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Revolutionizing Web Development: An Interview with Guoqi Zheng on Kooboo’s Cutting-Edge CMS Technology

Revolutionizing Web Development: An Interview with Guoqi Zheng on Kooboo’s Cutting-Edge CMS Technology

Luka Dragovic
Creating Kooboo was inspired by the shortcomings of existing CMS tools that failed to meet the essential requirements of web developers, as Guoqi Zheng shared in his interview with Website Planet.

After using various CMS tools for decades and building thousands of websites, Zheng found that none could offer the quick learning curve, fast rendering speeds, and seamless change deployments needed for an efficient web development experience. Kooboo addresses these needs with innovative technologies designed to enhance productivity for developers, content editors, and business owners alike.

With features like a web server, database engine, and true WYSIWYG editor, Kooboo simplifies the web development process and significantly boosts performance compared to traditional CMS tools like WordPress.

What inspired the development of Kooboo?

We’ve used all kinds of CMS tools for decades and created thousands of websites for clients, however, none of those tools meet our requirements.

Our basic requirements are:

A) Web developers with skills in HTML/CSS/JavaScript must be able to pick up the technique quickly within hours.

B) Sites must run very fast, rendering database-driven content pages within 10 milliseconds, for a better SEO and user experience.

C) Must be able to make changes and deploy quickly with just a few clicks.

D) Ability to share knowledge packages in the form of pages, modules, or entire sites.

Despite these basic requirements, no CMS has fulfilled even one of them. Many use tools like WordPress because there are no better options.

Can you explain the core features that make Kooboo stand out in web development?

Kooboo has many innovative technologies specifically designed for web development, including a web server, mail server, DNS server, database engine, coding language, template engine, web IDE, deployment tools, and more.

These features increase productivity for different types of users:

Developers: By using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, developers can create any web functionality without a back-end developer, increasing many times productivity.

Content Editors: The inline editor allows content editors to edit any content directly while browsing the site, whether static or dynamic. It is the only true WYSIWYG editor for entire websites.

Business Owners: Kooboo provides hundreds of applications with a single click, like CRM, ERP, email marketing, HR management, time tracking, mind maps, flowchart,s and many more.

These features make Kooboo a powerful and efficient tool for web development.

How does Kooboo simplify the web development process for users?

We can do a comparison with WordPress for installation, development, deployment, performance, and template resources.


WordPress: It takes about 5 minutes to install from scratch.

Kooboo: No installation needed. Just double-click and start in 2 seconds.


WordPress: Requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL.

Kooboo: Only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are needed, it is much easier to get started.


WordPress: Deploying a website is complex without third-party tools.

Kooboo: Deployment is simplified to a few clicks.


WordPress: A dynamic web page with 10 database items takes at least 30 milliseconds to serve.

Kooboo: Serves the same page within 2 milliseconds, making it at least 10 times faster.


WordPress: Has about 10,000 templates available.

Kooboo: Can import any standard HTML template as a Kooboo template instantly has over 30,000 templates, and growing quickly.

What types of projects are best suited for using Kooboo?

For regular websites, e-commerce sites, and simple web applications, Kooboo is ideal for relatively smaller applications. For projects with extensive business logic and requiring many man-months, we recommend using C# or Java.

Can you share a success story from a user who benefited from Kooboo?

As of June 2024, we are delivering one website per day, benefiting many companies with our technology.

Here are two examples:

A European Web Agency

Old Situation: The agency employed two front-end developers and one back-end developer, costing about 300K euros per year.

New Situation: Now, two front-end developers handle everything remotely using Kooboo, reducing costs to 40K euros per year.

Result: The development costs were cut by 85%.

A European Travel Agency

Old Situation: They had a WordPress website with tutor information and a third-party booking engine.

New Situation: They converted their website to Kooboo and implemented the booking engine within Kooboo.

Result: The new website runs much faster, resulting in a 30% increase in online sales.

Find out more at: www.kooboo.com

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looks like something new for the market. Interested to add one more maker to the market
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