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Revolutionizing Memory Preservation: An Interview with Mylio’s David Vaskevitch

Revolutionizing Memory Preservation: An Interview with Mylio’s David Vaskevitch

Luka Dragovic
In today’s digital age, capturing countless moments has become second nature, yet the bonds between generations often remain fragile.

In an interview with Website Planet, David Vaskevitch shared how Mylio was born from a desire to revolutionize the way we remember, providing a powerful yet user-friendly platform for organizing, curating, and preserving precious photos, videos, and documents. By allowing users to keep their photos on any device rather than solely in the cloud, Mylio ensures privacy and accessibility without sacrificing security.

This unique approach empowers users to safeguard their memories, making them available across all devices and operating systems, ensuring that these cherished moments are always at their fingertips.

What motivated the creation of Mylio?

Even though we capture countless moments in today’s digital age, the connections between generations are often weak, and future generations may not remember their grandparents. Mylio’s mission is to change the way the world remembers. We wanted to offer memory-keepers a robust yet easy-to-use platform that helps organize, curate, and preserve important photos, videos, and documents.

Mylio allows users to keep their photos wherever they want, not just in the cloud. This ensures privacy, as users know their photos are not being used for data mining and are not locked away in a distant cloud. Mylio allows access to memories on any device and operating system, ensuring these precious moments are always available.

Can you explain how Mylio helps users manage their photos and memories?

Mylio combines all your memories by consolidating photos, videos, and documents scattered across multiple devices into a single library. It syncs your memories across all your devices, ensuring you can access them wherever you are.

With powerful organizational tools like face recognition, geotagging, and the unique Life Calendar, Mylio easily organizes and finds your memories quickly and easily.

What are the standout features of Mylio that differentiate it from other photo management tools?

Mylio stands out with its comprehensive syncing capabilities, allowing users to access their photo library across multiple devices without relying on cloud storage. The Life Calendar provides a unique way to organize and view your memories by mapping them across your life and the lifetime of your ancestors and future generations.

Mylio’s advanced face recognition (as well as all AI features) works entirely on your devices, ensuring privacy while helping you tag and organize photos efficiently. Mylio’s smart compression algorithm also enables users to store many photos on their devices without compromising quality or taking up excessive space.

How does Mylio ensure the privacy and security of users’ photos?

Mylio ensures the privacy and security of users’ photos by allowing them to store their memories on their own devices rather than relying solely on cloud storage. You can designate one or more computers or disks as “vaults” to store original copies of your photos, and Mylio automatically keeps these vaults in sync.

If you prefer cloud storage, Mylio offers options to store photos in Amazon or Google cloud services, with the additional choice of encrypting photos to ensure the cloud provider cannot access them. This flexibility gives you control over how and where your photos are stored.

Can you share a success story of a user who benefited significantly from using Mylio?

Thousands of success stories from people and businesses have benefited from using Mylio. Users have reunited with classmates at sports games decades after graduation and had photos of the graduation readily available on their smartphones. Small businesses manage thousands of images privately without overpaying for cloud storage.

Medical and security firms use Mylio as a private media hub for their photos. Families collaborate on building their family archives with Mylio, seamlessly using Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices to access and contribute to their family library.

What future developments or features can users look forward to from Mylio?

We understand that even an average family has over 20,000 photos, and organizing them can feel overwhelming. Our future developments aim to simplify this process even more by providing more options for sharing and enjoying photos and better managing business, personal, family, and extended family photos.

We’re enhancing ways to curate and organize old memories, including analog photos and videos, and improving personalization with enhanced face tagging. Integration with like-minded companies will allow you to print photos, share them with FamilySearch.org to preserve memories, and even get rewarded for your photography. Our recent update features integration with VIEWBUG, one of the world’s biggest platforms for photo contests, offering you even more opportunities.

Find out more at: www.mylio.com

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