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Email marketing and flexibility with E-goi

Email marketing and flexibility with E-goi

Miguel Amado
Despite all the innovations and new tools and “trends”, email marketing and landing pages still are great digital marketing resources for all kinds of companies. Among all the platforms that exist, E-goi offers a complete solution, including SMS marketing and social media marketing.

We talked with Miguel Gonçalves, CEO of E-goi, to know more about his platform, what E-goi offers that you can’t find in its rivals and plans for the future.

Please present E-goi to our audience.

In 2021, E-goi is a Software-as-a-Service and also operates in the market space of Marketing technologies solutions. We are mainly known for our platform, but we have a model that goes beyond that: we build the strategy and planning and everything else needed to go along that plan with the client.

We have very different needs. For the SMB market, we build tools and also participate in the client’s strategy in order to give them a better experience and a valuable return on investment,

For bigger clients, we have a very different approach, which is building custom software, according to their challenges.

Do you target a specific industry or is it a “one size fits all”?

We try to focus on the marketing tools for all products, but it is difficult because, as a tool, we are used by many types of companies. A tool like E-goi, built mainly for the purpose of email marketing, is used in a lot of ways and for many different reasons.

We try to focus today on companies investing in transitioning from the traditional marketing point-of-view to the digital marketing space. Our main target are companies with a good audience both in the online and offline worlds. Most of the time, we are talking about B2C companies, big retail networks, insurances, banking, telecom.

There are many marketing automation tools in the market nowadays. What makes E-goi different from the others?

One of the reasons we are different is the connection between the online (digital) and offline (physical) world – “phygital”. We try to offer solutions that improve the user experience, providing an excellent experience online and extending it to the physical store. That is one of our many advantages.

Other than that, flexibility as a tool is another differential. We have a standard solution for SMBs but also have the flexibility to develop custom solutions and projects for bigger clients with specific needs. We do it directly with the customer or partner, which many times is an agency or the client’s supplier.

Email marketing and landing pages are not a new thing, but their efficiency makes them still relevant. Why do you think these tools are still so effective?

I’ve been around the digital market space for at least two decades and have seen so many times email marketing being “killed”… It’s funny that, in 2021, email is still one of the main digital marketing strategies, because it still is effective, and I think it is not going away.

Email is still today one of the few standard and open channels, along with SMS, which is something not very easy to have. So, it’s one of the best channels to be in the base of any digital marketing strategy or customer database. It is very effective, and people still use it. Of course, it can’t be used like it was 10 or 20 years ago. Today, we have to mix all things up, but knowing email is the base of the strategy.

Landing pages, obviously, are very important. We have webpages since the 1990’s and it is more important today than ever to have more effective and objective webpages and campaign ads. People know what to do today compared to some years ago: everyone needs to advertise with someone specific in mind and a landing page that will convert as soon as possible. We have to build good webpages, both from the technical and the copywriting standpoints, to make quick conversions.

This is simple to understand and relatively easy to achieve. These are the main reasons for the success and relevancy of these channels today. Every other channel has strong points but is not as widespread as those. It is something everybody should have as their first approach to digital marketing.

They also give more control to marketers in comparison to social media, right?

Yes. It’s open, standard and it’s yours. It’s one of the tendencies: we must build our own customer audience that can be controlled and invest in first-party data instead of relying on Google, Facebook and others.

What are E-goi’s plans for the next 2 or 3 years?

First-party data is a must for everyone to rethink their strategy. The list-building tools will be very important in the future. They are already important, but I believe this importance will grow. The problem is that, when someone invests in collecting more user data, it comes with a price. We must respect and have in mind privacy concerns. When I move that responsibility to Google or Facebook, I don’t have to worry about that.

So, first-party data is one of the most important things to happen in the near future, and respecting security challenges and local privacy laws will be points of strength in these digital tools.

Another thing important to us is the single point-of-view for the customer data. We’ve developed a customer data platform that comes along with E-goi. E-goi is a marketing cloud tool, so we had to build a CDB alongside.

We are also investing in AI, with a team developing custom solutions to try to bring that experience to our standard product in the future. Finally, an excellent “phygital” experience is our fourth main point for investment in the following years.

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