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KeenEthics – Creates a Better Future For People And Businesses

KeenEthics – Creates a Better Future For People And Businesses

Marko Velimirović
This week, Website Planet‘s Marko Velimirovic had the opportunity to speak with Max Savonin, CEO of KeenEthics. We discussed how the company started and evolved over time, and how KeenEthics separates from other similar companies.

Please present KeenEthics to our audience

Keenethics is a high-quality-oriented web and mobile development company striving to make tech for good. Our company is based in Eastern Europe and is represented in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and the USA.

In 2018, we started actively participating in a social responsibility project, Let Kids Move. This initiative wasn’t new, but one of our PMs became a genuine patron of the project. It’s oriented toward a diverse audience to help them control and change postures dynamically instead of sitting at their desktop all the time.

As for software development, we employ a wide range of technologies across numerous industries, from education, healthcare, and agriculture to finance and banking. Our tech stack includes Node.js, React, Next.js, and Svelte for web development, Flutter and React Native for mobile development, MongoDB, REST, and GraphQL for databases and API integration.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Two friends, one more intuitive and optimist and the second technical rationalist wanted to influence the tech and business world by launching high-quality, socially meaningful projects and creating a place where coworkers become better technically and ethically. Earlier, when we worked with other businesses, we identified some flaws and the areas we could practically improve to boost the client’s impression and the company’s reputation. Particularly, we desired to make remote software design more keen and ethical.

In 2015, we started with a modest team but managed to expand it numerous times and earn more than 20 long-term partners. We are proud to carry out our mission day-to-day and expand the number of happy clients worldwide. KeenEthics is a team of 80 specialists devoted to the goal of empowering businesses with end-to-end software development. We deliver elegant and cutting-edge design services and ideas to enhance and simplify the daily business processes of our customers.

I think we’ve succeeded. Thanks to our initiative and pragmatic visions, we collaborate ideally in many business scenarios. Our clients trusted us, and we are glad to see our efforts pay us off. To date, we have executed various projects, including custom software solutions, leadership training programs, web and mobile applications, web interfaces, finance rating platforms, and many more. Our clients consider KeenEthics is a proactive partner with an outstanding business model. I assume our ideas are implemented to some extent; however, we are still looking for more and more challenging projects that make our world better and safer.

What services do you offer?

Our clients can rely on us to cover any of their product development needs — we provide dedicated teams for diverse web and mobile solutions. With services including BA, UX/UI Design, Web and Mobile Development, Manual and Automation QA, and DevOps, we provide full-cycle user-oriented product development. Besides, we develop scalable, integrable, and user-friendly AI products and chatbots. Using the Internet of Things, we deliver intelligent end products boosting customer experience and satisfying business goals and requirements. Our certified web specialists continue to assist clients in showcasing their service on local and global levels and increasing revenue through appropriate SEO tools.

What is the mission of KeenEthics?

If a company’s brand name doesn’t accurately represent its values and actions, it has little value. Our prime mission lies in building and launching digital projects to help our world to develop human potential. The brand KeenEthics and our vision have a deeper meaning. “Keen” and “Ethics” stands for making the world more honest, transparent, and ethical, especially in tech. We believe every step is worth taking to make a positive difference in our society and set an example for others.

In particular:

– we welcome projects oriented to reducing the negative impact on the environment;

– in our blog, we promote the Tech4Good initiative, thus posting numerous success stories of innovative leaders and their software projects in many fields;

– we also support social projects oriented toward helping orphans, senior citizens, homeless animals, and other vulnerable groups;

– we welcome and promote a healthy lifestyle and knowledge-sharing within our staff;

– we share our expertise with everyone who needs our assistance or recommendation;

– we maintain an ethical and transparent attitude to our partners and KeenEthics’ employees.

What separates you from other similar websites/companies?

Keenethics is oriented to top-notch services, following first-class standards. We are also the socially-oriented company running our social project, “Let Kids Move,” to improve pupils’ health and education.

I believe one of KeenEthics’ success factors is that we work with people who share a similar worldview and mirror our life philosophy. It’s important.

How do you envision the future of your industry?

We work hard and improve our expertise to have less code written and faster idea implementation. We strive to develop more projects providing custom services out of the box. In the future, we expect a tighter collaboration between IT and other fields like philosophy and sociology. Finally, a new AI reality is probably not too far away. I envision a new scenario in the tech sector where AI can build programs faster than humans and potentially set tasks for itself. It can result in more strategic and goal-setting tasks and less programming itself.

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