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Creating and automating your online business with That Helpful Chick

Creating and automating your online business with That Helpful Chick

Miguel Amado
After working in maximum security prisons and in the fast food industry, Angela Hall fell into something that she loves, as she said in this interview. Angela is the CEO of That Helpful Chick, a team that “help you navigate through the choppy waters of creating a website and develop the online portion of your business”.

In this interview for Website Planet you can know more about Angela’s and That Helpful Chick’s stories and how to create, maintain and automate an online business the best way possible.

Please introduce your business to our audience.

A little over 8 years ago, I found out I had degenerative disc disease, a health problem that was preventing me from working on a regular job. My daughter was supporting me and I didn’t like that, so I started looking for ways to make money online. I found a training program on how to build websites, affiliate marketing and SEO.

So, I took that program and learned how to build websites and got my first client. She taught me how to use other software she was using, like Infusionsoft and ClickFunnels and the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.

Fast-forward 8 years later and I have worked in just about every existing software out there, and I do all the backend technology for my clients.

You came from a completely different area of work, right?

Yes, before this I was a correctional officer for 10 years and worked in fast food management. Technology and websites were something I never did before and I guess there are no accidents: I fell into something that I love, so it doesn’t feel like work.

When did you discover that you had a real business? Many people create websites, but when did you discover having something different to offer?

I did more than websites. I learned all the other technologies, so I really am an automation expert. I help my clients go from where they are to being more automated, so that they can focus on their revenue-generating activities instead of beating their heads and being stressed over technology. I handle the CRMs, payment processors, build funnels, sales pages, video editing… Just anything technical in the backend.

Are there industries more common to work with or is it all over the place?

It is a little all over the place but I’d say I serve coaches and speakers more than any other business.

When a client reaches you, what are your first steps before starting to create websites, strategies and other solutions?

First, I find out what they are currently doing: what technology they are using, what are their frustrations with those processes. Then, I find out where they want to go. Many times, they don’t know it, so I ask them how they want their customers’ journey to be like.

I find out all this information and, by asking those questions to find out how they want their customers to float through their funnel, I know what I need to do in the backend. I’d say 90% of my clients come to me through somebody they trust referring them to me. I don’t have to explain it all to them, because they trust me. I don’t really have to go into detail with most of them – though I will if they want me!

It’s a smooth process and the client doesn’t have to do anything other than drive traffic to that initial step in their sales funnel.

For a typical small business, does strategy vary much or do you have a template on what to do and how to reach the audience?

It can actually vary quite a bit! Deciding what technology you want is not a cookie cutter solution. Individual needs are different and it depends on your budget, and on what you need to connect to.
For instance, people who’d been using Kartra or New Zenler for a couple of years have come to me and did not want to change. That’s fine, but these softwares don’t integrate with each other. So, we’ve had that discussion and made it work. If they are really just starting now and are on a low budget, there are lower cost ways to automate them as well.

For someone with a low budget, what would be a good starting point for automation?

You can start a business without a website, but I recommend having one, even if it just has one page. Because it’s a place where people can find you easier and find out a bit about you – and please, please, please put a video on that page! Video is so important and gets more important every day.

For someone who’s just started out, I’ll give away this piece of advice: if they are trying to limit their expenses, they can start out with AWeber connected to PayPal.

That’s what I recommend to anybody who’s on a low budget because AWeber is the only email service with direct integration with PayPal. You don’t need any Zapier or other third-party connectors, you can go into AWeber, connect your PayPal and then be able to create a product in PayPal. So, when somebody buys, PayPal tells AWeber; AWeber puts it on a list, which sends it to your automated email.

What common mistakes do you observe when browsing the internet that drive you insane? How to avoid them?

The item on which I’m constantly preaching is educating people on the difference between image dimensions and image file size. That’s not something I typically see browsing other people’s websites. However, if I go to a website, pages are loading really slow and they have these massive images, then I pretty much know that’s the reason behind it.

That can cause people to leave your website. We have been for years in an instant gratification society, so if your website is taking forever to load people will move on to the next website.

What are the plans for your business in the next 3 to 5 years?

I have a team of 5 amazing women and plan to grow it more. Ideally, I plan to step away from the day to day in the business because I have other interests. I don’t want to be completely out of it, but I started a nonprofit and I love travelling, so I’d like to focus more on those areas.

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