eCommerce Plans

The Website Plans are ideal if you regularly build personal sites, blogs, or portfolios for your clients. But if you need to build a site that can accept online payments, you’ll need one of Editor X’s e-commerce plans.

Like the Website Plans, each of Editor X’s Business and eCommerce Plans allows you to connect a custom domain, and remove Editor X advertising from your site.

Launch – Good for Small Online Stores

Cost: $22.00 per month

As the name implies, this is a good starter plan if you’re designing a site for a budding online business. You get a healthy 20GB of storage and five hours of video time for a lower cost compared to the Extra plan. And the 20GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth that comes with the Launch plan is more than enough for small to medium-sized online stores, even if you have a lot of product images.

There’s no limit to the number of products that your client can sell on their site, but they can’t sell subscriptions. So, if your client’s business is offering a subscription service, you’ll need either the Boost or the Scale plan – more on those shortly.

Like all of Editor X’s business plans, Launch also includes abandoned cart recovery, which is essential for any online store. This allows you to set up automatic emails to customers encouraging them to complete their purchase. Your client can also sell their products on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

But Editor X knows that not every online business is for selling products. That’s why your client can also take online bookings for classes, courses, or appointments with the Wix Bookings app. Or create and sell tickets to their events (note: Editor X takes a 2.5% commission on ticket sales) using the Wix Events app.

I should add, however, that if you’re building a site for a client who needs to take online orders for their restaurant, you’ll want to stick with Wix – at least for now. This is because the Wix Restaurants Orders app is currently unavailable for Editor X.

Editor X - Wix Restaurants Orders app
The development team is working to make Wix Restaurants Orders compatible with Editor X.

The same is true for Wix Hotels. If your client wants to be able to accept hotel reservations through their site, you’ll want to build it with Wix rather than Editor X – for now. Wix customer support has told me that they’re working to make these apps compatible with Editor X.

While Editor X doesn’t take a commission on your sales (except ticket sales), standard processing fees will apply when you accept payments through one of the 50+ payment gateways that Editor X supports. The amount varies by vendor and country, but as an example, Wix Payments charges 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction in the United States – roughly the same as Stripe and PayPal.

All in all, this plan could be a good fit if you’re designing a site for a client who wants to start an online store. Or for a client with a small brick-and-mortar business that wants to sell products or services online – so long as it’s not a hotel or restaurant.

Boost – Good for Growing Online Stores that Need More Storage

Cost: $69 per month

The Boost plan is ideal if you’re building a site for an online business that’s having some success and wants to expand. Out of all of the Business and eCommerce plans available from Editor X, this is the plan that I think offers the most value.

With 15GB more storage and double the video time of the Launch plan, this plan suits stores that are growing their inventory and need additional video hosting to showcase their offerings.

But there’s more to Boost than that. If you decide to invest the additional cash for this plan, your client can list their products on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, or source additional products using the dropshipping app Modalyst, which comes included. Also, if your client wants to sell subscriptions through their site, they can do that on this plan.

At first glance, ths Boost plan seems pretty expensive. But if your client is shipping their own products, the savings they’ll get from the USPS discounts included with this plan will more than cover the additional monthly cost, so long as sales volumes are high enough. That’s because the Boost plan includes up to 60% off USPS shipping.

And if your client is making enough sales to benefit from the Boost plan, as their site developer, you’ll probably want the priority customer care that comes included. This way, you have the confidence that you can handle any unexpected issues.

Scale – Good For Fast-Growing Online Stores

Cost: $219 per month

This plan includes a whopping 50GB of storage and unlimited video hours. It’s good for large online stores with a high volume of sales, but unless you need 50GB of storage (and not many websites do), the price tag for this plan is very high.

That said, your USPS shipping discounts can be as high as 70% on this plan. So, as with the Boost plan, you should consider the Scale plan if your client’s sales volumes are high enough to save on shipping costs by switching. Otherwise, the previous plan will likely provide more than everything you need.

Enterprise – Only Makes Sense If You Need More Than 50GB of Storage

Cost: Negotiable

One thing that sets the Enterprise plan apart is that it comes with VIP customer support. By logging into your VIP account and submitting a ticket or requesting a callback, you can be sure you’re at the front of the line.

Most importantly, you’ll negotiate the plan’s cost directly with Wix, as well as the amount of storage space included. Another perk: if your client is selling a lot of tickets to events, you can negotiate a lower commission fee than the 2.5% Editor X usually takes on ticket sales.

All in all, though, this plan includes more than is necessary for most online stores. So, I only recommend the Enterprise plan if you intend to build large e-commerce websites for multiple clients.

A Few Hidden Costs You Should Know About

1. Editor X Costs More If You Pay Monthly

One thing you’ll want to be aware of right away is that the advertised monthly prices only apply if you pay for a full 12 months upfront. The true monthly prices are slightly higher. And conversely, the per-month prices go even lower if you decide to pay over two or three years.

You get more value from Editor X paying yearly over month to month.
You get more value from Editor X paying yearly over month to month.

You should also know that if you do opt to pay monthly, you won’t get a free custom domain with your plan.

Speaking of free domains…

2. Free Domains Are Only Free For A Year

You get a voucher for a free custom domain when you sign up for a premium plan and opt to pay for a full year (or more) upfront. But, that domain’s cost is only covered for the first year. After that, you’ll pay each year to keep your domain.

Wix’s domain prices are comparable to other domain providers, and, as is usually the case with domain providers, privacy protection costs extra: Editor X charges an additional $9.90 per year – not bad.

Editor X - Privacy Protection
Privacy protection safeguards your personal information.

Also, a professional email address ending in @yourdomain will cost extra as well. If you prefer, you can buy a Google G Suite account directly from Google rather than purchase it through Editor X. But either way, you’re looking at an additional $6 per month.

3. Some Editor X Apps Cost Extra

At the time of writing, Editor X appears to come with the same 266+ apps that are included in the Wix App Market. But as I mentioned earlier, Wix Restaurants Orders and Wix Hotels are currently unavailable for Editor X. So, if you’re a designer building a site for a restaurant or hotel, you may want to use Wix instead.

Out of the remaining apps, some are free, such as Wix Blogs and Instagram Feed. Others, such as the third-party app Boom Event Calendar, have free plans included, but to access additional features, you have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Editor X - Boom Event Calendar App
A lot of Editor X apps make you upgrade to take full advantage of their features.

How Does Editor X Measure Up to the Competition?

While there is a lot of competition when it comes to website builders, only a couple platforms are actually good for professional developers who want extra design flexibility for their clients’ sites. Let’s see how Editor X’s paid plans compare to those of some top builders out there.

1. Wix

If you’re a beginner, building a personal site for yourself, or have limited site-building experience, Wix provides everything you need at a lower cost. Unless you’re a designer or web development agency, you likely won’t use much of what Editor X has under the hood.

Plus, the only Editor X plan that comes with 50GB of storage is the Scale plan, which comes in at a hefty $165 per month. But you can get 50GB of storage with Wix’s Business VIP plan for just $35 per month.

So, if you’re building a business site for a client who needs a ton of storage (and they need it more than you need the design flexibility of Editor X), then you should consider going with Wix’s Business VIP plan for their site.

Also, at the moment, if you’re designing a site for a client’s hotel or restaurant, Wix is a better and cheaper option for you. This is because the Wix Restaurants Orders app and the Wix Hotels app aren’t compatible with Editor X… yet.

2. Squarespace 

Let’s be clear: Squarespace costs less than Editor X, except when it comes to Editor X’s entry-level business plan, Launch, which is cheaper than Squarespace’s Basic Commerce plan. In addition, Squarespace’s business plans come with unlimited storage and a free professional Google email for a year.

So, if you need a ton of storage, and you’re looking to get a business online with as little hassle as possible, you may appreciate the value that comes with Squarespace’s Basic Commerce plan. Especially considering that Squarespace’s trendy, minimalist templates are fully mobile responsive straight out of the box.

And as with Wix, if you’re looking to build a personal website, and you’re not a professional web designer, then Squarespace makes a lot of sense. You likely won’t use much of what Editor X has to offer anyway, so it’s hard to justify the additional cost.

3. SITE123

In terms of value, it’s hard to beat SITE123. It has a free plan, which makes it attractive to people who want to build a site quickly and easily – while spending as little as possible. Meanwhile, SITE123’s only Premium plan comes with 10GB of storage, the capacity to add your custom domain, remove SITE123 advertising, and full e-commerce capability. But…

It’s not great for developers. While it is cheap to use, if you need fine control over the design of your sites for your clients, you won’t get the flexibility you need with SITE123. For everyone else, if you want to save money and build a simple, fully responsive website quickly and easily, then SITE123 may be better (and cheaper) than Editor X.

4. WordPress.com

Generally, WordPress.com is cheaper than Editor X, which makes sense since it’s a CMS (content management system) and not a complete website builder. That said, if you’re tech-savvy and know how to code, WordPress.com may make a lot of sense for you.

Like Editor X, WordPress.com has a free plan. And its most basic plan – the Personal Plan – is extremely affordable, costing a paltry $4.00 per month if you pay yearly. But this plan doesn’t allow you to upload videos, nor does it give you access to any of WordPress’ plugins.

WordPress’ Business and eCommerce plans cost less than Editor X’s Launch and Boost plans, respectively. And they give you access to WordPress’ library of 50,000+ plugins – hurray! – to extend the functionality of your business sites.

That said, building a site with WordPress could take a lot more time than with Editor X, even if you start with one of the many WordPress themes available.

5. Webflow

Webflow’s general plans (that is, plans not for business or e-commerce) cost less on every tier compared to Editor X. They also include slightly more design flexibility for developers.

That said, Webflow’s plans do limit you in a couple of strange ways. For instance, they all cap the number of monthly visitors to your site. You also have a limited number of forms that visitors can submit on your website.

As far as I’m concerned, Editor X beats Webflow hands down when it comes to business and e-commerce plans. It costs less at every level and, unlike Webflow, it doesn’t limit the number of items you’re allowed to sell on your site. Finally, while Webflow does include several integrations to add to your site’s functionality, it doesn’t have anything close to Editor X’s app market.

So, if you’re designing e-commerce sites for clients, you may want to consider one of Editor X’s business plans rather than Webflow.

6. Duda

Duda’s entry-level plan, Basic, costs slightly less than Editor X’s, but Duda doesn’t let you create bespoke sites the way you can with Editor X. That said, there are no storage or bandwidth limits with any of Duda’s plans. So, if you’re less experienced and just want to build a simple site with a lot of content, you may prefer Duda’s Basic Plan.

Duda’s Team plan is a little cheaper than Editor X’s mid-level plan – but again, without the design power of Editor X. One thing I do appreciate about Duda’s Team plan, though, is that it comes with white-label client access. So, if you want your client to see your agency’s name and logo when they log into the backend of their website, you may want to go for the Team plan.

Still not sure whether Editor X is worth the investment? Here’s a quick look at how the entry-level plans of each builder compare:

Pricing Free domain Storage E-commerce included? Team Members Customer Support
Editor X


$17.00 10GB Unlimited 24/7 Customer Care


$14.00 3GB Unlimited 24/7 Customer Care


$12.00 Unlimited 2 24/7 Customer Care


$12.80 10GB Unlimited 24/7 Customer Care


$4.00 6GB You can collect payments, but little else Unlimited Support by email


$12 Unlimited 1 Support by email


$14.00 Unlimited 1 Support by email

Editor X Is Priced Right for Web Designers and Agencies

Editor X offers good value for developers and agencies who want a lot of design flexibility without having to deal with a ton of code – even when compared to other platforms created with developers in mind.

But for everyone else, it’s hard to justify the additional cost and time commitment required to build a site with Editor X. Especially given that, at this time, there aren’t very many templates to start with.

So, if you want to build a simple website for yourself, or create an online store with as little hassle as possible, Wix is probably a better choice for you. But if you’re a developer who wants to create highly bespoke sites for your clients, Editor X’s design flexibility is worth the cost.


Is Editor X part of Wix?Yes. Editor X was created by Wix for web designers who want more creative control without having to mess with a lot of code. It also gives you access to the same App Market as Wix. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms. To learn more, read our in-depth comparison of Wix and Editor X.How much does Editor X cost?Editor X has a free plan that lets you build and publish a site on a free Editor X domain, but it will include Editor X advertising. To remove advertising and connect a custom domain, you need to upgrade to one of its 7 premium plans. Website Plans range from $17.00 to $39.00 per month (if you pay annually), while the Business and eCommerce plans cost between $22.00 and $219 per month. If you’re considering signing up for one of Editor X’s premium plans, you might want to check out our great discounts first.Which Editor X plan is best?That depends on your needs. If you’re building a simple website for a client who’s not selling products online, the Essential plan will likely include everything you need. If your client intends to sell products online, I would use the Launch plan (unless they want to sell subscriptions, in which case you’ll need at least the Boost plan). You can always upgrade later if they start to outgrow your chosen plan.Which is better, Squarespace or Editor X?It depends. For most people, Squarespace provides a lot of value at a good price point. You can build stylish and fully responsive sites from trendy minimalist-style templates at a lower cost than Editor X. But if you’re a professional web developer who wants to create highly customized sites for your clients, the design flexibility that comes with Editor X far surpasses anything Squarespace has to offer. If you’re curious how Squarespace compares with other top website builders, check out our list of the top 10 website builders in 2021.

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