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Site.pro – Professional Website Builder for Your Business

Site.pro – Professional Website Builder for Your Business

Marko Velimirović
This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Filip Borcov, Incredible CEO of Site.pro — a team of motivated internet changers. He shared his insights about the challenges of website building and introduced us to how this company influences the internet.

Could you please describe the story behind the company? What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Initially, we were a web design company, we were in the market for about ten or fifteen years probably. Then one shared hosting company ordered a specific product — a website builder. Later we rebuilt it and started offering the product to several hosting providers, after a few years we started selling to end customers as well. The project scaled a lot in just a couple of years.

What is the mission of Site.pro?

As our company developed, our mission changed. We wanted to create a product that hosting companies feel as if it is their own product. Now our mission is to increase and simplify how every person changes the planet. Many companies can do that via social media nowadays, but they are still limited by the social media system. But once they go with Site.pro, they can empower their global presence the way they desire, without the restrictions of social media platforms.

An awesome example of how a simple website changed the world – ClientsDay.com. It’s just a 6 menu website that changed the planet – the 19th of March is celebrated by DHL, Sberbank, Beeline, Toyota, Papa John’s Pizza, Governments, etc., and millions of people in 40+ countries. Just an idea and the website.

What services do you offer?

We are only one product on this planet, who offers with no charge: website builder, hosting, domain parking and has no ads. Our website builder is easy to use, very fast, supports multiple languages for one website, mostly needed functions and plugins are available, depending on your preferences. You can also import your website from different website builders using just domain.

Who are your typical customers? What do you think is the main challenge your products solve for them?

One type of our clients are hosting companies. They usually purchase a website builder from us and then offer it to their customers. We help them get more customers and keep the current customers satisfied. Since we provide website import, shared hosting company customers can easily move their websites from website builders. So shared hosting companies get bigger profits because they grow much faster with website import.

And for our end customers, their main challenge is how to make their websites themselves. It is still difficult to make a website for non-tech savvy people. We allow a simple user to create their own website with no issues.

How do you envision the future of your industry?

Almost every industry is evolving every day, and website building is not an exception. The demand for better quality, control, flexibility, and customization is rising. As we progress, website development will become even easier and more accessible for everyday customers.

People love working collaboratively so we will do all the steps as well. We give our end customers a unique opportunity to expand their business with unlimited websites in one account. Also, customers love sharing accounts between them, so website management becomes much faster and makes it more fun.

In the white label industry, we decreased the average website builder price by about 10 times. Now it’s the best time to decrease prices for all people on the planet. Just park or purchase a domain and no other costs for you — a couple of minutes and the world starts changing. Now everybody can empower the world and we do our best to make it simple.

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