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How Solvid Ranked 1M Keywords for 11+ Clients: Q/A with CEO Dmytro Spilka

How Solvid Ranked 1M Keywords for 11+ Clients: Q/A with CEO Dmytro Spilka

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet had the opportunity to speak with Dmytro Spilka, CEO of Solvid, one of the top SEO agencies in the UK and partner of Designrush, SEMRush, Clutch and Digital Agency Network. We learnt how Solvid is able to start a new SEO campaign in literally 5 minutes, and how they managed to build a clientele of over 100 clients, including brands like Kucoin and Hostinger.

What problems are you solving with your products and services?

I’ve found that there are a number of inefficiencies that have been prevalent throughout the digital marketing landscape. I’ve long believed that the most valuable businesses in the world are the ones that break down barriers, so I created Solvid to specifically make content more efficient.

In identifying client pain points within your industry, it’s possible to create the most impactful startups. After researching the digital marketing landscape, I determined that many agencies were wary of over-promising their capabilities. This meant that clients struggled to gain top-notch exposure on the world’s biggest websites.

While the prospect of under delivering can be a risk for incapable agencies, I decided to make Solvid a quality-first endeavor that could provide clients with top-notch media exposure.

In addition to this, I noticed that digital marketing suffers from a lack of digital transformation, with many archaic processes such as lengthy ‘get to know you’ calls and manual processes adding friction to the ordering process.

As a result, we decided to embrace our inner geek and semi-automate the process. With Solvid, you can literally start your SEO campaign in less than 5 minutes.

How does your mission differ from the other companies in your niche?

There are many excellent agencies in the world of digital marketing. But there are also many more agencies that dabble in shady SEO as a means of getting unsustainable results with little effort.

Solvid was built from the ground up to consciously stand against black hat SEO, and offer clients a quality-first solution on their terms.

At the end of the day, we’re here to make our clients money. And if we manage to do that, our own revenue grows.

Can you share any success stories from your customers?

I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming clients from all around the world with challenges on a vast range of scales.

In one of our most challenging cases, a popular online broker approached Solvid to grow its organic traffic across Europe and the UK in a bid to facilitate an expansion project.

To significantly increase their reach, we sought to use guest posting campaigns, digital PR and thought leadership to position the firm as a go-to company for stock market insight and published hundreds of articles on leading publications across the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Our process was driven by using market insight and sentiment analysis to deliver topics that would drive maximum targeted audience engagement.

As a result, we were able to expand our client’s organic traffic by 391% year on year, securing 623 placements featuring 645 backlinks in the process. In addition to this, our client experienced a 335% increase in organic keywords to leverage exponential growth.

What tips do you often share with your clients?

In the case of almost every online business, a little SEO housekeeping can really go a long way.

Too often, small and even some large online brands create a website and go on to ignore it for many years on end, failing to track broken links, monitor page loading speed, and its suitability for mobile browsers.

Clients can often make a big impact on their online exposure by regularly checking their website performance on Google Search Console. Making all of your pages discoverable and accessible within no more than three clicks can leverage positive results for not only your visitors but also Google’s crawlers!

How are you doing today and what do you see in the future?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic presented myriad challenges for both Solvid and many businesses within the digital marketing industry. Widespread uncertainty and economic headwinds have meant that many agencies have been forced to think twice about the sustainability of their processes.

Today, we’re proud to be expanding despite widespread uncertainty, and we plan to continue building our services out at a sustainable pace to provide clients with unprecedented access to high-quality content, digital PR, and SEO services.

Over the long term, we intend to maintain our dedication to transparent and honest SEO services and inspire more ambitious clients to reach for the stars when it comes to building their online presence.

Are you looking to hire for right now?

At Solvid, we’re always looking to match our ambitions with sustainable growth and a team of skilled and dedicated SEO specialists. We recently embarked upon a recruitment drive to onboard new talent and it’s certainly worth looking at our open positions to check whether we’re undergoing further growth.

Are you offering any partnership opportunities at the moment?

As a digital marketing agency with a USP that we’re proud of and a keen eye on future growth, we’re happy to explore networking opportunities to build conducive partnerships that are focused on building mutually beneficial relationships.

Partnership opportunities are entirely flexible and we’re happy to treat any pitches on merit should you believe that we can secure mutual growth.

Where can we go to learn more?

Website? https://solvid.co.uk/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/solvid-digital/

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