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Choosing the right WordPress theme and plugins with Wpmet

Choosing the right WordPress theme and plugins with Wpmet

Miguel Amado
Wpmet is a software company specializing in WordPress plugin development. Some of the products they have created include ElementsKit, MetForm, ShopEngine, and Wp Social. WebsitePlanet interviewed Ataur Rahman, CEO of Wpmet, to better understand the company’s products and vision.

Why should I choose Wpmet’s themes and plugins?

I am aware that tons of plugins and themes are at hand in the marketplace. With regard to plugins, Wpmet is on top of its game. We have developed a range of top-notch WordPress plugins, performing exceedingly well in the market.

ElementsKit, ShopEngine, and MetForm, to name a few. For your information, ElementsKit has 700K+ active installations at the moment. Our latest development, however, is GetGenie, a WordPress AI SEO & Content Assistant.

Speaking of themes, Wpmet stands out with its classy and trendy WordPress theme designs. On top of that, you will find all the themes feature-rich, pleasing the users.

Can I use your solutions without being a webdev or having much knowledge?

Certainly, you can. In fact, we cater to a wide range of audiences including e-commerce businesses, creative agencies, web developers, and even freelancers. If you are a WordPress user, you can leverage all our plugins and themes.

Our products are simple, intuitive, and hassle-free. You will get scores of templates, drag-and-drop widgets, and other handy features in the plugins for easy accessibility. Likewise, our themes feature plenty of customization options, unique design pages, icons, and animations.

That’s not all. We have resources available on our website as well to walk you through how to use each and every feature of our products. So, yeah, even if you are a newbie, you can make use of our solutions smoothly.

What are the mistakes website owners make that use WordPress while choosing themes and plugins?

I have spotted many website owners making a number of mistakes before picking themes and plugins. Some of the website owners go for poorly-coded themes and plugins due to their lack of knowledge.

There are others who pick up outdated and insecure plugins, causing threats to their websites. Apart from these, many of the website owners stuff their websites by installing a truckload of plugins– slowing down and sometimes crashing their websites.

Since WordPress is the CMS for over one third of the websites, how can I create a website using WP that will look different and highlight my ideas?

Well, if you want to build a catchy and gripping WordPress website, you need to emphasize certain factors. These factors, I believe, can help you to build an aesthetic website and highlight your innovative ideas.

Create a clear brand identity, make your website content easily readable, design a website that is compatible on any screen, leverage top-notch visuals, add handy WordPress tools like live chat, meeting scheduler, etc.

If you implement these crucial factors on your website, in my opinion, you can easily stand out from your rivals.

What makes a good website design?

Glad that you have asked this question. A good website design doesn’t just depend on 1 or 2 factors. Rather, you have to focus on a whole lot of factors to spice up your website design.

Some of the key elements of a good website design include easy navigation, catchy layout, crisp and accessible content, visual hierarchy, responsiveness to any device, and whatnot.

New technologies like artificial intelligence, VR, and machine learning are starting to gain more traction. How can a regular user or a small company use these technologies to improve their websites?

You rightly said that AI, VR, and machine learning are being popular among the masses. These technologies have stepped into every sphere of our lives including businesses.

In my opinion, regular users, small companies, and even giant companies can capitalize on AI Content & SEO assistants to automate their content. This will not only improve their efficiency but also enhance their productivity.

I have already mentioned above that we have recently developed a WordPress AI Content & SEO Assistant, GetGenie. With this AI-powered tool, you can speed up your WordPress website’s content generation, saving a bulk of your precious time.

Likewise, companies can take advantage of virtual reality technology to improve their user experience. What they can do is provide their clients with virtual tours along with personalization and visual experience with this splendid technology.

What are Wpmet’s plans for the next 3-5 years?

You may be aware that we are rapidly growing in the WordPress field. So far, we have achieved ample milestones with our top-hole products ElementsKit, ShopEngine, and MetForm.

In the next 3-5 years, our primary focus will be on AI technology. We have already launched our AI-powered product GetGenie and started getting incredible responses from our target audiences. We aim to work closely with artificial intelligence even in the coming years.

Besides, we will be exploring deep learning and machine learning technologies in order to build distinct platforms, providing all-in-one solutions. Along with that, our efforts to better users’ experience with WordPress will continue in the upcoming years as well.

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