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Struggling with Big Data? Glassbox Customer Analytics is Here to Help

Struggling with Big Data? Glassbox Customer Analytics is Here to Help

Ditsa Keren
Glassbox is an innovative customer experience solution that helps organizations to manage big data by analyzing every digital customer interaction, managing risks, and constantly optimizing performance. Sounds confusing? In this interview CEO Yaron Morgenstern explains just what Glassbox is all about.

Please Describe the Background Behind Glassbox.

Glassbox was founded in 2010 by three co-founders: Yaron Gueta, Hanan Blumstein, and Yoav Schreiber. They spent the first 5 years building the product and penetrating the Israeli market.
I joined Glassbox 3 years ago as the company’s CEO, with the goal to take the product out into the global market. We rebranded the company as Glassbox (formerly Clarisite) and opened offices in London and New York, where we started to win big names as our customers. A few that I can mention are Santander, Expedia, Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, Citi bank, Investec, and AXA.
Today, we are serving some of the largest organizations in the world.

What’s Unique About the Glassbox Platform?

Glassbox captures every interaction that happens between the end customer and the enterprise. We capture digital sessions on large enterprise’ websites and mobile applications in a completely automated way.

We allow our customers to view digital journeys exactly as they are experienced by customers, and we provide insights to different stakeholders related to the digital business.
Those insights are based on predefined best practices and machine learning capabilities.

We focus on two main use cases:
  1. Improving online customer experience by helping our customers to understand why and where their customers are struggling, which digital processes are they struggling with, why they are choosing a certain journey and not another, why are they abandoning sessions, etc.
    Our unique proposition is our ability to find the root cause of issues and help not just the business people and analysts, but also the technical people who need to fix the problem.
    We give them access to all the information they need to fix issues, without the need to reproduce them, bringing everyone to the same table by providing what we call “the digital truth”.
  2. The second use case is risk management and compliance. We allow our customers to comply with all the different regulations relating to their digital business, and we help them to reduce risks. We do that by providing evidence on what customers are doing online, and alerting them when their activity might put the organization at risk. Such risks may include legal disputes, compliance risk, data privacy breaches and so on.
For example, Santander bank in the UK launched an online financial advice application. They asked us to help them comply with regulations. Thanks to Glassbox, both Santander and its customers are protected. Santander claims that without Glassbox they couldn’t have launched this new proposition.

Can You Explain the Term “Digital Truth”?

If you’re a business analyst, you want tools that are easy to use and don’t require technical understanding; at the same time, you want the technical person to be provided with technical information and still have one view of the user experience, the customer’s point of view.

By replaying digital sessions in a completely accurate way, with all the back-end data associated with them, there is no more debate between the business people and the IT regarding what the problem is. They can all speak the same language.

How Do You Turn Big Data Into Something That People Can Work With to Improve?

Our team includes data scientists who collaborate closely with our customers. We actively engage with our customers to comprehend their requirements, including the specific information they seek and their preferences for consuming it. This involves identifying the desired dashboards, reports, and alerts they wish to access. We then translate these requirements into the output of our system, ensuring that individuals have clear guidance for their tasks. In today’s context, individuals invest significant time in pinpointing issues. However, our solution streamlines this process, enabling them to directly access resolutions without unnecessary detours.

How Does Glassbox Handle Personal Information?

Obviously, we comply with all the data privacy regulations like GDPR and others.

The data that we capture is fully secure and encrypted; it belongs only to the organization that we’re serving and depends on what the end customers are doing on their website or app.
The elements that we capture can be omitted and masked based on the regulatory requirements as well as on who actually uses our systems. PCI data is omitted. Other data can be viewed by the organization based on user roles and permissions.

Since we serve the financial industry, we are well equipped to serve any client with the highest standards of security regulations.

How Do You See the Future of Digital Marketing?

I think the digital world will become the major channel to customers for almost every organization. More and more activities are moving towards digital. In some industries, like banking for example, apps are becoming the main channel of communication, taking a mobile-first approach and even relying solely on apps. Customers are becoming more knowledgeable about the level of service they are expecting. It has to be the easiest way of doing business. Whether I use voice commands or gestures, the customers expect it to be intuitive so they can do everything easily and securely.

We’re fully equipped to continue and help our customers provide their customers with more complex services, in the most convenient and secure way possible. Our main focus as a company is to provide more of these insights on what the end customers are doing, automatically, so that our customers would not need to waste time on finding the issues but rather on fixing them. This is where we invest all of our time, efforts and R&D resources.

We’re expanding to many organizations globally. What makes us happy is to see the feedback from our customers and how our service helps them better manage their digital customers and creates value for these organizations.

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