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Creating a solution for private healthcare practitioners with WriteUpp

Creating a solution for private healthcare practitioners with WriteUpp

Miguel Amado
Pathway Software found something to explore in the private healthcare sector and went for it. The solution created is WriteUpp, a simple, cost effective cloud-based service that would be easy for private healthcare professionals to use, secure and compliant with regulatory best practice.

In this interview for Website Planet, Bob Bond, CEO & Co-Founder of Pathway Software, explains to us the process of having the idea and creating the solution, GDPR and what are the next steps for WriteUpp.

What opportunities and spaces did you notice in the industry that motivated you to found Pathway Software in 2009?

Initially, we saw growth in government spending on healthcare, but as time passed, we realised that the more significant growth and opportunity lay in the private healthcare sector. Why? Because the population is ageing and is increasingly unwilling to wait for “free” treatment via the NHS (National Health Service). Instead, they are turning to private healthcare professionals that can offer instant treatment.

With this natural underlying growth, we felt there was an excellent opportunity to provide small private healthcare practitioners with cost-effective, time-saving clinic management tools via a SaaS model.

What makes WriteUpp different from the competitors in your industry?

I’m not sure we’re best placed to say what makes us different from our competitors. Surely that’s something that only a user can objectively comment on.

If you do that and take a look at our Facebook or Google reviews, the reasons people love us are generally because of the way we help and look after our clients, the continual evolution of the product and the simplicity of our software.

GDPR and other data regulations can be tough to understand for professionals and companies that aren’t 100% digital. Does your platform help the healthcare practices with that?

Yes, we provide a whole host of tools to help healthcare professionals comply with GDPR. These include audit trails so that users know where data has been sent, tools to facilitate access requests and data erasure requests and GDPR consent traffic-lighting.

What integrations and add-ons can I use with your software?

Online Booking, Square, Stripe, Xero, Healthcide, Physitrack, Calendar integration, Gmail and there are more to come in 2023

When you receive the feedback of the 13k clinicians that use your software, what are the most common issues and complaints? How can you create a solution that fits the needs of so many people?

We track feedback using Canny. As you would hope with a product that has evolved over 10 years so there’s no single complaint or issue but obviously different users have varying expectations about what they want the product to do or how they want it to work.

Much of the feedback falls into these two categories.

What are the next steps and plans for the future for WriteUpp (3-5 years)?

More of the same. We have no radical plans. We’ll continue to carefully evolve the product and listen to our clients so that we take it in the direction that they want and need.

But we’ll also be keeping a close eye on technology trends and proactively looking for opportunities that sometimes aren’t as apparent to our users who tend to be more focused on the here and now

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