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Offering a complete digital package with Qodewire

Offering a complete digital package with Qodewire

Miguel Amado
Digital marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes. Some only create strategies, others like to be more practical, some create websites, others specialize in social media. This week we interviewed David Karuri, CEO of Qodewire, a Kenya-based web design and digital marketing agency that wants to deliver a complete package to their clients.

Keep reading to know more about Qodewire!

Please present Qodewire to your audience

Qodewire is a fast-paced web design and digital marketing agency based in Kenya. We started out as ordinary freelancers, but decided to put our combined knowledge to use. There was a huge need to change how people view UX/UI. Most of our clients were and still are redesign clients – people who are unsatisfied with their current websites and digital presence.

Our goal is to offer a complete digital package. It all starts with an intuitive website, then we move to search engine optimization and digital marketing. We strive to be a one-point contact for all our clients’ online business needs.

What do you offer for your clients besides web design? (SEO, Hosting)

Besides web design, Qodewire also offers Cloud Hosting services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Digital Marketing services. We have 2 teams – a technical team that handles web design and development and a marketing team that covers SEO and Digital Advertising.

How would you define your client base? Is it more private or corporate? More in Kenya or internationally?

At Qodewire, no job is too big or too small. We work with big and small businesses, corporations, professionals, home business owners, startups and even individuals. We are a fast-growing company – but still extremely personal. Every client is allocated a dedicated team member for a one-point contact.

This year (2022), we also started a white label service targeting other digital agencies. Through this service, we allow other digital agencies to outsource their jobs to us at a subsidized price. However, this service is currently limited to web design projects only.

What are the main common errors that people should avoid when creating a website?

A website is like a digital business card. It presents your business to your audience. A common mistake we see with most clients is not really having a plan when creating a website. Most people just want to have websites because they see others doing it.

For starters, what do you want to achieve with this website? Sell a product or service online? Are you looking to build an online presence and increase your brand awareness? Answering these questions will help you decide the kind of website your business will need and guide you on how to approach the whole process.

What trends for 2022 or beyond you believe people should follow? It can be design, ux, digital marketing strategies…

Visual content is quickly becoming a standard in web design. Research has shown that users lose interest quickly when interacting with websites. Embracing more visual formats such as infographics allows UX designers and digital marketers to present information to users in a more appealing format.

Personalization through AI is also a fast-growing trend in web development. Platforms like Netflix have built extremely data-driven web apps that learn and address user needs before they ask for them.

What are Qodewire’s plans for the future?

As our client-base grows, we are also growing. The main key to our success is working with the best at what we do. And we intend to keep looking for more talent as our client needs evolve. We are also looking to expand into the mobile sector by hiring app developers.

Ultimately, we will also run a full digital school so we can pass on our skills to young minds and empower them to become part of the future digital revolution.

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