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Interview with Samantha North

Interview with Samantha North

Bethenny Carl
In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the story of Samantha’s journey to success is nothing short of inspiring. In this article, we delve into Samantha’s remarkable journey, extracting invaluable insights and strategies that propelled her blog to such unprecedented heights. From mastering the art of SEO to understanding the importance of audience engagement, Samantha’s experiences offer a roadmap for aspiring bloggers and online entrepreneurs seeking to turn their passion into a thriving, location-independent source of income. Join WebsitePlanet as we unravel the secrets behind Samantha’s online triumph and explore the future goals she envisions for her blog and her role in the ever-expanding SEO and blogging landscape. For a closer look at Samantha’s blog, visit SamanthaNorth.com.

Congratulations on your successful blog, Samantha! Can you share insights into how you grew it to generate over 100,000 monthly visits and replace your full-time income?

Certainly! To clarify, while I’ve built several websites, the one with 100K monthly visitors is my first. I began by conducting extensive keyword research, targeting long-tail keywords that addressed my ideal audience’s pressing issues.

As my initial blog posts gained traction on Google, I expanded to target more competitive and high-volume keywords, which accelerated traffic and growth. Additionally, I prioritized understanding my audience’s problems to create comprehensive, helpful content.

Consistency played a vital role. Initially, I posted monthly, but I soon realized it wasn’t enough for rapid growth. For two months, I published daily, significantly boosting site traffic. However, I couldn’t sustain this pace alone, so I settled on one post per week, which struck a manageable balance.

You mentioned achieving global freedom through your blog. Could you elaborate on this and how your blog facilitated it?

Certainly! Global freedom means not being tied to any specific location, such as a country or city. Personally, it allowed me to leave my office job in London and relocate to Portugal in pursuit of second citizenship. The income from my website was instrumental in achieving this goal.

What inspired you to focus on helping others master simple SEO strategies and build valuable, long-term blogs?

Especially after the pandemic, having control over our earning power has become crucial. Making money online is easier than ever, but many people find it confusing to start. Many individuals have expertise and writing skills but struggle to monetize their blogs due to a lack of SEO knowledge. I want to change this with my work.

Are there specific SEO strategies or tips that you’ve found especially effective in growing a blog’s audience and income?

Absolutely! Two key strategies that worked best for me were:

Targeting specific long-tail keywords related to critical problems my audience faced.

Employing a topic clustering approach, where I write about multiple keywords within a related topic area. This demonstrates expertise to Google and boosts rankings.

Could you share a success story where your guidance significantly improved a blog’s performance or income?

Certainly! I worked with a client who had a blog about wealth management and debt reduction. He had expertise and compelling stories but struggled with structuring his articles for search ranking. I helped him restructure his posts to target specific, relevant keywords and provided coaching on crucial SEO aspects. He became a self-sufficient blogger who now consistently ranks on Google’s front page.

Looking ahead, what are your future goals for your blog and your assistance to fellow bloggers in the SEO and blogging space?

I plan to continue growing my two websites and expand my online coaching services for founders, consultants, and CEOs. Building a strong presence on LinkedIn, where I have over 18K followers, provides immediate results alongside SEO efforts, which focus on long-term and evergreen content. I’m also launching a LinkedIn coaching service to help clients develop a powerful personal brand while integrating it with a profitable blog, minimizing their workload.

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