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Managing projects and increasing your productivity with GitScrum

Managing projects and increasing your productivity with GitScrum

Miguel Amado
Using gamification add-ons, agile and scrum principles and focusing on productivity and how to increase it, GitScrum is well positioned to fight for a space in the project management tool market. We talked with Renato Marinho, CEO and Founder of GitScrum, to know more about the company, if different types of companies can use the tool and plans for the future. Check it out!

Please present GitScrum to our audience

GitScrum is a smart project management tool that helps you manage your daily tasks, organize your workflow and achieve your goals. It is fully web-based, adaptable to several types of teams – from small businesses to scaled operations. At the same time, it offers you a complete range of powerful productivity and gamification features, it is very simple to use, even for starters.

GitScrum offers the opportunity to make it 100% yours, from the templates customization, the navigation preferences, to the full branding coverage you can do with the White Label.

What differentiates GitScrum from your competition

GitScrum helps entrepreneurs and businesses reach their goals and raise their productivity. Besides the classical and powerful range of project management features, it also brings White Label and gamification add-ons.

GitScrum was designed to attend to the ultimate demands of the market and is constantly upgrading to deliver a slick tool.

Does your solution work for small businesses or only for medium-large sized companies?

GitScrum has a community of 90K+ users around the world, supporting small to large companies and teams. It offers basic workflow templates and plans that any kind of business can use to start managing a project, and also hundreds of free specific templates in its Marketplace for different niches.

Companies can also create or customize their own workflow templates and other functionalities, adapting the tool to their needs. And the GitScrum plans allow them to scale projects and teams limitlessly.

Do you see areas or industries that your tool works best and is more present or does it work across the board?

On our site we present a few examples of the markets that can benefit from GitScrum, but in fact, there are many more. We want to demonstrate exactly that project management is for every business, and it helps small businesses manage their activities to scale results and grow.

GitScrum is based in Portugal, a country that is investing to open itself for startups, innovation and tech entrepreneurship. Being home for Web Summit is a good example of the importance of that scene. What do you have to say about Portugal’s moment, and do you recommend the country for tech entrepreneurs?

It was a great honor and responsibility to be selected by Made of Lisboa to be at the Web Summit, considering the event’s importance. Portugal is a vibrant country for entrepreneurship.

We have a pretty mature market, so it’s the perfect environment for start-ups to test their products and go global. The government and the entrepreneurial ecosystem are evolving quickly, I’m sure we can soon become the “start-up nation” of Europe.

What are GitScrum’s plans for the future?

We want to expand and consolidate GitScrum as a powerful project management tool based on two pillars – meritocracy and gamification. Turn meritocratic work into a game using the Agile Scrum methodology.

We believe these two principles are essential for teams to raise motivation and productivity, working from anywhere in the world. Our plan for the future is to increase gamification and meritocracy consistently in GitScrum. The idea is to drive users more motivated by executing their daily tasks and recognizing them according to their performance.

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