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Power your website with a fully managed, cloud-based VPS with ScalaHosting

Power your website with a fully managed, cloud-based VPS with ScalaHosting

Karen Wilson
ScalaHosting1 is all about Managed VPS, and we believe that every website deserves a dedicated cloud environment managed by industry experts. To make this possible, we simplified the VPS with our in-house developed, all-in-one cloud platform called SPanel.

You’ve won several best VPS service awards in the last couple of years. What makes you stand out?

The main difference between our competitors and us is that we have become more of a software development company over the past few years rather than an infrastructure provider. Based on those two decades of practical experience in the hosting industry, we’ve built unique knowledge about what our hosting customers really want and use to manage their services. Thanks to that, we greatly improved the overall user experience in SPanel. We added unique features that no other hosting control panel has, like the multi-datacenter cloud clustering, for example (I can elaborate more about that if you want).

What is the idea behind offering AWS and Digital Ocean Hosting alongside ScalaHosting?

The main idea behind that is the multi-cloud concept which is today very popular, and it’s part of the digitalization revolution we evidence these days. With these services, now website owners can choose between our native data center infrastructure in Dallas, New York, and Europe and 24 other locations provided by AWS and DO. Also, these two giants do not provide fully managed services, and with SPanel, it’s now possible. Many medium and large businesses find at one point that it’s very costly and time-consuming to maintain entire IT teams internally just to manage their self-managed services. At the same time, they are afraid to migrate to a managed hosting provider due to brand considerations. As we all know, nobody ever got fired for buying AWS, and by introduced these two bundles, we solved the whole equation for such customers.

How are you able to offer VPS hosting at the same price as shared hosting?

All the software we develop in-house comes for free to our existing customers. That’s how we achieved unmatched pricing, which is close to traditional hosting. Our customers don’t have to pay for various 3rd party licenses and software such as cPanel, backup software, or cybersecurity. At the same time, SPanel is quickly coming on par with cPanel and doesn’t have the additional cost overhead, for example.

You offer fully managed solutions – what does a client gain from this option as opposed to managing their VPS by themselves? Should a person new to VPS go for the managed option?

Self-managing a VPS requires extensive sysadmin knowledge and skills, and it’s not for everyone. Even if you got what’s needed, it would cost you a lot of time and effort to set it up and manage it day-to-day. Probably the most challenging part would be the 24/7 monitoring of the VPS because we all need to sleep every now and then, and if something goes wrong (and it always does) in the middle of the night, your site can be offline for hours. Therefore, we recommend the managed option not only to people new to the VPS but even to advanced users because the main gain here is that it saves time, and you don’t have to worry about anything server and hosting-related. A good example is our partnership with Joomla.org. Two years ago, they decided to select ScalaHosting for their exclusive VPS provider because even though experienced web developers primarily use Joomla, they prefer to invest their time in what they know and do best rather than spending it on hosting related headaches.

Watch the video below to see why Joomla Co-Founder Brian Teeman moved all his websites to ScalaHosting:

Watch the full video here

How does your R & D department manage to innovate in such a progressive and growing field?

For more than two decades, being in the hosting industry gave us several unique perks. Basically, innovation can happen in two ways – spontaneously, which is very rare, or by building a critical mass of knowledge and experience. The second is the most sustainable way to innovate because when you have the maximum amount of knowledge, you can create new knowledge and use it to invent new ways to make it worthwhile. Over the past 20 years, our hosting support agents have been dealing every day with all sorts of problems – from hacked hosting accounts to slow-performing websites and blacklisted IP-es. The solution to every such problem was used to grow a local knowledge base, the primary use of which was to help the newcomers in our company quickly learn how to support customers. Several years ago, we found that some of the solutions we got were unique, and that’s how we decided to develop our own software because the most efficient way to apply a fix on a large scale is through automation. We are also getting substantial extra help directly from our customers by listening to what they have to say when it comes to new functionalities and features. At features.spanel.io, everyone can suggest and vote on new feature requests in SPanel, and we continuously develop those with the majority of votes. To give you a heads up on what type of unique stuff we are currently working on, one of the latest is the high availability multi-data center clustering, which will allow the user to build cloud clusters that can scale up to hundreds of web and database servers all over the world. Basically, you can have your VPS mirrored in different locations and even with different providers. This will ensure the fastest loading speeds and maximum redundancy no matter where each click to your website is coming from geographically. We have already deployed such a solution for the commission on elections in the Philippines, which will handle over 350,000 online users in real-time.

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