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Low code, cloud solutions and DevOps with Copado

Low code, cloud solutions and DevOps with Copado

Miguel Amado
Digital transformation is a term used by many companies, specially after the pandemic changed so much in the tech industry. In this context, Copado comes with the first DevOps platform built for the low code SaaS world, using cloud with speed and security. We talked with Ted Elliott, CEO of Copado, to know more about the platform and the company’s plans for the future.

Please present Copado to our audience

Copado is the only DevOps and testing platform focused on the needs of enterprise SaaS DevOps. The company was born in the Salesforce ecosystem 8 years ago to optimize the CRM software delivery process of the largest companies in the world. This gives Copado a unique advantage of understanding how to address the specific challenges of hybrid delivery teams filled with both low-code and pro-code builders.

While other DevOps solutions focus on code-based platforms primarily used for custom development, Copado is optimized for the enterprise cloud solutions — which power 70% of today’s transformations according to Gartner. Copado is enabling some of the biggest transformations built on low-code cloud platforms like Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle.

From our 1,000+ customers, Copado has gained a deep understanding of how to align and integrate all the teams, technologies, and processes that power modern digital customer experiences. Today every company runs their digital customer experiences across multiple cloud and on-premise technologies. Copado is addressing the growing demands of our enterprise customers as they are forced to compete with more integrated and sophisticated digital experiences.

What is the importance of low code platforms and their accessibility for professionals that aren’t specialists in programming?

Over 50% of today’s post-COVID transformation development is being done by non-technical builders outside the IT department. Every CIO is now struggling to build the next generation of digital customer experience without enough developers, resources, or time. The only way to build this level of transformation is to combine the cost saving benefits of cloud platforms with the speed of DevOps.

Copado is the only DevOps platform focused on bringing the proven business benefits of DevOps directly to the low-code and pro-code delivery teams that are driving this historic transformation.

Going to the cloud is the strategy for several companies nowadays. What are the challenges for that migration and the main benefits of that change?

Building on cloud platforms is different in three ways: non-technical users, speed, and security. Low-code cloud platforms open up development to anyone in the business so be prepared for the extra level of security, governance, and testing required to ensure you deliver high-quality innovation that delivers real business value.

Speed of innovation in the cloud is over 5 times faster than traditional on-premise platforms so teams need a way to align and drive transparency through the entire software delivery cycle.

Copado has large brands as clients. Does your approach change when it’s a large company or your solution is one size fits all?

Copado is proud to represent over 1,000 of the largest brands in the world. We specialize in automating the largest, enterprise transformation projects running in the cloud.

While we began in the enterprise supporting the largest companies, we’ve recently released our Essentials solutions for small and mid-sized companies including a Free version for Salesforce teams that are just beginning their DevOps journey.

What differentiates Copado from other companies? Why should a business trust you in their digital transformation process?

DevOps for enterprise clouds is different from traditional DevOps. Low-code platforms are based on metadata and open up development to the entire company demanding greater levels of useability, security, and governance to support hybrid delivery teams.

Copado has over 8 years of experience accelerating development of the original enterprise cloud platform, Salesforce. We are excited to now take this experience and open our DevOps and testing platform to all major enterprise clouds.

What are the next steps for Copado?

Our mission remains “making release days obsolete” for our customers. We are rapidly expanding our solutions across the leading enterprise clouds. Our first multi-cloud solution is Copado Robotic Testing that delivers higher quality and trust across any cloud, on-premise, and mobile platform today. Our customers have shown that real development speed comes from a foundation of quality.

The average cloud delivery team is facing up to 30% failure rates when they release new software. That’s not a viable model in today’s digital world. We are focused on reducing that to less than 10% for every one of our customers across all platforms.

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