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Building long-term SEO results with Profit Parrot

Building long-term SEO results with Profit Parrot

Miguel Amado
Profit Parrot is a SEO company from Ottawa that promises getting things done with efficiency, effectiveness and on time to deliver long lasting results for your webpage. We talked with Jean-Marc Begin and Lark Begin to know more about the company – click on the link to check Profit Parrot’s website – and how they deliver results for their clients.

What are the main problems you see in your website audits? Is it technical errors, content that isn’t optimized or interesting…?

Website hosting and CMS tools have fixed most technical errors you would have found in websites just 5 years ago. Even page speed and page experience, which Google uses as a ranking factor, has been addressed by new WordPress plugins and updated CMS systems.

The biggest issue nowadays is not enough content and unstructured content. This can be solved as easily as installing a blog on your site. Of course, you have to make sure you are constantly adding content that answers questions your clients might have.

SEO is more known these days than 5, 10 years ago. Is the scene too crowded now or can you get good results with simple moves?

Google is getting better at removing spammy low-cost old school SEO tactics every year. Not everyone will invest the money into SEO like they do paid ads because it is a long-term play. Paid ads are instantaneous traffic, however, it’s very expensive and stops when you stop paying.

SEO is the best ROI in terms of digital marketing, but expect consistent work for 6+ months.

Think of it like the old argument of buying a house VS renting one: When you own, you have an investment that can pay you back way more than you put in. You also have more freedom to make changes or change course altogether, like moving or modifying the home. When you rent, you could be asked to leave at any time and while you are living there you don’t have control over your environment like you do when you own.

SEO is powerful. It provides results far beyond when you first put the work in, unlike paid ads which stop producing results the second you stop paying. With SEO, every visit to your site lowers your overall cost per visit.

Google’s algorithm changes all the time. How can you stay updated and change strategies when the chains are already moving?

This is a common question. A good question too, but Google doesn’t change the algorithm, it updates it to be more refined. Updates are typically designed to remove spam and non-relevant results. If you follow Google’s E.A.T. methodology, you never have to worry about updates. If you are trying to game the system, you will get caught and your site devalued from search.

At Profit Parrot, every move we make considers Google E.A.T. above all else. This means saying no to gray or black area strategies and techniques that only serve to prop up results in the short term but leave an even worse situation behind after those strategies are noticed by Google and your site gets slapped down hard.

What are the most common misconceptions about SEO in your view?

The biggest misconception is that SEO is hard and complicated. Google has outlined exactly what is needed.

Google E.A.T.

Expertise: Show google and your clients that you are an expert in their field by giving them the answers they are looking for.

Authority: Is your content valuable enough for other sites to link to yours. Every site has value and when you link to another site you are sending value to that site. Google uses this as a major ranking factor.

Trust: Is your site secure? Https? Is your company information consistent on other sites?

What are Profit Parrot’s plans for the future?

We are focused on building long term results for our clients via transparent reporting and dashboards, honest feedback and consistent use of data gathering methodology to inform our SEO client’s campaigns.

We are now heavily focused on growth via subscription services such as SEO and Ads management. The goal here is to maintain an affordable approach to investing in marketing as opposed to huge annual expenses that only provide a short burst of traffic and sales.

Through frequent marketing and SEO audits, our clients always know what’s coming and why. This allows us to be poised for change when it comes and ready to pivot if need be.

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